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Presidential jet video


The ZAF Gulfstream G650 landing at Basel Airport. It costs US$26 million dollar, 262% percent larger than Zambia’s budget for health infrastructure.


    • Zambia the real Africa….i thought Lungu had a heart for poor Zambians….being originally from Chawama himself…..never judge a book by its cover….the humble President now living an extravagant life……why cant we have the likes of ex Botswana President as our own…..look at RUPIAH BANDA even in retirement he wants to steal tax payers money…..Lungu start packing your katundu

    • Embarrassing.
      That’s a Hip-hop jet which costs $6 million. Why add $20 million?
      HH will get a better one for $10 million.
      So much to discuss here.

    • This is a great acquisition by ZAF because the G650 has a much longer range than the Challenger. It can travel for 7,000 nautical miles (12,964KM) at almost Mach 1 before refueling which means you arrive faster and have fewer stop overs.

      This alone increases security for the President and reduces costs of having advance secret services personnel at each stop the President makes while in transit. Those costs add up with quickly. Also, a brand new G650 comes fully equipped with a self contained bedroom at $60MM

      If ZAF only paid $26MM for this plane, it means they have themselves a great bargain at half the regular cost but with the kind or radar equipment needed for a presidential entourage this must be a refurb instead of brand new.

      No big deal here, it is the same plane owned by…

    • Those of you justifying such lavish expenditure need to ask yourselves some honest questions.
      Would you defend a father who buys the latest BMW to drive while his children walk around in rags, dont have enough food, can’t afford school fees, etc? If your answer is yes, then I have nothing more to say. But if your answer is no, then I appeal to your consciences to make a right judgement and not just defend because of politics or because you benefit.

    • The proud president wants to fly private into Europe and China whilst his pupils in rural areas are being taught in thatched hats.

    • The poor are everywhere … for instance, over half a million Americans are homeless and that does not stop Donald Trump from flying on Air Force One!!! Homelessness is the condition of people lacking “a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence” as defined by The McKinney–Vento Homeless Assistance Act.

      According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Annual Homeless Assessment Report, as of 2017 there were around 554,000 homeless people in the United States on a given night or 0.17% of the population.

      ECL is not flying in a $1.2 Billion plane like Air Force One!!! It’s a $26MM plane for crying out loud!!!

      Poverty my foot!!!

    • Vipuba in state house zoona. This is the 1st missile-proof jet. Wait till you see the 2nd missile-proof jet. Its a big commercial airline jet which has been converted into a private jet for Lungu.
      It’ll be complete with shower, beds & a bar of course. It’ll be for parties in the clouds when Lungu travels to new york with Kaizer, Findlay & other playboys with dancing queens & swazi slay queens.
      Zambian presidency has been reduced to playboy status.

    • LT, all you need to do is google, for crying out loud: A G650 costs $65mill. gulfstream(dot)com/preowned will show you that a used one is upwards of 40 mill.
      You are welcome

    • Animo Farm! The National team perished in 1993 in an old Buffalo plane and you want the President to be flying in an old plane as well? What is wrong with these tribal people? Many celebrities have these planes some of them larger planes than this and more expensive and you want the president to be flying in a propeller plane? No wonder your little god will NEVER be a president in Zambia.

    • @BR Mumba Sr. ”It can travel for 7,000 nautical miles (12,964KM) at almost Mach 1 before refueling which means you arrive faster and have fewer stop overs”.
      The other fact that you left out is that the above ranges are for 8 passengers only, however the plane can be configured to carry 19 passengers and that would affect fuel consumption.
      Range with 8 passengers, 4 crew, NBAA IFR reserves. Actual range will be affected by ATC routing, operating speed, weather, outfitting options and other factors.

    • UPND has no news or vision to develop Zambia all they have is childish news and childish behavior. No wonder it is UNDER FIVE.

  1. Awe mwandi, PF cadres are happy because when they are sick they will eat the tires on the presidential jet and heal, fi kopo sana ifi bantu ifi… these are all misplaced priorities, on top of that the moron just launched a $4.5 million dollar toll gate…. $ 4.5 million dollars… is it made out of gold…. talk about gold member what a fcuken kick in the face

  2. That plane costs $65 million and not the LT reported $26 million unless someone in GRZ negotiated a serious knockdown price to which I say good job.

    • Lazy bum illiterate tribal TONGA hooligan bully son of a tribalist polygamist father who never taught him toilet training pooping HAGAIN in public needing cynical MUTINTA HICHILEMA and HAKAINDE MENTAL to clean him up and change his diapers HAGAIN! Go to youtube little boys and check presidential planes for African Presidents. This one would rank even lower! If this were for your tribal QUEEN MENTAL UNDER FIVE you would be supporting ir because he is TONGA! The good news is that he will NEVER be a president!

