Saturday, April 20, 2024

Uphold professionalism, community radio station urged


Mufumbwe acting District Commissioner, Patson Mulaisho has implored staff at Mufumbwe community radio station to uphold professionalism in the running of the institution.

Speaking yesterday during a stakeholders meeting meant to set up an interim board of directors for the community radio station, Mr Mulaisho said the radio station among other things is meant to promote peace and unity within society.

He said there is need for management at the station to censor the kind of content that goes on air and be strict on the people to feature on radio.

Mr Mulaisho advised management to bear in mind that the media is a source of security in society by virtue of being an information conveyer hence the need for the station to be responsible in its productions.

He further advised management at the community radio station to always be non-partisan as they do their activities.

Mr Mulaisho encouraged management at the station to ensure that only positive criticisms are allowed to be broadcast on radio and not criticism which are merely meant to tarnish the image of the government in the eyes of the public.

He commended the founders of the community radio station for having brought the institution to the current stage.

Mr Mulaisho urged the new board members who have been appointed to ensure that they do anything possible to make the station grow.

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