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Desist from sensationalizing and politicizing corruption issues – Inonge Wina


Vice President Mrs Inonge Wina addressing a meeting at Legatum Institute in London.
Vice President Mrs Inonge Wina

Vice-President Inonge Wina has called on stakeholders in the country to desist from sensationalizing and politicizing corruption issues by giving the perception that government is not committed to curb the vice.

Contributing to the estimates of revenue and expenditure for Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in parliament today, the Vice-President to the contrary, government under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu, is on course in the fight against corruption.

Ms. Wina has therefore encouraged the law enforcement wings to heed President Lungu’s directive to be proactive in investigating and prosecuting cases.

She said the Commission is an important institution government was using to fight corruption in the country.

She said corruption undermines the fabric of society and will not be allowed to take root in Zambia.

Vice-President Wina said the government has put stringent measures to fight corruption, among them the establishment of integrity committees in all government institutions.

Mrs Wina however said she cannot deny that there are corrupt elements in both government and the private sector.

Ms. thanked the members of parliament, civil society organization and the cooperating partners that embraced in supporting budgetary allocation to the Commission.


  1. PF must attempt to up the fight of corruption, in Zambia. There is a big problem, and as our economy starts to show good result, the corrupt people will want to feed off the benefits, rather than the poor receive some relief from poverty.

    This is the poorest section of PF performance.

    • Wow…

      Corruption has to be sensationalised madam..: corruption is a cancer that needs to be shouted at on rooftops, mountains and molehills.

      Madam, you might want to step down cause some of these remarks you have started uttering are making us lose respect we hold for you.

      Corruption has killed more people that the wars of Africa combined and you want us to harsh on that. If anything you should be commending those sensationalising it.

      Oh dear madam, we thought you were one of us. Shame!

    • What is she talking about? Nakachinda (Nakanyenga)’s political corruption to be MP saga. or is it the RB’s house? Today you smeared us with pictures of RB’s 4 star Hotel as his retirement home. What about the check RB received. What can ACC do about it?
      What am I sensationalizing on this, tell me.

  2. In Biblical times, the Prophets were not afraid to point out the wrongs committed by the Kings. This is because they were given authority by the Most High. Jeremiah, Ezekiel and John the Baptist suffered severe consequences even unto death but they still spoke out loud and clear against the evil practices committed by the leaders of that time.

    Today, the self-proclaimed prophets are only interested in prestige and no longer bold enough to point out the wrongs committed by the leaders. It is Journalists who have now taken the place of prophets to report corruption and other irregularities of leaders. As they speak out, it will sound sensational and political sometimes but the important thing is that the leaders know that they under observation.

  3. There is no fight against corruption, there is only dismissal for those who do not cut lungu and his gang into the corruption like Eric chimesa,

    We know how lungu operates….he sacks those who are getting richer than him and warns them to keep silent or he will prosecute…..

    Only low level thrives are shown to be brought to court only to dupe us.

  4. Aba bamayo chipuba. Some people when they get old they become wise, some they become senile and hopeless. This woman is really out of it.

    The levels of denial, & 2tup!d1ty are mind boggling!!
    To Agogo Inonge I say, Maizegate, Mukulagate, Eswatini Mansion’s, 5 Kwacha Saudi cheap oilgate, Chavulagate, Ambulancegate, 42 Wheelbarrowgate, Kaizergate +++, Social cashgate, Tollgategate, & many more that I could type till morning.
    Agogo Inonge, due to being a Mother, & Grandmother, I will not use harsh words against you, BUT advise your time to retire, take a back seat, & enjoy your retirement benefits arrived yesterday, not today, SO PLEASE GO AMBUYE, INSTEAD OF BEING USED BY BENE JONA & C.O, & IN THE PROCESS, LOSING THE RESPECT WE HAVE OF YOU BEING A SENIOR CITIZEN.

  6. Madam your whole cabinet is corrupt, every one at state house is corrupt, maybe even you as we all know corruption has no age limit, you have also become a liar being used by these young PF cadres who are busy looting the country, your days are numbered and when trouble comes even you will be answerable to all this looting.

  7. Of course government is not committed to the fight against corruption. Even a layman can tell that a toll gate costing $4.3m is not normal. Someone or some people must have benefitted corruptly from the project.Gogo Inonge people will NOT stop sensationalizing and politicizing this topic because it won’t develop our country if you don’t fight and conquer it.Japan,America,UK and others in Europe are developed countries not from miracles but because they have never embraced corruption. Don’t insult Zambians’ intelligence

  8. So she is saying we should sweep everything under the carpet? Freedom Sikazwe stop practising your witchcraft on this woman.

  9. With all due respect Ba mbuya,your only legacy will be that you were the first ever Zambian female Veep but as the rest goes,you are a flop,you don’t help us as Zambians especially where coruption is involved.You act as a shield to this regime which cannot explain so many bloted projects being undertaken.The coruption is so clear to everyone that even my seven year old kid is able to point out and the lack of a will to fight it even more glaring.Mbuya its almost time for you to retire,we are counting down to that time so we can usher in someone more robust and not a yes bwana.

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