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We’ve not sold our SOEs to the Chinese; it’s lies peddled by the opposition, Wina tells Guinea President

Headlines We've not sold our SOEs to the Chinese; it's lies peddled by...

Inonge Wina at the AU Summit
Inonge Wina at the AU Summit

Vice President Inonge Wina says reports that the Government of the Republic of Zambia has sold its state owned enterprises (SOEs) to the Chinese are false.

Mrs. Wina said allegations that government has sold its enterprises are being peddled by some opposition leaders who want to gain political mileage by making people rise against Government.

The Vice President was responding to Guinea President, Alpha Conde who wanted to find out, the truth about the media stories circulating that Zambia is experiencing demonstrations as a result of government’s move to sale its state owned enterprises to the Chinese.

This was during an informal meeting on the sidelines of the 11th Extraordinary Summit of Heads of States and Government in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The Vice President explained that state owned enterprises are intact and operating under the statutes of Parliament.

She further emphasized that government has no intentions of selling any of the state owned enterprises.

Mrs. Wina also clarified that the protest that was on the Copperbelt was necessitated by a statement from an opposition leader who misled the citizens that ZAFFICO, a state owned enterprise that deals in timber was being sold to the Chinese when in fact the shares of the company where being floated on the Lusaka Stock Exchange for any person to bid, giving first preference to the workers and Zambians in general.

She also stressed that Zambia is a Sovereign State and Government has an obligation to protect that.

The Vice President further dismissed reports on social media as fake and urged Zambians not to be misled by selfish politicians.

And responding to the Vice President, Guinea President, Alfa Conde said he is not surprised that Zambia too like other African countries, is experiencing the same negative publicity about Chinese investment.

He said the careless use of social media to peddle lies is a problem in many African states, and governments should be alert to this threat.

With particular reference to Guinea, President Conde said some of his citizens had gone to an extent of creating false pictures with a view of misleading people.

The two leaders agreed that the African Union should be concerned about fake news circulating on the continent as this might frustrate Member States and Africa as a whole as the continent makes progress in efforts to develop in all areas of human endeavor and in tandem with the African Agenda 2063.

Citizens are urged to discern between fake and worthy news so as not to be misguided and taking actions that may work against the will of the people.

This is contained in a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today by First Secretary for Press and Tourism at the Zambian Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Inutu Mwanza.


  1. Why is that this lady or his male counterpart cannot go in TV live and tell the whole nation the truth, why only doing curbside responses?? Truth be told there is something fishy, assuming what she is saying is true, tell the country and show the evidence, but I guess the opposite is true and you are trying to be clever with your words

    • Just loom at yourself in the mirror and ask youself a silly question ahy you are not in zambia and not listening and wathing news in zambia. You rely tok much on social media leaving credible news away.
      Anyway all we know is that THAT ONE is getting a jail sentence next week.

    • Inonge Wina is getting too old and senile, in Zambia, it is common knowledge that even the rains have been sold to the Chinese!

    • The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
      Sun Tzu

      Just replace ENEMY with BUSINESS PARTNERS. its one philosophy the Chinese use in all spheres of life.

    • Kikiki , ati. Wailing babies of the places complaining to Guinea Bissau, iwe let me watch ba Zambia, you have made my Sunday afternoon. #shameless.

    • All what I was told is that this is a true story that was expected t come out after 30 years but leaked too early for the ruling party.

  2. This old lady should go and work the land this Job is not for an ancient fossil like her, she has just turned into a big lier like her convicted debarred lawyer, shame in you, that’s why he has u in that position coz he knows u wont argue anything

  3. I guess Edgar didn’t have the nerve to answer to such question’s hence telling his vice to go instead it’s most likely his counterparts laugh at his incompetence and ask them selves how can people vote for such caliber

  4. At oval head unfortunately for you, I am way too brilliant to be as gullible as you are and I have the capacity to be objective, go shove it now

    • The foool is one who does not know that shares of a State-owned Company can be floated on a Stock Exchange. Who buys shares is not an issue for discussion but how the owners of the Company (the people) administer the sale of sales.

  5. “a state owned enterprise that deals in timber was being sold to the Chinese when in fact the shares of the company where being floated on the Lusaka Stock Exchange for ANY PERSON to bid, giving first preference to the workers and Zambians in general.”

    Really laughable …the problem with these fooools is that the trip themselves on their own lies…you tell another African President this and he is going to ask you why you are floating the company then you already own the company…which worker can afford shares in the first place when they can not afford 3 meals a day.

  6. Now all other African leaders are getting to know what the zambian leadership is up to. They will be laughing behind our backs like this while at the same time sympathizing with them when meeting in person.

    • … and you call yourselves a Christian nation but dealing mainly with a people that don’t even believe in existence of God! What kind of people are you?

  7. i pit this old lady things will not be good for her when time comes to answer charges of which i know such time will definately come

  8. The African Union should be more afraid of allowing China to colonoise Africa because of over borrowing and some of the news on social media is true.

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