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State House says it has received an official complaint from China over victimization of Chinese People


Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda addresses journalists at State House in Lusaka on Monday -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

State House has received an official complaint from the Chinese government over the alleged victimization of the Chinese people living in Zambia based on falsehoods that they have bought some government enterprises.

State House Spokesperson Amos Chanda told journalists at State House in Lusaka, that the Chinese government sent their envoy Li Jie with a message of regret to President Lungu over what seems to be xenophobic attacks on the Chinese people in Zambia.

ZANIS reports that Mr Chanda said the Chinese Ambassador to Zambia presented the message of regret over the ill treatment of the Chinese people to President Lungu at state house in Lusaka.

He said the Chinese government is disappointed with some people who are targeting its citizens based on falsehoods that they have bought ZAFFICO, ZNBC and ZESCO among other state enterprises which he dismissed at a total fabrication.

The President’s Special Aid for Press and Public Relations said the falsehood targeted on the Chinese has led to some of them to close their businesses and take long vacation leave in fear of the attacks.

He said the incident which happened on Copperbelt last week when it was alleged that the Chinese have bought ZAFFICO has not gone well with the Chinese people as they feel threatened that they may be targeted hence their decision to take vacation.

Mr Chanda said the Chinese envoy has indicated that none of the state enterprises have been bought by the Chinese government and wondered why some people are inciting people to react to falsehoods.

He said the Chinese government and its people are extremely offended by the xenophobic attacks on them.

Mr Chanda said the attacks on the Chinese is uncalled for as the country is a major beneficiary of the Chinese investment in the continent.

He said President Lungu has since assured the Chinese community and other nationals that they will be protected and their businesses as well.

Mr Chanda said the President has reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring that investments of any nationals are safe.

He said the law enforcement agencies will not allow lawlessness in the country and warned that anyone who will perpetrate xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals should be dealt with.

And Mr Chanda has told the media that construction of the memorial museum for the 36 Chinese who died during the construction of the TAZARA will proceed in Chongwe district of Lusaka Province.

He said the President has sanctioned the construction of the museum in Chongwe which will symbolize the long standing friendship and cooperation between Zambia and China.

Mr Chanda said all the modalities to ensure that the memorial site is constructed without inconveniences have been put in place and the project will commence.


    • HaLombe HaFake with HA CHRONIC HaLoser. This is sad news. No wonder Africa lags behind! TRIBALISM & RACISM are cousins. UPND members have them both. Thankfully, it is UNELECTABLE.

    • How did the Chinese get 2000 hectors of land that belonged to UNZA?

      How many hectors of land does Zambia has in China? I doubt that Zambia owns the embassy building in China, most like that we are only renting. Our forefathers fought for independence so that we could have our land and we are giving it away.

      Why not build the memorial park in Kapiri, Kasama or Tunduma where the TAZARA passes, there is no TAZARA in Chongwe or Lusaka. Alternatively re-burry those Chinese in China.

      Lets not be blinded, the Chinese probably want to have their own graveyard. But imagine Zambians having their own graveyard in China…. I doubt we can even burry 1 person there, we always bring our dead home.

    • Lolo, caption said all on June 28, 2018 in LT when they lined up with bulging hand bags; Hon Dora Siliya and Special Assistant to the President Amos Chanda outside the Chinese Great Hall government complex where they met top ranking Chinese Party and government officials

    • More cases on HH????
      HH will be wrapped with another TREASON because China has written to Amos Chanda. When is summoned to Woodlands Police Spation, then shipped to China for TRIAL?
      Why is China writing to State House and not Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

    • #Mwape am also wondering why. Tazara as the name suggests it’s between Zambia and Tanzania, why can’t wait they go and build this memorial whatever in Tanzania?

