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President Lungu in Mbala

Photo Gallery President Lungu in Mbala

President Edgar Lungu tours Moto moto museum in Mbala

President Edgar Lungu with General Lord Richards at Moto Moto museum in Mbala.

Presidential Minister Freedom Sikazwe joins the dancers at Moto Moto museum in Mbala.

President Edgar Lungu greets Samuel Kasanka during the tour of Moto Moto museum in Mbala.

President Edgar Lungu greets Miss Tourism during the tour of Moto mot museum in Mbala

Mbala old prisons

A Nigeria investor signs a memorandum of understanding during the investment Expo in Kasaka. Looking is Province Permanent Secretary ,Elias Kamanga

The great great grand son of Germany commander at time of war,Thiaus calfe Gaf ,,proceed to lay wreaths during centenary commemoration of the end of the first world war at cenotaph where Germany soldiers surrender in Mbala.

Defence chiefs proceed to lay wreaths during centenary
commemoration of the end of the first world war at cenotaph in Mbala.

Zambia Army personnel take position during centenary
commemoration of the end of the first world war at cenotaph where
Germany soldiers surrender in Mbala

President Edgar Lungu and defence chiefs await commandos to
bring out the items and weapons at lake Chirwa in Mbala.

Zambian commandos promoted to the next ranks by President Edgar
Lungu in action to search for weapons and other items left by Germany
soldiers in Mbala.

President Edgar Lungu tour Mbala old prisons in Mbala


    • What’s the fuuuck with Nigerian conman doing in Presidential pictures? Did he pay you?
      Ba LT start getting obsessed with dirty money.

    • I am sure the little boys and worshipers of the SATANIST did not know about this history but they Ha wishing their little god were the ONE here officiating. The truth is that “IT IS UNELECTABLE!”

    • HH is observed with bribery money and wants to sell Zambia HAGAIN but the goodness is that it is TRIBAL QUEEN and is UNELECTABLE!.

    • Umusalula iwe! Give respect to those in authority whether good or bad. All authority is appointed by God! Rom 13:1

    • Ka little god will NEVER be a president because he is not presidential material and is a tribal leader of a TRIBALIST and RACIST H-organisation called UPND.

  1. Please Mr President take a tour of the “new prisons” such as Kamwala, Chimbokaila and Kamfinsa and you will see that the old prisons are even in better condition.

  2. But what are we doing entertaining a Nigerian conman kanshi? Let’s be serious with life what is that Nigerian feif doing signing agreements with govt? Awe sure when will we learn? Are you telling me that Nigerian crook can’t open whatever it is he wants to open in Nigeria? What has he come to do here? The only African I believe are a danger to everyone else are Nigerians, never trust these crooked animals.

    • Have you ever heard of Dangote? A Nigerian billionaire with investments all over Africa and beyond. If Dangote has been able to bring significant investments to Zambia why should you malign another Nigerian businessman who might equally bring significant investment? This is not even about patriotism as it not as if we don’t accept the Nigerian then a Zambian will be able to make the same investment.

    • Perhaps we should spend more in selling our country. Case in point is Rwanda’s £30 million sponsorship of Arsenal football club. We shouldn’t do exactly this but you guys in the diaspora, how much of our country do you see in terms of tourism adverts about Zambia

    • Skylab leka ubufi. Rwanda doesnt sponsor Arsenal. Rwanda advertises on Arsenal’s space. Ask FAZ to copy the English League model of commerce so that Clubs can make money from TV rights

    • We should first start by investing in the infrastructure and raising the standards (restoration) of the same historical site and have proper curators to take care of them before we can think of beginning to advertise the town. Otherwise, it will be a wasted investment. You give an example of the investment by Rwanda to sponsor Arsenal. I am sure you have heard about or are aware of the incredible infrastructure development and systems and processes that exist in Rwanda. This was when tourists visit the country, there is indeed something worth visiting. Even the Genocide has been turned into a positive through world-class Genocide memorial centre in Kigali that chronicles not only the 1994 Rwandan genocides but other genocides in history from other countries.

  3. @Vasco Da Gama, dont forget Mbala Mafias. New kids (Chinese) on the block are more attractive in Lusaka for mafiaso deals than Mbala or is it Arbecorn.

  4. ECL’s face does not look ok in most of these pictures. Not my intention to propagate the narrative that he drinks too much alcohol but certainly looks like has a serious hang-over or worse still drunk in most of these pictures. Not a nice or dignified sight.

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