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AUDIO of Italian Ambassador to Zambia Commenting on Debt in an Interview with HOT FM


On Friday, Lusaka Times published a story below based on the telephone conversation above of Italian Ambassador to Zambia Commenting on Debt. The Interview was with Hot FM.

Italian government cautions Zambia against accruing more debt from the international market

The Italian government has cautioned Zambia against accruing more debt from the international market to levels where they can struggle to repay it.

Italian Ambassador to Zambia Filippo Scammacca said it is important for Zambia to avoid the over expansion of debt because it can create more problems for the country.

Ambassador Scammaca said told Hot FM News in an interview that Italy is one of the heavily indebted countries in the world and Zambia should not follow suit.

He said Zambia must not borrow too much and follow Italy’s bad experience but strive to keep the debt within manageable levels.

Zambia’s external debt stock currently stands at 9.51 Billion US dollars.

Over the weekend the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Ms Dora Siliya reacted to the above story by describing it as the spread of false information in the news article below.

Dora Siliya warns of strict regulatory measures of the media after a Lusaka Times Story attributed to Italian Ambassador

Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya has advised Zambian journalists and bloggers to desist from spreading false news about the country’s image, especially the economy.

Ms. Siliya who is Minister of Information has wondered why some journalists are willing to destroy the country for a few favours from their masters.

She has warned that government will have no choice but to implement strict regulatory measures of the media.

Ms. Siliya has reiterated her call on genuine journalists to come together and form a professional body for self-regulation.

Her comments come after Italian Ambassador Filippo Scammarcca Del Murgo refuted an article on the Lusaka Times website attributed to him, entitled Italian government cautions Zambia against accruing more debt from the international market.

Mr Scammarcca has since assured government that he did Not make such a statement and he has written to Lusaka Times to correct the article.

He says Italy can Not give lessons to Zambia because its debt is much bigger.

Mr Scammarcca said this in a statement to Minister of Information and Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya.

He said failure to correct the article in question will compel him to abstain from issuing any statement to journalists.


    • I have lived in America for a long time to notice that they do not hire Italians here because they are perceived as being iliterate. Very few Italians have High School Diplomas in America. The larger percentile work in Casinos, Construction, Car Salesman, Pizza Places and most of them are on Welfare. I am not sure if this Ambassador even has University degree.

    • So it’s not fake news but Fake Dora!
      Why unleash empty threats to the media just because a muzungu said what he did. I don’t find anything wrong with what the Ambassador said.

    • @lombe you lying dull cretin, the leader of the US Democratic Party Nancy Pelosi of USA is Italian, former NewYork Governor Rudy Guliani is Italian, many of the best modern artists such as Robert Deniro, Al Pacino etc are Italian most of the best construction workers along the US East coast are Italian, the best restaurants in America are Italian so who are you cheating? And then we talk about Italy as an industrial power FIAT owns Ferrari, Chrysler which also manufactures Jeep, Parmalat is a global processor of quality dairy products, in military the best long range sniper rifles are manufactured in Italy, fashion there is Versace, Gucci, Armani etc who are you cheating about Italians being lazy mwana? We as a nation of dull cretins such as you should emulate great nations such…

    • I told you PF cadres that this was NOT fake news, and for everyone to simply wait for the audio recording.

      Well done Lusaka Times for publishing this audio. You are doing Zambia proud especially for us living abroad that would like to have have access to real news, as you often provide.

      Do not get intimidated by this government for reporting facts.

      I now hope that Dorika can retract her statement and commend you.

      Well done!

    • HATRIBES would rather bash their own and support other people. It is a disease of some Africans and no wonder the people outside know about it will NEVER respect you.

    • Shame to Lombe for hiding the truth. This information is not even news because even the government has said it time and again. The President has proudly said he will not stop borrowing for development. So Mr. Lombe you must be the only Zambian who does not know about this and it’s news to you.

  1. But what he said is the truth so why are people in Govt angry? I mean it doesn’t make sense to be burrowing money which you use to buy luxury SUVs, pay high salaries, allowances for your 3000 plus apamwamba senior govt officers including non performing MPs both ruling party and opposition who are there just to eat with no care what so ever for the ordinary constituent who voted for them, failing to change repressive laws in this country of ours, sad state of affairs. Well said Senore Fillipi Scammaca.

    • HAZALUZA HAGAIN is the truth. He is retiring in 2021. The tribal Party will look for another one since “ONLY A TONGA CAN BE A PRESIDENT FOR UPND.” Larry Mweetwa.

    • What does he care about debt when he has stolen money and put it in PANAMA? And he wants to sell ZAMBIA to the lowest bidder as long as money has exchanged hands. He has learned the secret of INSIDE TRADING and MONEY LAUNDERING.

  2. We have all listened to what this ambassador said here, can he come and refute once more? Dora must learn to stay clear to some of these sentiments expressed by our donors. Better she leaves it to the ministry of foreign affairs. They know what is going on, concerning the debt ratio to GDP. Until we start to be serious and take criticism with a pinch of salt, not all it should be viewed in negative light. After all a day of reckoning is coming, come 2021 for some of you. Its not like you will be adopted again?

    • Leave Dora alone! She is qualified and she can comment. She is part of GOvernment. UNDER FIVE comments on all issues which he is not even qualified to. HAZALUZA HAGAIN.

  3. Chickens comming home to roost. Everyone except PF know Zambia is in deep concerning debt……

    Why do think that no one is willing to give Zambia a bailout ???

    If the imaginary investores don’t come tripping over them selves to invest , kaya.

    For investores to invest, the local market is the primary market. Now if the local market are taxed out and have no jobs , who will be the primary customers ??

  4. Nice one, LT.

    Apparently now (Hon) Siliya would have journalists avoid spreading even the truth. I only hope you haven’t taken the 25 second clip out of context!

  5. Chizungu nacho! “….to desist from spreading false news about the country’s image,”
    What in heaven’s name is that? This false news is alright if it is about the country? but not about the image ka?

  6. Is not true that Zambia has acquire more debt under the PF led govt and it is alarming? The coward ambassodor did actually say the truth except he is scared of his reputation and want to preserve it with the govt of the day. What lies is being attributed to the media when the truth is everywhere to be heard. Siliti has to learn to be quiet and not just react on an impulse of protecting the govt.

  7. In a country that prides itself as a democratic nation, what is wrong with calling a spade a spade? The head in the sand when your feathers are blazing with fire. Delusional

  8. From the European Union point of view Italy is in debt problems with EU it is not a secret Italy is in problems with EU.
    We keep hearing about Italian debt situation when ever we listen to the European news.
    I don’t see any reason why Italy can worry about Zambian debt problems when his country is facing similar problems.

  9. Listening is a skill te. The abassador is right, Italy has one of or may even be the largest debt in Europe. But there is no comparison to Zambia because regardless, out debt is pocket change and can be paid in cash by one Italian tycoon.

  10. Please you cheap laborers cadres Like Lombe working in Zambian Embassies abroad stop blogging in favor of the government on issues you don’t know. Who does not know who you are?

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