    • This is what will be happening now. Zambia is stuck with the Chinese now. You can’t even deport them, or China will complain and ask corrupt Lungu to give them back their money. So technically Zambia is now a province of China. And to appease China, Lungu will now order the Zambian authorities to be ruthless towards anyone questioning anything to do with the Chinese in Zambia. It’s not that Zambians don’t want the Chinese in the country. It’s rather that they don’t want the Chinese to take over everything, making money off of the poor Zambians, and the government favoring them over the native Zambians. A Zambian is nothing in China. The Chinese come first in China over foreigners. In fact there are hotels in China that don’t even allow foreigners, and especially black people. So…

    • … asking the Zambian government to put native Zambians first over foreigners is not too much to ask. Every nation in the world does that, except African nations where foreigners take precedence over black Africans. What a shame.

    • – Chinese dont respect laws of the country
      – Chinese are abusive to workers & pay them next to slavery wages
      – Chinese have brought in corruption evn tho its punishable by firing squad in China. Even Lungu has bn corrupted
      – Chinese are taking over jobs. Trading, rearing chickens, selling roasted maize, contractors bring in workers to do manual jobs which local youths should do, e.g. drivers, painters etc
      – Chinese loans do not mean well. They are predatory in nature. Excessively loan you so tht u fail to repay & they take over your assets.
      Every country now is protecting its own. Trump is building wall, Britain wth Brexit, RSA=BEE & xenophobia, even Botswana has chased away most zambian teachers.

    • @Nubian princess

      Wake up. So many Zambians have been brutally killed in China. But PF shuts down any views on it with the help of China.

      Your life is now worthless than that of a chinese in Zambia today.

      When I said colonialism and slaverly was brought upon ourselves by our own brothers and sisters in power id10ts with little brains dismiss my views. Well in Zambia we are it again worshiping foreigners to the point of submission and enslavement.

      I wont be surprised when China brings its defence machinery and personell in Zambia under the guise of defence bilateral relations. If this happens folks that will be the begining of CHINESE COLONISATION.

      What I have said has come to pass. I talked about Lungu and his ministers stealing it came pass.

      Zambians in PF cant think…

    • Our Chinese comrades were amongst the first to assist Zambia with both the Tazama pipeline and Tazara rail. Over 100 Chinese died in the construction of this infrastructure. Now today some dull cretin qhat s to stand up an insult China? Even our military is almost entirely funded by China, ZNS graders, front end loaders etc where do you thing they came from USA? No they were given free by the Chinese as far back as 1995 even before this investment in the mines begun. I for one will salute my Chinese comrades!

    • @wanzelu you fake news cretin which Zambians were killed on China? That fake video on YouTube and Zambian Witch Doctor ZWD is not even of a Zambian and was not even taken in China but Malaysia. What is wrong with you blood thirsty animals kanshi?

    • State house has received chines complaint so what? Boy Amos Chanda has run out of important things to talk about maybe he was dizzy.

    • When is HH going to answer his corruption charges of enriching himself with INSIDE TRADING DEALS? The little boy deserves to be in CHIMBOKAILA.

  1. Please Boma lya Z, Zambians are complaining of unemployment & hunger & you say nothing. Then you tell us about useless complaints. Will hope the Chinese will give you votes.


    • MHSRIP – Chrispine Mwale 25 a student studying Civil Engineering
      September 27, 2018
      A Zambian student in china has been killed by chinese Nationals for a dating a Chinese woman.
      Chrispine Mwale 25 a student studying Civil engineering in that country was beaten to death on Monday mid_Morning after he was found in a woman’s apartment.
      It is said that Mr. Mwale spent a night at her girlfriends place after clubing on a Sunday night.
      Four Chinese nationals approached the Apartment and dragged Mr. Mwale out of the Apartment and started beating him with iron bars and stones until his final breath.
      According to an eye witness and a close friend to Mr. Mwale has informed Zambian Watch that despite him pleading, Chinese men insulted him.
      “We went out drinking on a Sunday night as a group…

    • Continued
      After our drinks we got on a taxi heading to our apartment. On the way Mr. Mwale’s girlfriend said she wanted to spend a night with him. That’s how they left and I was only called by the girlfriend in the morning to come and save my friend” he stated.
      “I rushed to the scene and only found four Chinese men beating and insulting him that their is no black man allowed to date their people. They insulted him that Africa was too poor and they would not allow black beings to be raised in their country. Despite pleading, they hit him with iron bars and stones until his final breath ” a friend said.
      Meanwhile Zambia has entered into a financial friendship where Zambia has been given a loan of $30 million.
      Alot of collateral has been offered to china with the Zambias only bigger…

    • Continued
      Alot of collateral has been offered to china with the Zambias only bigger assets such as ZESCO, ZNBC, KKIA, State House Land, NRDC, Jaccarada School etc.

