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HH’s Appearance at the Police Station in Ndola

Videos and Audios HH's Appearance at the Police Station in Ndola


  1. You represent yourselves not the people of Zambia. The fight is about securing your interest and not the interest of Zambians. The fact that you are not scared to sell of the country speaks volumes. You have single-handedly introduced evil politics in Zambia with your thirst for power. Respect is earned not forced onto people. We are tired of the same old faces jumping ship presenting to distance themselves from the mess they helped create. Kambwili has suddenly become a saint when we all know that he is an accomplice to the current mess. We need new people with new ideas.

    • @Futurezed you are antagonizing yourself. I see HH becoming president in 2021. these people were not even organized like the PF do. They came on their own from various townships and yet they could afford to escort this humble man on their own.

      PF are losing popularity in CB

  2. I blame the luck of checks and balances on the opposition. Barely insulting and disparaging PF – eye for an eye is like fighting to lose. Our opposition are always being out witted buy one man, Lungu. When beaten they just boycott, insult, vilify without facts or solid principles. HH had a chance to show the corruption in PF when he appeared before ZP, instead he chose to be a coward. Then after leaving the Police station he shouted that he will speak. Really? Kambwili eve afenta chabe. These are clear hallmarks of a weak disjointed opposition. Lungu’s statement that HH was telling lies has gone unchallenged by cowardice. So Lungu will continue to rule with impunity. After all he continues to win elections in UPND stronghold. Opposition in Zed are cowards that’s the problem

  3. i dont know whether the people of zambia have observed that each time zambia goes for general election hh enter into an alliance with other political parties. in 2006 he went to bed with fdd, unip and other smaller parties but levy wired them and they tailed sata. 2008 he went into another alliance with nashala neka parties as the candidate and he lamentably lost to rb and still tailed the cobra. in 2011 kk advised hh to go to bed with sata and he refused to deputize the king cobra, he asked kk to go to hell because he thought he was more popular than sata. to his surprise the king cobra wired both rb and hh and this time they decided to go to bed together. 2015 he went into an alliance with bena milupi and the gang but the new kid on the block kicked their behinds all aver the place. in…

    • cont….. in 2016 he went into an alliance with almost every jim and jack including the mwanawasa clan, the sata clan, guy scott, bashi nono, mulongoti, vj, munkombwe , obasanjo, gbm , jeraboz, anglo exept rb and the kk clan

  4. cont………. in 2016 he went into an alliance with almost everyone including the mwanawasa clan, the sata clan, guy scott, bash nono, vj, munkombwe, anglo jeraboz, gbm exept rb and kk the rest is history

    Bamambala ba PF are in for a RUDE SHOCK. I have always told you that P.F. can never win FREE AND FAIR elections after the late Sata. The 2015 and 2016 elections were rigged by Kaiser, ECZ and the Judiciary. The 2021 elections will again be rigged by Kaiser, ECZ and the Judiciary.
    The only elections H.H. has lost are THREE : the first to the late Mwanawasa, the second to Rupiah and the third to the late Sata.
    Sata lost THREE times before he made it the 4th time.
    H.H. will make it the 4th time GOING BY THE ABOVE HAPPENINGS IN NDOLA.
    It is confirmed that TIME FOR CHANGE HAS ARRIVED.

    • @zambianretiredsupporter you have made my day. ati hh only lost three times iwe! what are you smoking in dundumwezi. he lost to mwanawasa once, he lost to rb, lost to sata, lost to ed twice and he is waiting to be kicked all over the place in 2021.he kept shouting rigging even when he came third . just keep quite like hh at ndola police if you have nothing to say.


  7. Kambwili does not know where he is…he still thinks he is an observer; talking and seeking attention every time you see a camera wont win you elections.

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