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Bailiffs pounce on Tayali, seize car, household goods

General News Bailiffs pounce on Tayali, seize car, household goods

Bailiffs loading the household items seized from Mr Tayali’s house
Bailiffs loading the household items seized from Mr Tayali’s house

The Court bailiffs have pounced on outspoken Economic and Equity Party Leader Chilufya Tayali ,grabbing property including his Hilux ALF 1522.

Other household goods such as furniture and electronic items like TVs and a fridge were also grabbed.

This is due to Mr Tayali’s failure to pay a 2013 date of around K87,000.

Mr. Tayali confirmed in court documents he released today that he owes a Mr Kaweche Banda a 86,423 debt.

He described his predicament as sad.

“When balliffs pounce on your house your house and leave you with nothing. Life yalikaba, kukosa (In life one has to be tough),” he said.

Mr Tayali, a strong critic of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has on many occasions claimed that President Edgar Lungu has delivered a strong economy for the Zambian people.

Bailiffs loading the household items seized from Mr Tayali’s house
Bailiffs loading the household items seized from Mr Tayali’s house

Court documents allowing the seizure of Mr. Tayali’s household property
Court documents allowing the seizure of Mr. Tayali’s household property


  1. Don’t like his kind of politics, but I do sympathise with him on the bailiffs’ action. Hope he comes out stronger

  2. [email protected] ka Tayali!!
    Your filthy property acquired via Evil belly bootlicking methods has now disappeared in thin air, as they say, “EASY COME, EASY GO!!!
    Now go & buy more property, as under the wise able, & humble leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the economy is booming!

  3. Tiyali is just a prostetute trying to sell he uncalled attacks on anyone to anyone who is an enemy of that anyone…

    Good for you tiyali, maybe get a real job..

  4. He was apologising to HH, ECL and CK, yesterday, could this spell a closure to his political career ? I can’t see how people will believe his stories now.

  5. This kaweche is the son to Rupiah Banda.These people have no mercy, see mwaiche Tayali you sleep on the floor for one day you are all over apologizing like a pimp. You need to finish what you started,let the court award HH damages for defamation of character you charlatan and see what will remain of you kaili the economy is booming accordingly to you muppet.

    • I thought this could be a nephew or grand nephew of Mama Betty Kaunda? Back to the president Tayali I didn’t know the chap even had a car? Bought with the same borrowed money? If it’s GRZ bailiffs I feel sorry for Tayali for they will just sell the items to themselves at give away prices and still leave Tayali with K86,000 owing to Kaweche.

  6. Karma is a b!tch iwe ka Tiyali go to your pay masters PF maybe they can give u some corruption money, useless man

  7. Tapali wamona nomba, anyway you can apply in green gold company which is about to open Peter sinkamba and the green party have jobs for all of you not this fake empowerment you have been getting..

  8. The ISSUE OF MR TAYALI is like HYENAS ON DEAD Elephant,the UPND/Tongas are on jubilation .Who doesn’t know that HH has owe credits from Oppenheimer families,the financiers of his political party..? HH is spending Sleepless nights just to fulfill his free masonry concession , So UPND/Tongas stop slagging off TAYALI when your god HH has huge credit in U.S dollars to pay the imperialists .For TAYALI that amount is a CHICKEN CHANGE . Soon or later, you will LEARN that DONATION will be rendered even as DOUBLE.

  9. Sorry young man, it happens. But please stop being confrontational and making people fight. You have been a very insensitive person, parents loose a child killed by tear gas at UNZA and you immediately start saying the late was a UPND cader, as if it was okay for the person to be killed. You are a very bad person. oh sorry, who am I to judge. But anyway repent


  11. I hope this fool ** from BP or heart attack. he has not contributed anything to Zambian politics apart from irritating people. Kaweche, receive his house as well as this guy still owes you. We want mature and contributive politics and not the foolishness this boy has shown.

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