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Inonge Wina expected in Bangkok, Thailand tomorrow for an international conference on ending hunger


President Edgar Lungu talking to Vice President Inonge Wina before departure for Zimbabwe at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
President Edgar Lungu talking to Vice President Inonge Wina before departure for Zimbabwe at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport

Vice President Inonge Wina is tomorrow expected in Bangkok, Thailand to attend an international conference on accelerating the end of hunger and malnutrition, globally.

Zambian High Commissioner designate to Thailand Walubita Imakando , who disclosed this to ZANIS in an interview today said revealed that the conference will from run from 28th to 30 November, 2018.

Mr. Walubita explained that the conference arises from the fact that improving food security and nutrition, critical
to meeting the sustainable Development Goals (SDGs ).

Highlighting on the Mrs. Wina official duty, Mr. Walubita said the Vice President will be among the high level dignitaries who will deliver key note speech during the inaugural session of the conference.

Ethiopian First Lady Zinash Tayachew , Prime Minister of Rwanda Édouard Ngirente and the speaker of Bangladesh
parliament Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury will be among other key note speakers at the conference.

Mr. Imakando said for Zambia, Vice President’s attendance at the conference affords the country the opportunity to share information on challenges and finding solutions to accelerating the end of hunger and malnutrition, in the third world.

Mrs Wina will also have some bilateral meetings, one of which will be with her Thai counterpart Hamid Ansari to review the
existing relations between Zambia and Thailand.

The duo will during their meeting also explore ways of consolidating bilateral cooperation in sectors of mutual importance
such as agriculture, agro processing, fisheries, tourism and manufacturing.

The conference is been organised by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and Food and Agriculture Organisation of
the United Nations (FAO).


  1. Kikiki, it 1st grade comedy. Asking PF govt to help end hunger is like appointing hitler as israeli ambassador.
    They even tax a borehole or well you’ve dug by yourself coz govt has collapsed.
    Next they’ll tax septic tanks.

    • This is a sheer waste of our meagre resources. How much money is going to be spent on this unnecessary trip? Why not take the money and invest it in something meaningful? Reckless spending by Lungu and his gang.

  2. Yes, we end hunger by purchasing expensive aircraft for our V.V.I.P & hide Social Cash transfer funds meant to alleviate hunger & poverty in a Zanaco Bank account, while our most vulnerable & poor learn what hunger & suffering is all about.
    We in P.F care for the suffering masses.

  3. The only challenge facing Zambia is the unprecedented theft by government officials all the way from the top down and misuse of public funds to end hunger. Misplaced priorities such as seen this week, you buy someone who has already pilfered public coffers a house worth $5 mil, for once be serious and stop mocking people. You madam and your crew deserve hell fire kwasila

  4. The Old senile Hen Bo Inonge is simply wasting jet fuel…they are keeping her busy as they dont want her to ask them too many questions!!

  5. Ba LT, first and foremost Thailand does not have a Vice President; It has a prime minister and deputy prime minister. The king of Thailand is the head of state but the Prime minister is the head of government. Its a constitutional monarchy .
    Second and most shocking point is that Hamid Ansari( Mohammad Hamid Ansari) is the FORMER vice -president of INDIA, not Thailand.
    Check your facts so you can keep us better informed.

  6. How can these leaders end hunger when they are just building roads from which they have amassed riches? They just go to these conferences to read speeches, make hefty allowances and come back to sit in their cozy offices and wait for the next trip be it local or international

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