    • Zambians will be employed on the 1,000 dung farm in Namwala and there are no complaints that I have received from Zambians.

    • But where are the Chinese people being harrassed? we hear of Chinese shooting at Zambians but they are not brought to book and when Zambians retaliate then our own country tells us we are wrong? how about those found training commandos in the bush, what has happened to that case? this is our country and we will not allow foreigners that come in with dollars for a few people to benifit from bully us.

  2. From tribalism to Racism and Xenophobia.
    Hachi Hakala (HH) is a rabid dog and he needs to be put down.
    His nephew Lloyd and brother Clayson Hamasaka are fanning hatred.

    • Once upon a time the Mines on the CB used to get all galus which were rabid and confine them. That was the only way they controlled rabies.

    • Two members of PF “intelligentsia” have spoken
      One is necrophiliac with IQ measuring 6″ and other syphilitic h00ker with IQ measuring 6″ in diameter of arsehole.

  3. Chinese you are not to blame. It’s our own government who is creating such a situation by getting huge loans which they are using for their personal benefit from the Chinese and thereby making them look like bad in the eyes of zambians that’s why the resentment.

  4. A memorial park worth 2000hectares for 36 Chinese who died during the construction of the TAZARA ?
    Did the rail line pass through Chongwe or it ends in Kapiri Mposhi?
    What do the Chinese really up to ?
    Can the the Chinese govt. give the Zambia Embassy such type of land in China?
    Come 2021, that land will be forfeited.

    • 2000 Hectares is a mighty chunk of land. Are you sure about this fact Mr. Katana? Isn’t more like 20 hectares? Too much fake news around

  5. Let them go back if they feel uncomfortable staying in the country! Just because they give us loans and you now want them to stay permanently here in Zambia? A loan has no strings attached to having the Chinese as part of the loan. Zambia gets loans from different countries but those don’t come with citizens! We don’t need Chinese to do labour work here!

  6. TAZARA is not in Chongwe district of Lusaka Province, how is the town linked to memorial museum? Help us understand since we are very dull.

  7. No chi Haka Hichi echilelenga fyonse ifi. Kanshi bu manson tabwawama sana. Hell Hach bushe wapangwa shani. Satan1sm teisuma sana mwe bantu.

  8. To the Chinese ……

    That lungu you are giving money to has no clue……how much have you, the Chinese ,borrowed Zambia and we still have more than 40% unemployment, some of the highest taxes in the region ???

    In That regard you the Chinese have yourselves to blame for giving money blindly to a corrupt theiving gang calling themselves rulers…..unless you provide jobs to the people while your citizens are in zambia, you will be blamed….

    Spaka ®
    Most influential blogger
    All rights reserved

    • The chinaman has one solution to this quagmire they find them selves in, where their investments are not solving the unemployment issues and they are being blamed…the only way Zambia will move forward is if everyone is on the same page….that is China needs to foster a GRZ of national unity to involve all political parties.
      The Chinese are in a unique position…PF need Chinese money to stay in power, the PF know them losing power will mean jail for many and there is little prospect of a western bailout….the opposition know that with chinese money made available , the PF are firmly entrenched with the rural populations and have little prospect of unseating PF.
      The Chinese also know that pouring more money into PF as things stand is pointless, they should know only unity of the…

    • ….of the country with all Zambians signing from the same page will their investments be protected…

      Only a GRZ of national unity will fix Zambia, the last 8 to 9 years have opened up too many fissures.

