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Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda wants more “Black Mountains” given to youths


PF Copperbelt Youth Chairman Nathan Chanda
PF Copperbelt Youth Chairman Nathan Chanda

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda has expressed gratitude to President Edgar Lungu and his government over the commitment to enhance the plight of youths in the district and increase job opportunities.

Mr. Chanda said the visit by Mines Minister Richard Musukwa and Copperbelt Provincial Minister Japhen Mwakalombe to Luanshya district on 24th November, 2018 for a meeting with CNMC Luanshya Copper Mines management team to discuss the possible re-opening of the 28 shaft mines and a request to ensure that slug dumps are given to the youths, is a welcome move for the people of Luanshya especially the youths who are in need of more jobs.

He said carrying out checks and balances on the mining investment in Luanshya town is one way through which government can ensure that the investors adhere to the agreed terms and conditions set to improve the welfare of the people in Luanshya.

Mr. Chanda said the plight of residents in the district remain at the heart of the local authority adding that it was imperative to ensure that a sustainable employment base is maintained for the social and economic development of the town.

The Mayor said Luanshya, being a mining town has the capacity to make major economic transformation through the mining industry and the visit by government through the minister of mines intensifies the ability to make maximum use of the available resources.

Mr. Chanda has also assured the investors and residents of Luanshya of a win win situation and of the unshaken commitment to develop Luanshya by the Head of state.

He has since implored the people of Luanshya to rally behind the leadership of President Edgar Lungu as he means well to them.

During his visit, Minister of Mines, Richard Musukwa implored CNMC Luanshya Copper Mines to improve the conditions of service of its workers both from the main company and it’s sub contractors not forgetting to promote local contractors by engaging them in key operations of the mines.

Mr. Musukwa who also toured 28 Shaft urged Luanshya Copper Mines to submit to his office business plans and to put to use their seven mining licenses and in turn create more jobs for the people of Luanshya.

He further revealed that he has directed director of mines at his ministry to ensure that all paper work is done formally about his requests over a possible re-opening of 28 shafts and handing over the slag dumps to the youths.

And Copperbelt province minister Japhen Mwakalombe has thanked President Edgar Lungu for putting up measures that are aimed at creating job opportunities for the youths in the province.

He observed that if the youths are empowered, the diversification programme can be well implemented.

And Chief Government whip Steven Chungu said this development is going to change the face of Luanshya which has undergone economic misfortunes in recent times.

Mr. Chungu who is also Luanshya Central Member of Parliament has since implored the people of Luanshya to rally behind the PF government.


  1. Luanshya is a very special town to all of us who once lived there and still living there because the town is beautiful and known for its people’s discipline and hard working. Luanshya, like all the towns on the Copperbelt is the bedrock of our mighty PF and is very dear to our hearts. Our parents trekked long and difficult distances from far and wide places like Luapula, Northern, Muchinga, Eastern and Central Provinces to go and work on the mines with the hope and determination of positively contributing to the economic development of our great country before and after independence. When the Zambia got its independence, ZCCM was formed, Copperbelt was the cream of Zambia until HH mishandled and mismanaged the privatization exercise for his selfish interests. The chap sold our mines…

    • As long as they are all given equal opportunities and even UPND members are allowed to have a stake, also to see more women are included ad that all of these people are paying their contributions to ZRA, Pacra, Napsa and relevant council authorities…. But we all know this is impossible so why pretend?

    • Japhen Mwakalombe
      “He observed that if the youths are empowered, the diversification programme can be well implemented.”

      How is scavenging copper slug dumps diversification ???

      You look at the mess the economy is in and no need to wounder why with ministers like this….

  2. Create real jobs ba kolwe imwe, youths scavenging in mining tailings ati opportunity for the youths, be real. Why promise jobs when campaigning when you know you wont create those jobs.

  3. contd
    The chap sold our mines cheaply and in the night (as usual) went and pocketed huge sums of money living our parents in the cold and streets. Only someone who didnt grow up on the Copperbelt before HH destroyed them can dare even think of tolerating HH. All his so called riches was loot from our mines! We salute President Lungu and PF for working hard day and night to restore the glory of once vibrant mining Giant, Copperbelt. We are very optimistic President Lungu is working hard to make Copperbelt proud AGAIN by working closely with investors and rebuilding the modern infrastructure starting with roads. We want Copperbelt to once again retain its sports muscle in every discipline oh I miss those days. HH why did you do this to the Copperbelt Province? You will NEVER be forgiven…

    • Lungu opened a toll gate and charged Zambia k51 million while RBs house that is 10 times more impressive costs k5 million and the best he can do is offer youth slug dump scavenging jobs ?????

  4. contd
    You will NEVER be forgiven for that. Swimming pools, Squash fields, Cinema Halls, Lawn and Table tennis, green Avenues and sports hall facilities, all of them you mismanaged them! Mwebena Muf, Nkana, Luanshya Kalulushi, Chililabombwe, Ndola, Chingola, be assured President Lungu and PF are determined to bring back that hope, the life and splendor, yes it takes time andd money but ECL is determined. If he can transform Lusaka, he can surely resurrect Copperbelt and dont forget ……..
    Obviously some armchair blogger wont like this but its the reality, Copperbelt was mismanaged during privatization and we ALL that person. We where bone and grew up there and we know what we want and thats why we are 100% in support of President Lungu and PF who are correcting the mess and also…

    • Now scavenging jobs are part of the 500,000 jobs lungu promised ,

      is this the diversification Lungu talks about ?? Black mountains ??

  5. contd
    Obviously some armchair blogger wont like this but its the reality, Copperbelt was mismanaged during privatization and we ALL that person. We where bone and grew up there and we know what we want and thats why we are 100% in support of President Lungu and PF who are correcting the mess and also empowering our youths with our rich mineral BLACK MOUNTAINS. It sad that Kambwili, can today even dare associate himself with HH who he knows very well what damage he did to the Copperbelt. Deep down his heart, Kambwili including GBM know very well what Copperbelt was and what contribution it makes to Zambia’s economy and for them to side with crooks, who today want to again deceive people, no one can forgive and spare them.

    • Just provide real jobs imwe ba kawalala ma koswe instead of trying to blame HH , are scavenging copper slug dumps part of the 1.5 million jobs/pa lungu promised ???

  6. Look at these PF rats, looking for scavenging jobs for the youth ??? Might as well look for toilet jobs for the same youth……are they serious ?? Even appludding lungu for giving the scavenging jobs ???

    You ka chanda, use your brain that is supposed to be between your ears, Why not look at producing in manufacturing most of what the mines need instead of importing from South Africa ??

  7. PF govt has very good policies if only they can implement them properly. The idea of empowering locals is good but look at who are really benefiting from such policies. Remove politics in these initiatives, Zambia will be a better country. E.g. Instead of giving those Higer Buses to call-boys in intercity who have no idea of running any business, why not use that money to empower those youths in Kalingalinga who are doing door frames, window frames, gates etc, to open industries and create jobs for others. which youths are benefiting from black mountain? isn’t it some big fish from a known political party?

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