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Both the technical bench and players should take responsibility for AFCON failure-Kamanga

Sports Both the technical bench and players should take responsibility for AFCON failure-Kamanga

FAZ President Andrew Kamanga
FAZ President Andrew Kamanga

FAZ President Andrew Kamanga says a decision will soon be made on the future of Chipolopolo Coach Sven Vandenbroek.

This follows Zambia’s failure to qualify to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

Speaking in an interview at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport on arrival from Mozambique, Kamanga expressed disappointment with the team and the performance of the technical bench.

Kamanga observed that FAZ did everything possible to motivate the team to get the desired results.

He said both the technical bench and players should take responsibility for their poor performance despite being given incentives.

Meanwhile, only three players have arrived back home while Coach Vandenbroek. has proceeded to Ghana to help the women national team technical bench at the ongoing Africa Cup.

Only reserve goalkeeper Toaster Nsabata, midfielder Bruce Musakanya and defender Prosper Chiluya were spotted at the airport.

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  1. i hope they Disappear for GOOD FROM Zambia never come back, they can actually be Mozambicans if they so wish and that SVEN Chap let him get off the bench in GHANA before he pollutes the WINNING SHEPOLOPOLO TEAM

    • Andrew Kamanga you are a total failure in football management. Why did you rustle power from our great football legend, great Kalu if you knew that you are not competent..???

    • Kamanga has never taken us to afcon on his own. Even if we appointed the best coach with kamanga at the helm, we will go nowhere. Kamanga is a serious curse to Zambian football and the sooner he is booted out the better for our lovely game. U20 success was due to the “thief” Great Kalu.

    • What about word going around that it was HH who “incited” the Chipolopolo to lose? Any credence to that?

    • What decision will need to be made soon? If I recall, FAZ and govt through sports minister told us that they have hired this new coach Sven and the first deliverable on his contract is to qualify us to the 2019 AfCon. This he has failed! He needs to GO! On the other hand we need to look at the technical bench. Why is it that the coaches are failing to deliver? Is Chintu Kampamba and his fellows advising these coaches properly? Especially for this Sven guy who literally doesn’t know the players very well. A technical bench reshuffle is needed. Chintu should GO!

    • People, who’s our new coach? We want a real and experienced coach, at least 45 years of age and with proven National Team coaching experience. Alternatively, get 3 best coaches from our local league and let them form a technical bench, with each one acting as head coach in alternating games. For the same money we pay one foreign coach who doesn’t know our kind of football, the players and with a poor reading of the game

  2. Dear Mr Kamanga, the buck stops with you. If you did everything to motivate the team then you appointed a useless team bench and for that you must GO FIRST. Take responsibility mate, that is true Leadership.

  3. That’s Zambia for you …everyone is passing the buck, that’s very bad management..you can not state you will passing decision on your manager later, you have to support him now or get rid of him now.

    • @jay jay, you are the one who campaigned for Kamanga tooth and nail on this forum, whilst insulting Kalu. Muselela kwakaba iwe!!!

    • Umwa…. – What Muselela kwakaba nonsense?? Dont try to turn the tables on me…I campaigned for CHANGE. I am not a blind follower my friend like a cadre… Great Galu was sucking the association dry…every deal had a SA connection. Where the Great Galu now …don’t mention that SHAMELESS crook here. How is his appeal going on then if he is innocent…really laughable….he channelled $80,000 to his pocket and loads of sponsorship deals yet you still sing praises. This is the Galu who was bring in his friends remember that chap from Bolton…you never complained.

    • He surely didn’t like Kalu and the AFCON winning coach because of his TRIBALISM and hatred towards Kalu. If Renard had been the person who had lost this ANIMO FARM would have been all over saying “HE IS A P.E. TEACHER!” Your heart is so evil and dark, very pitch black you need JESUS to cleanse it!

    • ANIMO FARM who campigned and hated Kalu and Renard eating HUMBLE PIES but because INCOMPOS will always find an excuse he is here saying BUT… blah, blah. What a shame! No wonder your little clueless little boy will NEVER be President in Zambia.

  4. Both the technical bench and players should take responsibility for AFCON failure. That is fingerpointing when you know where the buck stops.
    Kamanga should take responsibility for AFCON failure. period

  5. “despite being given incentives”.
    Ba Kamanga, Any sportsman knows Incentives don’t win you a game. It’s preparation that does.