  3. So in somebody’s misguided opinion, Zambia must not see any capital expenditure until all poverty in the country is eliminated. Who thinks like that mwe bantu? Please be educated and know that putting food on my table is my individual responsibility while investing in national infrastructure in government’s responsibility. Ala iloka pali bonse (it rains on everyone) and until you take personal responsibility for your situation, you’ll always be a cry baby

    • @ Cluds, check the national budget and you’ll find planned expenditure lines for education and health. Even you, you don’t spend all your money exclusively on education or health; you pay rent or, did spend on your own house; you buy clothes and even spoil yourself occasionally. That’s how all round life is and nothing different from your country!!!


    • @7.1, it is not “Zambians’ it is HATRIBES UTD FOOTBALL CLUB members of the Galu Watchers in Zambia, a cult let by a Satanist.

    • @Umwina nkana so the president is spoiling himself by buying a US$26 million dollars aircraft, the only time I get to spoil myself is when all my kids fees are paid and they is enough food at home, move away from the line of railway and see the suffering people go through! Lungu is already spoiled just been a president and let’s not forget that he has increased his salary three time’s already since getting into that office…’s misguided priorities and selfishness by him

  4. HH and his cronies will be so happy with this. They think that this will give them political mileage after their multiplicity of recent political losses. HH and GBM have themselves not sold any of their ill gotten wealth to give to the poor. In fact they are busy stashing their ill gotten money outside the country. We cannot continue to show our worst foot forward and expect the world to take us seriously. Even in the US they still have people dying of poverty while one presidential car can feed the poor for life.

  5. It has finally come out that Rupiah Banda’s mansion actually costed US2.5million. How come this man only disclosed that he will get K5 million and instead he ends up with K25 million? This was clarified on prime TV yesterday by that PS. Imagine how much is US26milliom in Kwacha? Things are not right in this country and its high time people opened their eyes and smelled the coffee. They were refusing, now these jets have started coming and at the same time we are crying about having only US1.6billion of import cover? This is not political but sheer greed engulfed with a puffed up pomposity of grandeur. Cry my beloved country.

  6. We do not such luxury in Zambia for public officers especially. This is why someone said we have leaders with very wrong or misplaced priorities. This govt has got very good plans for themselves and not the country. Sata would have not sanctioned such expenditure that benefits only the elite few. A beautiful plane though!

  7. Excesses that we can ill – afford. These chaps are in a world of their own – so detached from reality. They better begin to improve conditions in the prisons because they are all headed there when they leave office. No mercy for the thieving clowns!

  8. And when we are sick we will all go abroad and send our children to foreign countries for better education , no one cares less about their own people like Africans!

  9. Infrastructure is well carted for in the previous budgets and most of them are under construction. LT why do you want to exaggerate things like UPND does. The President needs new plane for sure and by the time HH will come into power 2031 it will be old. VIVA PF

    • In 2031 the President would need to buy another one and I will be fine with it. We need to buy 100 new planes for ZAF as well. Good job Madam Finance Minister and the Cabinet! Job well done. Let us buy the new ones too for ZAMBIA AIRWAYS and it shall die of shock and hate.

  10. Hamukooma , Get married and grow up . Go out there and see how Zambians are suffering , Don’t just look at the infrastructure along the line of rail , think about the whole Zambia .

    • Even Judas Iscariot had said the woman wasted the perfume he had poured out on Jesus, “We could have sold it and given the money to the poor.” Jesus told him that the poor will always be with you! HH’s parasites think HH, the Privatisation Thief can “end the poor or eradicate poverty!” Also Judas did not say what he said because he cared for the poor but because he was a thief. HH is a corrupt thief like JUDAS ISCARIOT.

  11. Any way Let them live in a fool’s paradise. Who new Idia-mini would run away from Uganda? time comes when the situation dictates . God is watching , there shall be time when constitution court shall not be there. When Fair rule of law would be applied .

  12. It is about time the Zambian AirForce took over flying the president. This acquisition was done at the wrong time though. 10 major hospitals should have been built in the 10 provinces first. Then acquire a plane this expensive.

    • The acquisition was done at the right time. They should acquire even more planes for ZAF. Let’s roll Mr. President! it is UNELECTABLE!

  13. The only humble and very straight comment I have is that It very very very expensive to maintain the leadership of PF to run the affairs of this poor nation with large debt. Most of the political leaders in government have been busy most of the time to only prove to all that they are the most expensive liabilities Zambia has ever seen since independence, period.

  14. Could the likes of br mumba draw as similar parallels on prostitution and thuggery as much as they re doing with poverty . Conscience demands that we exude some sense of morality in all our actions. That poverty and prostitution are overt phenomenon should not be a reason for us to lose our humanscence

  15. Those opposing this U$26m jet for the head of state are just having a hangover of poverty mentality , This is a state property those who hate Lungu as a person better come to terms with it. He is the head of state. If Hakainde Hichilema wins elections in, 2026 or 2031 he will use the same jet so what is your problem. You want your head of state to hike or travel in an old plane and then blame him when something happens.

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