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Geoffrey Chumbwe apologises for tribal tribal remarks by PF member Maxwell Chongo


Geofrey Chumbwe addressing the media

Aspiring Lusaka Province Patriotic Front(PF) Chairperson Geoffrey Chumbwe has apologized to the party and the general public for the tribal remarks made by PF member Maxwell Chongo in his campaign message for his candidature.

Mr. Chumbwe told journalists in Chongwe District today that he regrets the tribal remarks made by Mr. Chongo which has been attributed to him as a candidate for the position of chairperson for Lusaka province.

Mr. Chumbwe distanced himself from the tribal remarks and urged Mr. Chongo who is alleged to have circulated a video to retract his statement and apologize to the party and the country.

He said as a member of the ruling party who has been in politics for over 15 years, he does not believe in tribal politics.

He said it was unfortunate that Mr. Chongo dragged his name into tribal sentiments which he said should not be tolerated.

He has since called on members of his campaign team to desist from any tribalism as they campaign for him as he does not condone politics of tribalism.

President Lungu yesterday instructed Party Secretary General Davies Mwila to deliver a strong message to Maxwell Chongo and Mr. Chumbwe over a video containing tribal remarks which went viral on social platforms.

President Lungu expressed displeasure at the tribal remarks by the duo.

In the Video, Chongo popularly known as Max is encouraging the Soli speaking people to vote for his preferred candidate Mr. Chumbwe, for the Lusaka Province Chairman seat because he is their tribesman.

President Lungu’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations, Amos Chanda stated at a Press briefing held at State house yesterday, that the President expected the PF SG, to ensure that the duo, Chongo and Chumbwe tendered an apology to the Zambian People because the Patriotic Front Party has no place for tribalism in its political dispensation.


  1. This is how a president should act to curtail any tribal insinuations in the party. HH todate has never commented on Ackson Senjani’s remarks that “only a Tonga should lead UPND.” The words were uttered in 2006 when the party was head hunting for Anderson Kambela Mazoka’s successor following his demise. This has remained a reference point to many when accusing UPND being tribal.

    • Do you have evidence that sejani uttered those words give us a video or audio, max’s words are documented in a video. All this talk is all hearsay you heard,you was told ,give us evidence, nothing coming forth.with the hate that pf has for upnd do you think they would hid a video or audio of sejani uttering those think with pf ‘s hate for HH they just let be walking free if he did anything wrong in past. Do depend so much energy on bar counter talk ,its just meant to pass time and for you to buy more pints for the sweet talker.don’t take bar talk home or in the public, what happens in the bar stays in the bar.

    • He said it at a public gathering and broadcast to the entire nation during prime time news! If you are a UPND member, then ou are living in denial and the haunting continues.

  2. ..misleading title. He did not apologize, but he distanced himself from the remarks. In any case, it would not make sense to apologize for a wrong done by someone else.

    • It is called Vicarious responsibility.
      That’s the argument I make about Jesus. It does not make sense for a god to pay the price for the crimes of humans.: All humans have to do is believe he is the only way to gpd? That’d the reason vicarious redemption.has borne no results for over 2000 years. Generations have come and gone!

  3. what about choongo? Did the Presido apologise when he called others as being tribal grouping? how about Rupiah on wako ni wako?
    what a leader?

  4. #1.1 Divide & Rule, something wrong with you and all other upnd cadres and leaders without exception. But we have always known that there is something wrong with these trib.als, so why am I asking what can only be a foo.lish question?

  5. Too little too late Mr Chumbwe. The president has already distanced himself from you and therefore you know what that means. Why keep foolish boys like Max Chongo into your camp. He will continue to make you lose remember the dorcas mothers scenario? Get rid of him if you are really serious about this apology.

  6. We all know what Sejani said and that is why Luapula, Northern, Copperbelt, Eastern and Lusaka do not vote for UPND. PF knows the dangers of trib!e remarks that is why they are quick to apologize.

  7. If Mr Hichilema can say today that, “Zesco has been sold,” and government considers that message to be so influential that the whole nation can rise to demonstrate against the State, then the PF must be very worried. What that means is that people ignore when President Lungu says no national assets have been sold, but they believe what Mr Hichilema says.

  8. Freedom or is it slavery Sikazwe during campaigns in Eastern Province said that you should not vote for them and equally Mumbi Phiri used tribal remarks, Davis Chama posted tribal remarks on his face after the 2016 elections, Ruphia Banda wakoniwako and we never heard this president asking them to apologise. Is it because the remarks were made in support of his candidature? Double standards.

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