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Church mother bodies in support of the keep Zambia clean and green campaign


Representatives of the Three Church Mother bodies
File:Representatives of the Three Church Mother bodies

In their support to the Keep Zambia clean and green campaign, three church mother bodies have pledged their continued support to efforts aimed at protecting the environment.

The Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB), Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) and the Churches Council of Zambia (CCZ) respectively have for this reason urged Zambians to play an active role in
protecting environment and its surroundings.

The trio made the call during a joint ecumenical prayer service on the creation under the theme: “walking together in caring for God’s creation,” which was held at the Chawama Catholic church in Lusaka , yesterday.

In his homily CCZ General Secretary Emmanuel Chikoya reminded the congregants of the power they possess in making a difference in the manner the environment is looked after.

Father Chikoya explained that giving adequate care to the environment will help to prevent disasters that may result from uncaring attitude towards “ God’s creation” that supports life.

“ Christians have role to play in protecting the environment by ensuring that they avoid engaging in activities that can negatively affect the natural habitats, “ he said.

Fr Chikoya added that Christians being the majority should therefore always strive at ensuring that they use their surroundings to the glory of God.

“ With the onset of the rain season there is need for people to exercise maximum cleanliness’s and care for the environment in order to avoid the outbreaks of water borne diseases like the way it was during the last season, “ he added.

Furthermore, the clergyman noted that church will continue to engage the public in ensuring that issues of cleanness are addressed in their churches, homes, workplaces and neighborhoods among others.

The church service was attended by Christians from different congregations and denominations.


    • Some Church buildings are an eyesore in this country, ensure also that they are finished and approved and fit for people to worship in them, remember cleanliness is next to Godliness and Yahweh is a God of order.

      Political guru
      PhD in political science.

    • Mumbai (former Bombay) is an example of how Lusaka would look like now, if Zambia did not get rid of ‘tu-ntemba’ and rubbish on the streets. Next get rid of all ‘tumalata’ tin shacks and ‘matipa’ filthy surroundings

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