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Elderly persons murder cases rise in Muchinga

General News Elderly persons murder cases rise in Muchinga

Some elderly Zambian women

Police in Muchinga Province are saddened with the rising number of murder cases involving elderly people.

Muchinga Province Assistant Commissioner, Buumba Munkondya, said murder cases pertaining to witchcraft suspicion against the elderly people are on the rise in the province which are orchestrated by family members.

Ms. Munkondya who was speaking at this year’s Police Annual Ball for Muchinga Division, charged that the elderly people should not be associated with witchcraft adding that, people should avoid taking the law in their own hands.

She further appealed to police officers to remain committed in maintaining law and order by thoroughly investigating such cases as well as prosecute all cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV).

The Assistant Commissioner also thanked Government for providing the police service with several infrastructural development projects such as the new Chinsali Police Headquarters.

And Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary (PS), Jobbicks Kalumba who was the Guest of the Honor at the event, called on police officers to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner stating that, maintaining their standards will help them prevail in their duties.

Dr. Kalumba charged that if the police service is to execute their duties effectively, there is need to uphold their moral conduct to the highest level.

He mentioned that Government is also concerned about the well-being of Police Officers in the province evidenced by the construction of 25 Officers’ houses in Matumbo which have since been completed.

The event was attended by Service Chiefs, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Davy Chanda, Heads of Government departments among others.

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  1. As the life expectancy improves in Zambia ,there will be more and more elderly people.We need to educate people especially in villages about conditions like Dementia, Alzheimers disease among others that afflict elderly people. A person can forget who he is, where he is going and yes can show up naked in a strange place all because of diseases like Alzheimers -THIS IS NOT WITCHCRAFT! Our public health officials, Law makers and police need to do something as a matter of urgency to curb the senseless killing of old people

  2. “Muchinga Province Assistant Commissioner, Buumba Munkondya, said murder cases pertaining to witchcraft suspicion against elderly people are on the rise in the province”.


    They even accuse the elderly of removing intestines from the dead via witchcraft and roast them to eat. But when you challenge the same idi0ts to exhume the body to prove their f00lishness, they run away like monkeys.

    • Is that the language the researcher Pro. HANSONI wrote you on his UNIVERSITY letterhead? You and him must be CHILDISH!

  3. They have to be stoned to death. These people kill innocent people and because they do it in the dark of the night they hide in the belief that we cannot prove that they did it. Any slight suspicion, stone them to death. Witchcraft is not a joke. People’s lives have been destroyed because of these people. Even in the Bible they used to be stoned to death. And God approved it.

    • Lombe one day you will grow old and you will be suspected of practicing witchcraft. it is at that moment that you will appreciate how unjust and evil this is. I pray that you do not experience this in your life time. have some love for old people for God’s sake

    • Lombe, You’ll get old too one day. Would you like to be stoned to death too when you’re old, on suspicion of you being a warlock? Id1ota.

  4. “Ubututu “ and Primitive thinking in some parts of Zambia.Iurge the government to provide education to Zambian people in the communities and not only villages alone but in towns as well on the illnesses that affect the elderly especially that people are now living longer.If the had the chance of visiting the western world and see the number of elderly people walking freely on the streets and have their own homes and doing shopping on their own and some being cared for in the nursing homes and if that was else were including zambia those old people would have been all killed on suspicion of practicing witch craft and that they are not supposed to go in town ,etc. Wake up Zambians lets look after our old people with respect.At some point I thought learned people like Nkandu Luo…

  5. should have had taken the initiative of educating the Zambian people that time she was engaged with TANSINTA,protecting or assisting “AMAULE “to abetter life as the new what they were doing when the went into the pabs at night.Could the Zambian governmenyt revisit this issue and protect our grand mothers and fathers and those found wanting to be meted with stiffer punishment

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