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Prince Harry has arrived in Zambia

Headlines Prince Harry has arrived in Zambia

Prince Harry being Welcomed by Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa
Prince Harry being Welcomed by Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa

Prince Harry has arrived in Zambia without his wife Meghan amid reports the pregnant duchess pulled out of the trip due to fears over the Zika viarus.

The Duke of Sussex, 34, touched down at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport this afternoon and was the Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Malanji, Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo and Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa.

Harry will complete the two-day tour of Zambia alone while his pregnant wife rests up with her mother, who is visiting Britain.

On arrival, Harry was greeted by nine-year-old Jane Chawanangwa, who presented the prince with a large bunch of flowers.

His trip will also see him visit the Burma Barracks in the capital Lusaka, where he will commemorate the country’s World War veterans.

During the visit, Harry will attend a board meeting with African Parks and meet Zambia’s President to learn about the country’s WWI centenary commemorations.

British High Commissioner to Zambia, Fergus Cochrane-Dyet, said: ‘The Duke of Sussex takes a special interest in Southern African and is assured a warm welcome during this first official welcome to Lusaka’.


  1. Ludcicrous that these Ministers who are supposedly supposed to be working are rushing to meet Prince Henry.

    Why only one Minister, is not enough is beyond me.

    By the time Harry leaves the President and pretty much everyone will want to ‘meet him’

    Ignorance is Bliss they say



    • You should’ve seen hiw he was welcomed here Aussie. The Aussie people worship him. The entire state came to a standstill here. School kids all went to line up on the streets just to get a glimpse like what we used to do back in the days of KK rule. Dont be naive.

    • The entire cabinet at the airport to receive a nonentity prince. He will be taking off his clothes or put on his Nazi Uniform once he tastes Mosi and tujilijili. Watch that one! Is there no work to do?


    • @Nose Demon, I also like him and his wife, not ka CHILDISH, the leader of a TRIBAL GROUPING in Zambia and PRIVATISATION THIEF.

    • The Prince represents the Queen. It’s the reason where ever he goes he meets presidents even in the US. Let’s all do our best to make him welcome.

    • We do not line up for chief Munkonge nor chief Mwamba( Our own chiefs) .But we go line up for our great grand child of our colonisers who looted out wealth and stashed them in London .

    • If you show genuine concern, why don’t you say the same when those ministers throng the airport each time ECL is travelling.
      There is no difference if they waste time to welcome Harry or go to the Airport to welcome ECL coming or going to Ndola.
      In fact, I would say the Harry one is more valuable as its one of its kind and hence deserve it, but not sure what you can tell us about welcoming ECL from Solwezi.

    • Docile Africans will never wake up..thank god that wife of this boy Harry didnt come as they would have treated her like their own black sister…

    • @Oval head it’s alright for Australians to welcome their royalty. You may not know that Australia is a country whose native population were all killed by the British prisoners who were sent to live there from their homeland jails. It is now a province of Britain

  2. When will Prince poverty is history arrive in Matero ,Chibolya ,Misisi ,Chipata etc? Let our ministers spend time on making Zambia better that’s what matters most not this colonialist visit.Too many idlers disguised as high officials in Zambia

  3. The Mayor and Council Spokes Person would have managed this young man. Who authorized them to leave offices?

    This is the problem we have. In some countries we have seen our head of state his excellence ECL being welcomed by just ministers and here mwasha inchito.

    This is what i don’t support.

  4. I’ve never understood why people are so fascinated by these “blue-blooded” freeloaders. Harry breathes the same air and defecates just as we do…
    Surely Bowman and crew had more pressing issues to deal with!!

  5. It’s nice to be visited by Royalty .That’s why they are excited. This reinforces our the ties between our colonial Master and ourselves. They shall forever be indebted to Africa, where they discovered raw materials and a market for their goods.
    Welcome Prince Harry to your second home. Thanks for David Livingston who brought us Christianity and all the Explorers and Missionaries who facilititated industrialization and civilization.

    • Africans! idolising another human in the hope you will share benefits from him. U muzungu Wanga won’t take you anywhere. Livingston brought you Christianity? He came here for commercial interests not to civilise you as you have been brainwashed to believe. Some of you think without the white Master you would be dead. It’s the opposite. The muzungu came to kill you and where he couldn’t, create bantustans for you. You’re so close to south africa yet you don’t know how apartheid operated! . 21st century and you still worship the coloniser?? Which Briton will tell you ati welcome to Britain your second home?
      They won’t even allow you to enter because you are from black listed Zambia. NiTulo twabwanji uyu?

  6. Ba upnd I’m waiting for any nonsense from your leadership! I know someone beyond the scene is behaving as if he the only one Or a friend of this young imperialist figure.

  7. Please prince go tell granny Eliza that we want our minerals back because you are not treating us well like other colonial Master do to their colonised Nations just getting a visa to travel there is a hustle hope your visit will change up things and consider us first than these other countries

    • Why do you want to go to Britain? Why is it important for this guy to go home and plead for Zambians to be welcome in Britain? This is why we never develop. Because we think going to Britain is an achievement when we should be focused on developing our own land. Every Zambian I meet walks with his head held high if he says he’s been to Britain. Britain is someone else s home. Create your own comfortable home. Kukonda MA shortcut in life doesn’t help you

  8. Many Thanks to our Prince for the visit and tour in Zambia. It’s indeed we are proud and welcoming you into this country. Thanks to our Prince.

    • Our prince! I’m not surprised after all I hear black Zambians crying when Liverpool loses.
      “Our boys have lost. I have no appetite ” they say. This mentality of wanting to share in the colonial masters success, wealth, and fame comes from the slave mentality. The slave had no property so he sees his masters property as his. Children always do that in the playground but when we grow up we must be able to realize the difference between reality and daydreams

  9. “…The Duke of Sussex, 34, touched down at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport this afternoon and was the Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Malanji, Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo and Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa.”

    English, English please!

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