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Lusaka Province PS apologises to the Zambian tax payers for the fraud at provincial administration involving senior staff


Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Charles Sipanje
Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Charles Sipanje


Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Charles Sipanje has apologized to the Zambian tax payers for the fraud that took place at the provincial administration involving senior staff.

Over 2 million Kwacha was misappropriated at Lusaka province allegedly by the Senior Officers who include the Deputy Permanent Secretary and Principal accountant.

Mr. Sipanje apologized when he appeared before the Parliamentary Accounts Committee in Lusaka today.

This follows remarks from Committee member Teddy Kasonso who expressed shock at the level of financial irregularities at Lusaka province administration.

Mr. Kasonso questioned the capacity of Mr. Sipanje as Permanent Secretary and his accountants to have allowed such a grave situation to occur.

But Mr. Sipanje said he has capacity to run the administration but stated that the fraud happened when he was on leave and his deputy permanent secretary was left to act in his position.

He told the parliamentary committee that his officers could make ten withdrawals in a day and an amount of six hundred thousand kwacha was withdrawn from the bank in one day while he was on leave in July 2017.

And PAC Chairperson Howard Kunda said the officers involved should not just end at being dismissed but should also be prosecuted.


  1. When you have a president who does not deny that he is a corrupt theif everyday this is what you get, everybody thinks being labbeled a corrupt theif is no big deal…..

    • Wow…

      The funds were misappropriated by the officers. The fraud happened when I was on leave!

      Let’s call this what it is… this is thieving! They are thieves who now have acquired a mark of Caine on their foreheads.

      Why do we comouflage thieving with such verniers?

      Money laundering

      It is thieving … let’s call a spade a spade. We should say the THIEVES stole the money.

    • Where is Sharon and B R Mumba ? You never hear from these clowns when there are stories like this. These thieves are not just supposed to be dismissed. The stolen funds are supposed to be recovered from these bandits and then send them to prison for 40 years. Apologizing is not enough. People will not eat your apologies Mr. PS. Where is the ACC ? Why are these criminals not behind bars? That’s why we don’t take you seriously. You’re all a bunch of thieves who need to be locked up for a hundred years each. As long as we continue to tolerate corruption like this in Zambia, the country will go nowhere. But then again, Lungu and his friends are not any better either. What a tragedy.

    • 2 million only, and you say sorry?
      400 million taken for a 60 million fire wheelbarrows, no sorry.

      Forget brother. Come 2021 all big fat hyenas will go in for good.

      Special Task Force will ve bv back with bigger teeth.


      BR mumba is just rolling,…… stealing or economic decline or debt to him it’s just
      ” let’s roll…”

  2. what a nation full of dishonesty people! How can we develop with this greedy in a so called Christian nation?
    Lesa twafwe

  3. atleast someone has taken ownership for the first time in the government of ubomba mwibala, how i wish the president can own up as well. We now expect the culprits to be jailed!!!

    • Lungu will not own up to nothing, every day CK is calling him a corrupt theif, and he is ok with that.

      Now the whole civil service thinks stealing is part of the job….

  4. In the first place the President should never ever have said those infamous words ” Uubomba mwibala Alya mwibala” I believe that there is power in words.Those words have obviously made a huge impact on the people in public service, and all these thefts and misapplication of funds that we are hearing about are a direct consequence of those words.
    Leaders must always be aware that whatever they say has a long lasting effect on the people they lead.This applies to everyone and not just the president.

  5. Apologizing you scam bug wont help you at all. These are the people we have mandated to look after government money? You need to be fired for all we care and sent to jail forthwith. This is exactly what the Germans were saying yesterday when they gave the government over 1.2 billiom kwacha. They will not tolerate any stupidity with their money and they were very categorical that should any penny be misappropriated, their money would have to be refunded. The president should take a leading role in the fight against corruption and not turn a blind eye as is the case. How does someone make ten withdraws in a day? These nincompoops needs to be dealt with without mercy, saying sorry you mappet wont save your arss.

  6. When there is full blown stealing by ministers and others like Eric chimesa , all lungu goes is fires them and tells them to shut up or he will prosecute them. There only dismissals if you are unlucky to be caught. After all lungu accepts that he is a corrupt theif and does not deny this for fear of more revelations in court.

    Now the whole civil service is nothing but a theiving ground….with lungu at the helm…

  7. This apology is meaningless.

    These thieves must be prosecuted.

    And Mr. Permanent Secretary you head this team, why are you running away from the problems which i suspect you are aware of what has been going on.

    All the happenings you claim you were on leave why and how?

    This is a clear indication that you are incapable and can not be trusted even with your coffin.

    You must also dealt with strongly.

  8. This guy is Upnd through and through. These are HH’so plants that I talk about. You just look at the name. And Prime TV is out to defend such nonsense. Farming inputs are in all districts but we can’t collect them because government hasn’t credited our accounts and yet money has been released. Today someone who I suspect is a Upnd sympathize was even smiling at the failure of us getting our inputs. PF must root out such people who are making innocent people to suffer.

    • Ndanje Khakis and Sosoliso, please stop with that UPND nonsense. Lungu and his PF have power to stop this, to send people to prison who are stealing our meager resources, whether they’re UPND or PF. It doesn’t matter what party a thief belongs to. He steals, he has to face the law. It’s that simple. These robbers need to be behind bars, and not this incompetent guy giving empty apologies for them. Just dismissing thieves and making apologies for them encourages more stealing. Long prison sentences is what deters would be thieves from stealing. Doesn’t Lungu understand that simple fact? Obviously he does, but he and his gang are not interested in fighting corruption, because they’re doing the same thing too.

  9. So you should have reported the concerned officers including your deputy for theft to the police immediately you came back from leave but we heard no such thing. You had to wait for the PAC to start their queries before the truth came out.

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