      Spaka ®
      Most influential blogger
      All rights reserved

    • The Chinese will be living in fool’s paradise by failing to read the mood of the people and continue to think they are darlings of the people. The tide has changed the Chinese are not as popular as they probably think. The PF is even loosing more support because of the Chinese “invasion”. China must wake up and smell the coffee, PF cannot contain the anger of the people. That is the reality on the ground.

  9. And how many Zambians have the Chinese shot,abused and treated like garbage? Any official complaint about that from the Chinese?

  10. We truly belive the situation where China lends money to the those in power without asking questions will come to an abrupt end…..we expect China to now seek secreate interventions to put and support people in power who have capability of providing jobs and turning economies around where they have lent money, As a way of protecting their investments.

    The Zambian case will be a bitter pill to swallow for China and their give money , no questions asked……the Chinese have invested heavily in Zambia , yet unemployed locals and high taxes threatens to have them evicted.

    The West is watching this entertainment and rubbing their hands at the prospect of the Chinese being evicted… this space

    Spaka ®
    Most influential blogger
    All rights reserved

  11. State House should listen to complaints from Zambian people first. Apart from the 36 who died during TAZARA construction,are there any Chinese that lost their lives through xenophobic attacks in Zambia? How about the Zambians that lost their lives in China through xenophobic attacks? Is there going to be a memorial site for them in China too?

  12. Has dog Chanda and his master also complained to the Chinese government about the Chinese killing Zambians both here and in China? Have they complained about Chinese contractors stealing from poor Zambians by charging 100 times more than the normal contractual costs of roads and toll gates?

  13. Xenophobia against well wishing foreign citizens should be condemned at all costs.. But ill wishing foreign citizens who mistreat, marginalize and dehumanize our brothers and sisters should bear the brunt of an Un-corrupted judicial system.

  14. While honoring the memory of the 36 foreign contractors, let us not forget our own Zambians (ba shi mine) who perished in the servitude of building this nation.

  15. Honering 36 Chinese nationals my foot, Zambians are definitely *****s to allow such non-sense ???? rubbed in there face. How many freedoms fighters remain are still resting in unmarked graves, what happened to the . memory of those minder buried in under ground mines with no grave let us not forget that young UNZA student murdered by the police who instead chose to utinate on her grave ???? Lungu, you are definitely not Zambian..

  16. Honering 36 Chinese nationals my foot, Zambians are definitely *****s to allow such non-sense ???? rubbed in there face. How many freedoms fighters remain are still resting in unmarked graves, what happened to the . memory of those minder buried in under ground mines with no grave let us not forget that young UNZA student murdered by the police who instead chose to utinate on her grave ???? Lungu, you are definitely not Zambian..

  17. This is how Colonialism took root! First, they bought our chiefs and gave them the taste of foreign wines and mirrors. They became too intoxicated with power and wine. Next came the slave trade. History can be so unfair. Here we go again. Let’s roll!

  18. This is so disappointing (honoring some 36 Chinese, FCUK!). My grandfather who spent 2 years 6 months in Fort Jameson prison for fighting for our independence has never been honored and you gonna FCUKING honor some chinese who didn’t do SH!T for this country. Firstly the f***king chinese were employed, and so they knew the risks.
    This freedom we enjoy that PF is slowly to taking away was fought for by people like my grandfather. Why can’t we KONGOLA from the chinese and build a Freedom fighters Museum, (we will call the building FREEDOM HOUSE)?

  19. Why build the memorial park in Chongwe instead of mpika the head quarters of tazara? Tazara is much far from chongwe. what we know is that Chines want to make a special burial site in chongwe specifically for the chines so this is the pretex that it is the memorial park.

  20. Mr. Chanda said the President has sanctioned the construction of a museum for the 36 Chinese who died during the construction of the TAZARA will proceed in Chongwe district of Lusaka Province..! My question: don’t the people of Zambia, or Chongwe in particular, have any say in this matter? Or is it a case of no one can question decisions of the Great Leader?

