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The meeting held with President Edgar Lungu was fruitful-HH


HH greets First Lady Esther Lungu at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma
HH greets First Lady Esther Lungu at late Munkombwe’s burial in Choma

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema says the meeting he held with President Edgar Lungu was fruitful and will see both parties going into dialogue without any pre-conditions.

Mr. Hichilema said it was agreed in the meeting that all issues hurting the Zambian people will be brought to the table during the dialogue working together with the church and other stakeholders.

Speaking at a media briefing, Mr. Hichilema said among the things discussed that cannot be avoided to bring the country to normalcy include the need to end violence in communities, to restore the rule of law, to give back to the people of Zambia their liberties and freedoms and to allow the media both public and private to operate freely without intimidation.

“We all know that as a country we have challenges with the rule of law, it is important that people move freely without intimidation and dress the way they want, let them wear what they want whether UNIP regalia, MMD regalia, PF regalia, even UPND regalia without fear of being attacked”, Mr. Hichilema emphasised.

He said that the dialogue is one platform that Zambia needed to utilise to address the challenges facing the nation.

President Edgar Lungu and UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema held a meeting on 12th November 2018 facilitated by the three Church Mother Bodies in their continued effort to build consensus on the dialogue processes and issues that need to be taken into account in the national dialogue and reconciliation process.

According to the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, the Council of Churches in Zambia and the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops, the two leaders also assured the Church of their availability and commitment to future direct engagements.


  1. HH is not quiet the devil the media have made him to be.

    There is no proof he would be a wore president than Lungu.

    It is time we rally and give me him a chance to lead the country.

    There is no reason to believe he would be a more worse president than E Lungu

    I hold a PhD



    • ECL and team are going to show HH and team who is boss and who is actually running this country. We accommodate all political clowns among the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise.

      After all, it is their democratic right to be so … Let’s roll.

      And Heaven help us all …

    • I watched HH press conference yesterday, Honestly speaking, The guy sounded and looked like a president of Zambia, How can a country have a president who can not hold a press conference or face the media or speak to his people on national issue but only opens his mouth at airports, EL is a like man alive to land that job with no vision or qualities and he should be the last. Zed is in auto pilot.

    • Lungu now has a history of building mansions for the rich and well to do…instead of fixing roads and sanitation for the poor the humble President wants to make sure RUPIAH BANDA is well taken care of….are you telling me RUPIAH BANDA cannot afford to build a house for himself…this guy has been stealing from the government for over 40 years and on top of that he gets a free Mansion…Thank you Lungu

    • Happy Friday and Weekend to you all !!!

      Who’s the new coach of Chipolopolo?

      Ni Friday lelo, meet me at Garden City StanChatt.

    • I wish someone can make an ugly statue of the most despicable man who attempted to destroy the peace that Zambia has known since independence but failed and put it at either Munda Wanga or Lusaka Museum.

    • When you have the tribal lenses on, HH will always look like a president to you! Not to me! He looks like a section leader to me or a Paramount of the NAMWLANAS!

      The POTROZ needs to be careful with this double h guy. He needs to be at arms length form this alien. I still can’t figure out how we lost our 5th POTROZ in 2015.

    • Your HH is dull without any strategy otherwise he wouldn’t have lost 5 time wa blind supporter.And you Nostradamus (and known as Nostradumbass) you fail to predict for your man bcoz real Nostradamus was known to predict the future nomba imwe you only predict chibuku and Zambia Nation team.

    • As long as two individuals are involved it can’t be a secret, actually the meeting was called a third party the church mother bodies, i don’t think that would qualify to be called a secret meeting.

      Like one guy said both HH and ECL might have good intentions , we should also look out for spoilers from both camps, whose existence and relevance in their parties dependent creating animosity between the two.

    • Ba Boss wants to do everything himself. The UPND youths and PF youths started the peace intiatives with PF visting UPND offices. Kampyongo led the PF and the UPND youths welcomed them and pledged to work together. This was done in public view and most people welcomed the initiative. Alas! the UPND leader condemed and warned his youths and told them to stop it. It is surprising that the leader then went to ECL under the cover of darkness to start HIS own peace initiatives with the president he has told us not to recognise. Has he recognised him now? If so please tell the members so that they also stop insulting Mr. Lungu. What is the deal??? What is his negotiating for himself?

    • Never trust a Politician…..all they think about is money…you think they care about Party Cadres or the Country….as long as Lungu offers a very thick brown envelope then nothing else matters

    • He is a member of a SECRET SOCIETY. The President must be cautious. In the Bible someone showed such a character his bedroom and that was the end! Mr. President be careful with this desperate man! He is not after anything but your life and the seat!

  2. What if ConCourt rules today that Ba Edgar was illegally sworn-in as republican president, which is very true. Even at PF-conversion, Tutwa Ngulube (now discarded by PF) and Bo Inonge illegally declared Edgar as PF-president.

  3. The opposition parties including HH should watch these PF crooks carefully.They are just using the dialogue process to get a financial bailout from the World Bank.The financial situation is bad for the PF and Zambia.

  4. ECL, meet HH with protection from above, God, bcoz the level of satanism in HH can sweep or hook you. By the time you realize it’s HH, you would have been initiated already and in no time worshipping HH’s god.. Pray without ceasing as you discuss. Zambia needs you beyond 2021.

