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Zambia will continue to uphold human rights, President Lungu tells Prince Harry

General News Zambia will continue to uphold human rights, President Lungu tells Prince Harry

President Lungu with Prince Harry at State House

President Edgar Lungu says Zambia will continue to uphold human rights, the rule of law and good governance.

President Lungu was speaking when the Duke of Sussex Prince Harry called on him at state house today.

He said Zambia will also continue fostering cooperation with Britain because the two countries share a lot in common.

And President Lungu said Zambia cherishes the increased British investments in the country which has seen the establishment of a British chamber of Commerce.

He also said his administration wants to bridge the gender parity gap as well as championing the rights of the girl child to ensure nothing hinders their contribution to the country’s development.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry said there is need for commonwealth member states to put the interests of youths first by empowering them.

He said the commonwealth is a family of nations with many young people making a positive impact on their communities.

Prince Harry said it is important that the commonwealth increases its support to Zambia because of its strong credentials to the organisation.

Prince Harry who is also the President of the African Parks said Zambia has great opportunities in the wildlife sector to create jobs and services for the people.

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    • He is most welcome to our lovely Zambia.

      The wife made the correct decision to stay this one out.

      No point risking contracting malaria or cholera.

    • @Lombe sometimes it’s better just to be more mature.
      Harry and his Brother are good boys. Maybe Harry is messed up marrying someone older than him, but he still remains a cool guy. Wish he had married Tasila Lungu.
      Am sure so many Zambian girls are walking pantless in hope to be offered to the boy, even abena Dora are wishing night with him.

    • Human rights include the freedom to criticise the judiciary and the executive. In Zambia one can’t criticise any political and civil authority. There’s even a law to protect the president from being criticised. What a crazy country

    • Prof. HANSONI also believes ANIMO FARM in NAMWALA is a crazy “country” too! It is the home of HATRIBES UTD FOOTBALL CLUB. I saw the UN letter he wrote on the University letterhead from him.

    • Lazy bum illiterate tribal TONGA hooligan bully UPND son of a polygamist father who never taught him toilet training pooping in public HAGAIN needing cynical MUTINTA HICHILEMA to change his diapers HAGAIN. “I wish it was a Tonga President in the photo, then it could have been alright.” Larry Mweetwa.

  1. Oh the irony of Lungu talking of rule of law and good governance while letting Zambia go to the dogs on quite a number of fronts.

    Don’t think Mapenzi & Vespers, including many victims of P.F Cadre Stormtrooper panga violence enjoyed the peace you offer Me Jona.

  3. Lungu was not briefed properly – as usual. This ginger young man is here to prop up wildlife conservation, youth empowerment and entrepreneurship in the Commonwealth. Then you line up your goons to chew his ear about human rights. Real third world dictator vibes. Do better.

  4. Commonwealth! Prince Harry, your advocacy on youth empowerment in the Commonwealth is not tenable bcoz, there’s nothing on the ground to support it. For your own info, it is harder now for a Zambian youth to even receive training in your country bcoz of tough restrictions. Its only Commonwealth when it suits your nation!
    Do a rethink.

  5. “President Edgar Lungu says Zambia will continue to uphold human rights, the rule of law and good governance.”

    Hope we are doing for our people because they deserve it, not to be seen or seeking recognition other countries.

  6. Dr Clarence Chikusu served as a military officer in Afghanistan. He was a military doctor at the front line of war treating injured soliders etc.He is a Lenje Royal on his paternal side and Bemba Royal on his maternal side.

  7. While your esteemed president is busy espousing human “rights”, why
    not take time out to address a human rights issue his fellow Zambians
    are experiencing overseas due to an imbasillic policy requiring Zambian
    nationals living abroad to return to Zambia for the sole purpose of renewing
    their passports. These people by far are not wealthy. they are honest law abiding
    Zambians he should be proud to call his nationals, yet for maniacal political reasons
    he and his sycophants have put in a place a policy rendering their fellow country men
    and women ( to include their children ) virtually destitute and persons ” SINE PATRIA”
    What may we ask is the use of your diplomatic outposts if they are there to steal money from
    fellow Zambians in the name of ” OBTAINING PASSPORTS FROM…

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