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Pictures of Zambian female Peacekeeping battalion in Birao, Central African Republic



















    • These are my people! Brings back memories of my service in Darfur. Well done young jr officers, however always be alert and steady, you are not there to pose to take photos and remember the enemy is always watching you. Weapons on safety only around civilians otherwise you and your firearm must be ready to engage with hostile combatants at the blinking of an eye.

  1. I wouldn’t say, job done!!! What if you just spectators that side, but it would be great if you are doing the right things!!!!!

  2. The uniforms look very nice ,clean and new.Am sure they come from the UN and not the Zambia army.The Zambia army uniforms are old,dirty and long lost the color.Yeah i can see the footwear is US army style.
    Very proud of you ladies!keep up the good work.Go Zambia GO!

    • If you mean the tactical vests, yes those are from the UN but the uniforms are from home including the boots. Zambia Army, ZNS and ZAF stopped regulating on what colour combat boots should be because it turned out perpetually putting on full grain black leather boots becomes a hindrance on the battle field and may affect a soldier moral and/or psychology and in turn performance. Imagine using a full grain in wet conditions. These days the different security wings will issue out boots – usually black full grain, the soldier is then at liberty to purchase any pair(s) to suit environment. Only special units are issued several pairs.

    • Actually all the equipment of UN Peacekeeping missions are supplied by contributing countries. This includes military vehicles and combat wear. Even Zambia has to buy its own vehicles painted in UN colours in order to participate.

  3. @Dokowe you sound like someone in the security forces.Anyway,the Zambian ordinary soldiers i have seen have worn out footwear which is very sad state of affairs. I spent a lot of time doing some job in Arakan barracks and the situation the men in uniform are exposed to is very pathetic.
    Anyway,you raised some good point about the footwear,when did the security wings realize the importance of comfortable footwear on a battle field?It appears to me that our military schools are not doing a very good job in terms of research and education.I think the government should seriously look into the affairs of the security wings in all areas.The guys do a good job but are underappreciated.

    • What should make us proud is the way they are treating civilians in the photos. This must be from their orientation training at mission HQ. Here at home our soldiers often forget that civilians are the reason there is an army, namely to protect them. The army is not there for the President but for the people. They should always teat them with respect and this should be the central theme of their training. I saw during the cholera epidemic that they often treated civilians with disdain and insult. This happens when Commanders do not know why the Army exists. You will never see British soldiers disrespecting their people. It just never happens. No matter how poor they look. Of course they never respected colonised people. But colonised people were not citizens.

    • @Nkole…, how do the Army folks disrespect civilians in Zambia? It would be helpful if you can elaborate and give example instead of a blanket assertion. One thing you should understand is that military men and women talk or act abrasively because of the nature of their job. Which of course can come across as abusive to a civilian not used to that sort of “forceful and commanding” language military people use.

      But if you say Military personnel in Zambia go about say beating and bossing civilians around (ZP style) then you have point. But I don’t think the Zambian military acts that way. Far from it! I know because I once was in the military in Zambia. And no military chain of command that I know of would tolerate that kind of behavior in the Zambian arned forces…..for a Court…

    • Continue….

      Marshall and a dishonorable discharge wouldn’t be far away!

      Good job ladies. Fly our flag higher like always. Nothing looks good in a military uniform like a female soldier!

  4. Dont they have fitted helmets for them? Why do they allow them to have silly weaves? They are not even provided with proper bullet proof vest to stop an AK 47 bullet that looks like tactical vest.

  5. LT we missed the pictures of the week. Please next time don’t take this long. Thank you so much. We always enjoy these refreshing gallery. Love you LT.

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