    • I thought saw even before I read your posting. He must have celebrated October 30 (Halloween) but failed to celebrate October 24 including NATIONAL PRAYER DAY!

    • @5 Hurry
      You’re 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 to the 1000000000000000000000000000000% correct.

  5. He is the president of the biggest opposition party in the country. We should be happy that our democracy is flourishing by having a sober minded opposition leader who gives the PF sleepless nights. Never in the history of this nation have we seen a person stand for more that 5 times yet still offering strong challenge to the PF. The MMD has sold their soul to the devil for a few pieces of silver and have left their supporters without a choice. Imagine if HH were to die today, this country will revert to the one party state. Lungu has realized that his time is fast running out and wants to befriend HH in case he does no stand in 2021. Dialogue is the way to go , Kenyans have done it. Let us differ during the day and share a beer at night.

  6. Lungu has been told to push for national unity by the Chinese his financial backers as they are at risk of being evicted from Zambia by the unrestfull 40 % unemployed and the heavily taxed citizens.

    No one will give PF money, not even the Chinese who see the dangers of a heavily debited country with high employment and high cost of doing bussiness.

    Only a GRZ of national unity will heal and move Zambia forward…..

    • More like let rigging do the job ??

      And What job is that ? $17 billion debt,
      40 % unemployed, highest taxes in the region, GDP skidding , selling off state assets like no tomorrow, a budget with so many holes that a truck can pass through , there is no chance of any improvement.

      Why do you think even IMF will not touch Zambia ??

      PF have no answers badala….their only answers are commissioning more over priced toll gates….

      eeehhhhh ????

    • I thought @Spaka was one of the smartest people among the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise … I counted wrong!!!

      Government of National Unity (GNU) my foot!!!

    • BR mumba

      Zambia has never been so divided on tribal and political lines as of now.

      Ask lungu what is like ruling a country that is so divided , near impossible or very very difficult.

      Carry on with a divided Zambia , let’s see how far you get…

    • If lungu won fair and square then there was no excuse for everyone to be begging him , but too much violence was used and the country remains divided.
      There is no country with such divisions that has progressed. A GNU with so I political parties is the answer. Or lungu will have to keep using violence and scare away investores.

    • Animo Farm is desperate! It knows it is UNELECTABLE! What demon wants national unity with a demon? Are you just realising now that it is UNELECTABLE? We have known this for a long time!


      What has like lilo been smoking lately?

  7. The story is over, HH says the meeting with President Lungu was fruitful…… He now knows the ECL is the president of Zambia…kkkkkk

  8. “Giving people back their liberties” but who opposed the bill of rights.

    Politicians should not’t be calculator boys at matters of national interest.

    Let us be patriotic

    Am a non partisan political consultant

    • How does a man of integrity sneak under the cover of darkness to meet a excon

      Surpose it was katuta or nkombo sneaking into statehouse at night and holding a meeting in the tunels

      My point is simple. While you are busy insulting ecl shooting up your blood pressure, Hh and ecl meet at night. During day they insult each other

    • That is the progress we want, I repeat , only a GRZ of national unity to include all political parties to get the whole country behind GRZ will there be any real problem solving…

  9. I meet people every day. What is so special with these two characters meeting? All of you, just chill, they met so what. Just continue doing your own things. There is no Jesus apa, these two are just like me. No news here

  10. Now this Davies Mwila has dissolved political structures in Petauke after the PF loss. Why is he just blaming people on the ground, how about himself as Secretary general. If Pf looses an election in the Presidential village, it is the SG to go, not the small fish. Ba Satana…

  11. The two great leaders of the moment should ignore cadres on this platform and elsewhere
    All court cases must be cancelled. Immediate electoral reforms involving all the stakeholders and agreed to by all the stakeholders. Immediate review of the Public Order Act and then we move on. These two leaders should not listen to cadres yapping on this platform and elsewhere calling ECL this or HH that. Those chewing with Lungu or those who want to come and chew with HH or are already chewing with HH from his personal resources must be ignored by these two great leaders of the moment. Edgar with his short comings has tried and HH has really tried to offer checks. It is not easy to be in opposition for this long without singing the song of the government of the day like the rest of the opposition…

  12. Serious Guy – I like this. You are really a smart Zambian not some smart cadres I have seen. Very few Zambians on this platform can think like you. You are really a serious guy. Let us move on. What will those comboni guys who hacked each or cadres who have been attacking each other on this and other platforms for long period of time going to do now that these two guys have agreed to meet and embrace each other as brothers? Be careful with politicians. They are serious actors.

  13. End of the day it is up to lungu if he wants to heal the country and move the people of Zambia as one.

    The onus is on him , he has the power.
    Bring all political parties with their followers to work with GRZ to get out of this mess we are in…..

  14. This meeting is serious and a total loss of jobs to some buffoons who are employed to insults either of the two leaders. Those who are employed to check every news item and insult either ECL or HH your jobs are at stake. It is this time that you know that jobs based on violence and thuggery are temporal in civilised nation. How can you have a job which is measured by the number of insults you yell on ECL or HH? Start bracing yourselves with for hard times. Am reliably informed that you will not be paid terminal benefits and that RB will not give any of you a room at his new retirement home. On this platform your names will be forgotten like your own faeces. You belong to the devil whose language is violence.

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