    • Good preparations is also incentives. Imwe nga mwaumfwa ati incentives straight ati allowances na salary

    • What are incentives? Basically carrots that are dangled for achievement purposes.
      We all know except you the inventive Peter C Njobvu what Kamanga meant.
      Since when did anyone tell a team you win and we will give you good preparation ot a good training program?
      Spin doctoring should be left to the professionals ba Peter

  6. Now that there only source of genuine income is lost, I suggest everyone go home and wait for another AFCON qualifications, that’s the only time they work to be paid, they shouldn’t be paid for sitting, starting with the board, players and everyone involved, in short Faz should be dissolved.

  7. The honorable thing to do, Mr. Kamanga,is to take responsibility….then. Resign with your entire Executive for failing to take the Team to 2 Afcon tournaments, consectively, in 2017 and 2019…Let the new Executive come and deal with the Appointing a new bench….

  8. Mr Kamanga, you want to wash your hands off the team and technical bench? Your finger prints are all over them. Such Losers!

  9. Unfortunately for you Mr Ndanga Kamanga your term at FAZ will come to an end without Zambia qualifying for the Afcon. The problem is with you and not 7 and the players. Kazala has never served since he was elected because of your hatred for King Kalu. We have known you by your fruits. Why can’t you resign own your own? Mambala iwe!

    • I have told you before that football is a long term project you have to change constantly as you develop …look at Germany the competition was training to beat them and had caught up with them at the World cup. You dont just wake up on Sunday morning with hang over and go and play football.

  10. Yes the technical bench and players must take responsibility but equally FAZ must take a huge responsibility on their shoulder. Kamanga and his team are a bunch of total failures. Kamanga just resign you have brought shame to our beautiful game altogether.

    • Mbulutati – How did you conclude that he is a total failure…dont jump the gun…what were you going to do at AFCON anyway really laughable!!

    • Now Jay Jay you should also not jump the gun, had Zambia qualified then they should have deserved it instead of asking what they would have done. First qualify then talk about Afcon

    • Malume Obakeng – its good to wishful think…the game has moved on the Galus were investing in SA instead of training pitches in Zambia this is what happens…really laughable.

  11. If they have asked the coach to qualify the team to Afco, And this didn’t happen, automatically losing his job. Why paying for his travel to Ghana? That women’s team has own coach and technical bench. Sven is irrelevant there.

  12. So from what I gather from everyone who has contributed here is that Kamanga must step down as FAZ chief. Kamanga just resign for the good of Zambian football and for your own standing and reputation in Zambia.

  13. Dismantle the all entire team including Faz administration for the next 3years no more funds for international games. Baolaula ichuma pafula bakambwanga…!

  14. This man is very evil.U should stop moving pantu tukakuponmona iwe kamanga.U hate pipo.what kind of professinalism is this?what can’t you be responsible for your failiers.Atase bane ukutupa iwe kamanga.and u call yoself buuiness man without being responsible.Awe ifya ku chipata fimo like kamanga finangwa.

  15. his man is very evil.U should stop moving pantu tukakuponmona iwe kamanga.U hate pipo.what kind of professinalism is this?what can’t you be responsible for your failiers.Atase bane ukutupa iwe kamanga.and u call yoself buuiness man without being responsible.Awe ifya ku chipata fimo like kamanga finangwa.

  16. The Root cause of failure is FAZ , Kamanga in particular for his incompetence of trial and error. I call upon FAZ to morally resign to allow for fresh Administration that is competent to put in a competent technical bench and a FOREIGN COACH of proven record. This Coach ‘yes’ he is foreign but you picked a useless one and we question the criteria used.

  17. Let the stupid players run for go….they are useless and a waste. Let the coach pick new and health players from clubs, we have many talented players. The current crop of players have grown wings and are now good for nothing. All they want are allowances and incentives. As for the technical bench, fire them they have overstayed.

  18. Kamanga just resign naimwe. You have broken a 1970s record then you want to keep walking around like nothing happened. We are a footballing nation quickly becoming former. Our group was one of the easiest and any half analyst can point mistakes in all the games we didn’t win. You have disgraced us and we see that you are trying to hoodwink us with shepolopolo wins. Leave please!! You are from a business environment so you know darn well that KPIs not met must lead to the boot. AFCON has been our biggest KPI since the world cup is still elusive.

  19. Kamanga and his executive must be fired. The coach must be fired together with bench staff. We need to look at all the players and see who’s supposed to remain in the team. All dead wood must be dropped and all positions must be competed for with at least three players competing for each position in the team. So let’s summon all the talented players both local and abroad and let them fight for positions.

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