  21. The Chinese are utilizing our resources to make their country even richer and we keep worshipping them. Believe you me no rich country in this world would like to see African countries develop. They make profits from the loans that they give us and they want to keep making those profits

  22. Bufi Tuutu – Yes our great leader – now involved in grave yard land allocation. You can see how intimidated these guys are. Remember Amos Chanda and Dora posing after a meeting with the chines officials and receiving gifts from them. What do you expect? Now they have started instructing them what to do. They told them we want it in Chongwe and they said yes bwana. kikikikikikiki
    I appreciate the help China has given to Zambia since independence as someone is trying to say. Just like Zambia we have done so much for our African friends to have them liberated but we do not go to these countries to dictate things to them. That is not how friendship should be.

  23. Wee bulanda wee!! The problem we have is that people fail to understand that China is not giving us those things for free even to start praising and singing for them. Whatever they are giving to Zambia is meant to benefit their people otherwise if it were not so they would definitely not do it.

  24. Chi Sharon…….wabe ifingi! Chongwe is so far away from TAZARA. It would make sense if the memorial site was in Kapiri or Mpika….but in Chongwe? They are after something there. Even the issue of xenophobia against China is just made up….which Chinese has been harassed other than those who have committed crimes of one type or the other…e.g. the Chinaman who shot one of his workers in Chimwemwe and had his shop looted and the trio in Chambeshi who were molested allegedly for flirting with workers wives, etc etc! Be objective as you analyse these issues unlike Sharon and Kudos who are so deep into tribalism that they cannot analyse issues outside tribalism,,,,shah!

    • The Chinese can take the remains of the dead Chinamen to their own country for internment amongst their own people and leave Chongwe to the Soli people and not defile Soliland with people whose origins are undefined. The remains should be easy to repatriate because they can go as cargo. The Chinese want to discriminate against us the owners of the land – even in death!! Posterity will never forgive us for allowing this Chinese burial ground in Soliland.

    • @Wesley

      Don’t mind those resident trolls Sharon & Kudos, they just get sexually aroused when someone complains.

      Just ignore them 🙂

  25. For the economic havoc and corruption they have instigated we shall be happy to see the back of the Chinamen. Its the corrupt politicians who have been eating out of Chinese hands that can cry rivers. Le the chinks leave the business to the indigenous people. With their departure this government will not contract any more debt!! Thank you god, prayers answered!!

  26. Who is fooling who? The Chinese nationals in Zambia are treated like Kings. They have shot and killed Zambians and none of them have been incarcerated. Now today China has the audacity to complain that their nationals are being victimized in Zambia, my foot.
    So if the Chinese govt has given Zambia alot of assistance, it gives them the right to enter our bedrooms and sleep with our wives? That is bull scrap. Tell eleven(xi) that Zambia is not a province of China!

  27. The stupidest thing ever heard. Zambians are victimized on a daily basis by you Chanda and your group via the police and you sit quiet, what nonsense is this, mwefiwelewele. What is wrong with your daft heads??? Are you telling me that if your child was being abused you’d be less concerned than if your neighbors? Mukakandwa bakoswe imwe. You should be ashamed of yourself

  28. I guess Chinese hooligans are equal to the task. The tables will turn on Zambians visiting China for business or living there, because of senseless Zambians here at home.

  29. mr chanda me personally am not against the Chinese, what am against is for your government to resettle the Chinese on the land belonging to poor Zambians and you think think this is friendship

  30. Chinese have been all around friends of Zambia. When western was helping smith and south Africa to bomb Zambian bridges, China in its poverty then helped Zambia to build the rail line. Even now they built heros and mwanawasa stadium one for free… I hate leaders with hate speech against other nationals

  31. Amos Chanda please keep quiet and go take a nap! Chinese are the worst when it comes to human rights violations. Have you seen a video circulating in Zambia about a Chinese national offering K5 for a group of Zambians to go buy cabbage to share and eat? What kind of nonsense is this in Zambia where people like you Amos would rather bend over a lick a Chinese politicians a-s-s in the name of foreign aid! You are everything that is wrong in Zambia and have no business in the role you were put. While there are countless stories and information about Chinese firing guns at Zambian’s and here you are with your tired a-s-s siding with the Chinese. I hope they come for your family and then we’ll see what words you’ll have for the Chinese!

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