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Kabimba dismisses calls for early elections as wishful thinking


RAINBOW Party leader Wynter Kabimba leaving the Courtyard Hotel in Lusaka after a joint press conference by various opposition Political Parties among them Rainbow Party,UPND, ADD, Peoples Party, Green Party, UPP and NDP.
RAINBOW Party leader Wynter Kabimba leaving the Courtyard Hotel in Lusaka after a joint press conference by various opposition Political Parties among them Rainbow Party,UPND, ADD, Peoples Party, Green Party, UPP and NDP.

Rainbow Party Secretary General, Wynter Kabimba has said that it was hypothetical thinking for anyone to expect an early election to be called midway of the Patriotic Front’s five year mandate.

Mr. Kabimba said that it never happens in Africa that a political party in power can resign and seek a fresh mandate from the people.

Mr Kabimba told Q-News that opposition political parties calling for an early general election should in this case focus their attention on issues that are affecting the Zambian people.

Mr. Kabimba stated that that the current political dynamics are far different from those of 1991 when first Republican President Kenneth Kaunda succumbed to calls for an early election.

Mr. Kabimba noted that as opposed to the current situation, in 1991 there was a wind for change as Zambia was transitioning from a One Party State to Multipartism.

Mr. Kabimba stated that the 1991 scenario cannot run parallel to the present state of affairs in the country.

Mr. Kabimba said that the Rainbow Party is, therefore, encouraging other political parties to instead campaign for the 2021 general elections and convince the Zambian people why they should be voted for to form government.


  1. President Edgar Lungu should consider recalling his former pf brother to take over from him after 2021. I think Wynter Kabimba can be a very good successor to ECL. He is politically experienced and mature now. And speaks good of him.

    • Pro. HANSONI, that us a very wishful thinking from your TRIBAL CLAN! Anyway, nothing personal to KABIMBA but he is just answering THE CLAN deranged dung mind to call for early elections logically and wisely because the TRIBAL CLAN has no mental capacity to think logically and wisely. It thinks TRIBE FIRST then ISSUE SECOND. Good call Mr. Kabinka against the TRIBAL CLAN of UPND, the tragedy that ever happened to Zambia! Thankfully it will NEVER give birth to its incubating tribal child. It will not go to term. It will miscarry.

    • Nimbwa thinking. For what reason & called by whom. Lungu umwine is busy tekaling. Those hungry privatization thieves think there is a short cut. Let them continue living on Panama profits from their privatization thievings.

    • Lungu do not even consider Kabimba to succeed you. You will be a second statistic in the history of Zambia where a President hand-picks someone then the picked incarcerates them big time. In your case you even have a lot of cobwebs all over so much for him to put you away.

  2. HH is scared of Rainbow party because this party is becoming relevant and soon will be a choice for the people of Zambia other his party he took over from back door and people have lost faith in him

    • HH thinks that he can take advantage of the current hardships and he’s also worried that maybe by 2021 the current hardships will pay dividends and therefore trim his already slim chances .


    • He was not fired by Sata iwe! Sata was already in his death bed when Kabimba was being fired by the system that was shifting the tide to the now prevailing regretable situation.

  4. It is truly wishful thinking. PF, whether u like it or not has a five year mandate to rule this country. What has gone wrong that we shud have early elections. Wishful thinking by Hynae Hynae.

  5. PF and UPND are serious time wasters. Of course there is no alternative in terms of other political parties but still this Childish play has to come to an end somehow. The Police are also not serious, this thing of HH inciting people is as childish as anything childish. It does not hold water at all. It is not even true that people on the Copperbelt heard HH on radio saying something and decided to riot. I am not UPND but there is no grain of truth here for Ndola residents to be put under security threats on Tuesday by this Police…

  6. If there are politicians who we should never tolerate never again in this country are the likes of Winter Kabimba. The guy is brainy and intelligent but his level of arrogance is just disgusting. The level of arrogance that Winter exhibited in office is absurd. The two were out doing each other with Kambwili, both very stubborn, arrogant and insolent and the know it all concept was unbelievable. If Winter was not arrogant, he could have been a very good leader, the best but the attitude is very wrong.

  7. Hyena Hyena, HH, does he still think people even consider him as anything in the Zambian political space, I dont think so. Personally, I ticked off this chap way back in 2006 when he suspiciously grabbed the reigns of UPND after Mazoka died. In 2006, UPND made sense to most people, remember at that time PF was only 5 years old!
    Today, if there is any opposition party that doesnt have direction is UPND led by HH, its a sham, disoriented and in tatters. HH doesnt know politics at all. He is one hell chap who peddles on lies, deception envy and hatred. How can HH say that if he where to come in power, he will provide food for ALL in their household, what cheap nonsense is this? Instead of encouraging people to be working hard and be the best they can to fend for their families, the chap…

    • Simple minds like this coward calling himself malinso do really exist. They cant debate intellectually but have to call somebody names or insult. Normally it is the poor upbringing and also primitivity of not knowing that people must co exist even with divergent views. Such people must not be allowed to blog, because there might not even understand the essence of bloging and debate. The level of dullness in this country is alarming. Mbuzi izi…..

    • I was completely behind Andy … even KK was completely behind Andy at the time because the worst mistake the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise ever made was to bring the MMD in to sell off everything we had.

      Most of us real former UNIPists were solidly behind Mazoka. A gallant son of the soil, Andy was and HH’s feet are too small to fit in his shoes. Andy would have made a great President. This Harvard graduate would have shown Africa what governing is all about.

      May His Soul Rest In Eternal Peace!!!

      Sadly missed … Rest In Peace, Badala.

  8. contd
    Instead of encouraging people to be working hard and be the best they can to fend for their families, the chap wants to lie that he will be buying them mealie meal, just how? People need to be told the truth that life is about working hard, applying oneself in whatever area of their specialty to make ends meet and not be cheated that there is an easy way, no, the only free people on earth are the dead ones period, thats why we say RIP when we bury them. Akainde, quit, you are failure in the first place and no one can ever trust his vote in you.

  9. Very true let these thieves finish their term so that the people can see what they voted in office, there is no other way to learn, once they have finished looting the country and they have stripped all assets people can then vote them out and the new govt can then remove immunity for the convicted debarred thieving lawyers and his parliament of baboons then lock then up. Since they are from a party of thieves and kaponyas who don’t understand the theory, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  10. Yes, we have dandala heads like malinso in our party. As PF and the ruling party we have a duty to sensitise hot heads like malinso to sober down. These cowards who use incognito names are dangerous. Let us lead by example as a ruling party. We do not need to demonise HH just as the UPND also should not demonise our President. The language must be civil, mature and measured. The opposition and their leaders are party of the political dispensation and should be embraced and accommodated. When differences arise, they must be civilized ways of engaging one another. Multiparty politics is NOT war.



  12. Love or hate him,Wynter Kabimba has said the gospel truth!!!PF Govnt cannot call for early elections.Plus there is no wind of change like in 1991 and 2011 in Zambia.HH must stop misleading his tribal and blind followers but instead focus of convincing voters about the advantages of voting for his tribal UPND especially in 6.5 provinces where this tonga party has never won since 1998 or 2006!!!Kainde dreams about elections 24/7 which he cannot even win!!!His followers have heard all sorts of stories since 2016.First,he told them that ICC will declare him winner within 60 days,then he changed that the Concourt will declare him winner within 90 days,now he says we shall have early elections,etc.HH IS ALL ABOUT LIES INSTEAD OF MARKETING HIS PARTY!!!Get it from Wynter Kabimba you sick…

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