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Meeting between President Lungu and HH was cordial and frank-Amos Chanda


Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda addresses journalists at State House in Lusaka on Monday -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

State House says the meeting between President Edgar Lungu and opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema was cordial and frank.

Presidential Spokesperson Amos Chanda said that the two engaged freely and openly in a cordial atmosphere.

Mr. Chanda told journalists that the opposition leader committed to the dialogue process unconditionally.

He said President Lungu remains focused on the process.

Mr. Chanda however expressed concern at the level of doubt in the nation up to the extent of questioning whether the meeting of the two leaders ever took place.

Meanwhile, President Lungu has met business executives from Tullow Oil who informed him that they were on the verge of making a decisive move.

Tullow Oil Vice President Tim O’hanlon told the President that some initial stages of the exploration of oil and gas in Luapula are done.

Mr. Chanda who confirmed the development said the decision by the company can change the country’s economic outlook.

President Lungu also met the World Farmers Organisation President Theo De Jager who expressed excitement at Zambia’s immense agro potential.


  1. You are right, it will change the countries outlook because foreigners will start war in Zambia because of Oil just like they do in Nigeria

    • UPND supporters thought there demi god could never meet with President Lungu. Unlike you HH sheeples, your little god knows who is boss! Now you are crying in your pillows because you can’t believe your myth that HH is better and can’t associate with the president has been busted.

    • Some 18th of October Christians didn’t want the church mother bodies to chair the dialogue process, Olivia poppi how does that make you feel that your pf has heeded to upnd calls, you still want to know who is calling the shots?

      Political guru
      PhD in political science.

    • @The Real Olivia Pope, stop your cheap thinking. After traveling abroad why should you sink lower than akbova, come on there better things ahead. Next time you are in Zambia volunteer that time at one of the hospitals helping the sick and wounded. You will notice that the UPND supporters you are despising are you r relatives, neighbors, former school mates etc, do you send them to the morgue or conduct CPR. Love opens more doors than money can do!

  2. We want results not just talking, so what if they meet, without conclusive results nothing will be achieved especially if drunk moron will be advised by this stup!d Monday w@nker and !diot kaizer

  3. ECL and Amos, make sure you cover yourselves with the blood of Jesus before you meet that small god called Hala Hulu. You might think u are meeting a person and yet it’s a ????. That snake might poison to death. Remember people who might have died from upnd never died from natural causes but from satan1$m poison.

    • Quote ::Hate masks personal insecurities. Not all insecure people are haters, but all haters are insecure people. Hate elevates the hater above the hated. Haters cannot stop hating without exposing their personal insecurities. Haters can only stop hating when they face their insecurities.

      Why are people tarnishing the name of Jesus Christ all in the hope that they can hold on to power for a little longer , why would someone calling on the name of Jesus harbor so much hate. Is this the new face of Christianity?

    • This level of backward and evil thinking should stop immediately! what level are you in the satanic world to call your fellow human being such? shed some light seeing that you know more about witchcraft!

  4. Dialogue? But that deprives us of court entertainment by Hacks. Iwe ka Chanda, what does your boss think he is doing?

  5. The meeting or indeed dialogue process by the two leaders is a welcome development. More importantly, the church mother bodies spearheading the dialogue need to rise above petty challenges and guide the two leaders whole heartedly.. To God be the glory as the nation awaits the outcome.

  6. The meeting of the two leaders worries those who were employed to yell insults on either ECL or HH day and night. There is a bunch of buffoons that earn their living by checking on every news item just to find an opportunity to insult either ECL or HH.These buffoons are probably employed by their party structures. As cat now, such people have their jobs at crossroads. Soon and very soon they will know that where UNZA’s best such as HH and ECL meet, such jobs have no place in our land. These are the kind of people who are hurt for such a progressive meeting. Hear me buffoons! you have no place in our decent nation. Your names on this platform will soon be forgotten like your own faeces. Insulting, thuggery and violence can never be a permanent employment in our beautiful nation. Viva our…


  8. This is a reconciliation between PF and UPND so Chanda should have nothing to do with it. Leave Mwila to comment not you civil servant Chanda

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