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JCTR commends Lufwanyama mining companies


The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) has commended mining firms in Lufwanyama district for fulfilling their corporate social responsibility.

JCTR Head of Programmes, Geoffrey Chongo said mining companies in the district have embarked on building schools, health centers and promotion of water and sanitation issues among other projects.

Mr Chongo was speaking during the dissemination meeting on the findings from a case study on the role of mining companies in promoting Children’s rights to education, Health, Water and Sanitation in Lufwanyama district.

Mr Chongo explained that JCTR and Center for Trade Policy and Development recently carried out a research in Lufwanyama district to ascertain the levels of compliance by Mining companies in promoting Children’s right to education, health, water and sanitation.

Mr Chongo disclosed that Kagem and Gemcanton Mining companies have built Nkana and Pilala Health Centres in Nkana Chiefdom in order to bring health services close to the people.

He further said Chibuluma and Gemcanton mining companies have also constructed Milemu and Lumpuma Secondary schools respectively.

Mr Chongo stated that his organisation is sensitizing members of the community to come up with developmental plans which they should present to mining companies.

And Centre for Trade Policy and Development Executive Director, Isaac Mwaipopo said his firm and JCTR have been working closely to address issues that affect children such as malnutrition and poverty.

Mr Mwaipopo pointed out that Lufwanyama is one of the districts that has rich mineral deposits on the Copperbelt Province as it is endowed with gemstones such as Emeralds and Copper.


  1. LT why are you not reporting the attacks on Harry kalaba by PF and the police in eastern province ???

    Is Amos chanda not alawing you to report ??

  2. That was the way Mining companies operated in Zambia since Northern Rhodeasia. They built clinics, schools, Wolofeyas sports teams and the community felt they were part of the nation. Fast foward to Mopani and Lungu and everything has gone down the drain

    • Fast forward to the Privatization Thief HAKAINDE HICHILEMA who privatised the MINES amidst some KICKBACKS in the INSIDE TRADING FIASCO, everything has gone down the drain.

  3. Way to go, let investors get their ROI and let them develop the areas they operate in and pay taxes to Government. Thats the best way to do things.

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