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3-year-old boy in Chipata has 44 needles and wires embedded in various parts of his body

Health 3-year-old boy in Chipata has 44 needles and wires embedded in...

Authorities at Chipata Central hospital say investigations have revealed that the three-year-old boy of Mchini compound in Chipata has 44 needles and wires embedded in various parts of his body.

Head of Surgery and Clinical Care, Donald Kasoma says this is from the 32 needles earlier reported.

Dr. Kasoma says after the boy took a second CT- Scan, it was discovered that some of the objects were standing close to each other and could not be seen earlier.

He disclosed to ZANIS that the boy who was admitted to the hospital last month, is still under observation describing his condition as stable.

Dr. Kasoma said 25 needles were removed last month and that the boy is still under rehabilitation, adding that doctors will continue monitoring his condition until he can tolerate another surgery and Anastasia before the rest of the needles can be removed.

He said the three-year-old boy was too weak to take a prolonged surgical intervention last month as he was in a critical condition but stated that the surgery will be carried out when he gains enough strength.

The boy was admitted for sever malaria when it was later discovered that he had needles embedded in his body.

Dr. Kasoma stated that the needles were pushed in different parts of the body.

He stated that the rehabilitation plan looks promising as he is now able to walk on his own and eat with ease and is also able to interact with the community.

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    • Who is Anastasia?!
      Seriously though the boy is being abused. Instead of treating this as a mystery arrest the parents.

    • How did a 3 year old child ended up with 44 foreign objects (wires and needles) embedded in his body? This is a case ripe for Police investigations. And whoever did this to this poor child should be made to pay for their crimes……this is pure CRIMINAL end of story!

      Police, get moving with the same speed you go after people like Kambwili. C’ommon, let’s go!

    • Even if it’s his Parents that did it I still WANT TO know how they did it and how he’s survived. Can a scientist explain?

    • Some of this reporting is so hopeless ???? eish. This’s a key question that should have been addressed even partially…

  1. @katinka,

    we should trust our own men of God. we have anointed men of God in Zambia far more than TB Joshua. One time Joshua confirmed himself. people just don’t know where to find true men of GOD. instead we’ve popular men of Gold scandalizing people in the name of religion.

    • Are you implying our men of god who steal peoples money? no way. they have a history of stealing from the congregants and later on come up with all sorts of stories. I would rather go to Nigeria to see the true man of god TB Joshua not these thieves who are always exposed for stealing from the multitudes. SORRY, CANT NEVER.!! Ine ni TB Joshua chapwa. evidence is there.

    • Riza, I pity you who depends man not God. The promises in the bible are for everyone not just Tb Joshua. Mind you not all men who call themselves Pastors are Pastors. The Pastors I know don’t even touch the tithes and offering

    • Each one of us is a child of God and need no other man of God except Jesus, what is this doctrine of men of God?

    • @ Kaluba, fwantapo those same men of god you are reffering to. I am not convinced. No way – money is the order of the day. not long ago we read of one overseer of a church who closed because he suspected his friends from stealing tithe. and besides, I don’t believe in tithe. I believe in thanks giving. You are the more reason there is thefts in church. Jesus overruled tithe and it was superseded by thanks giving. Read your bible. My money – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  2. Witchcraft at play, i always told you that easterners are witches , how do you do that to an innocent child honestly? This is very sad indeed! We pray that he gets well soon and the witches don’t repeat this act of stupidity. God have Mercy on the boy, and may the good Lord help the doctors working on him. Nayaa Inee

  3. I keep hoping that the next report on this boy will be about somebody getting arrested for this extremely horrible case of child abuse. What are the police doing?? Where are they in this whole situation??

  4. ANASTASIA…Mistakes like this are a complete put off to me as a reader. Why doesnt LT get a qualified editor, not a cousin or niece or nephew or brother to do the editing. Its really embarrasing to let people know that this is where i get my news

    • It’s the examination leaks to blame. No one is qualified for anything in Zambia. Foreign universities have even downgraded our institutions

  5. It can never be scientifically proven how even one needle can find it self embedded in the human body let alone more than 50.It is clear that this is a spiritual matter which science can not elucidate. I pray that let some good Samaritan who understand spiritual matters take this child for deliverance because powers of darkness are at display. I watched a similar case at Scoan. A lady came from Serra Lione. She was delivered.

  6. We have id1ots LT,,,, this is a pure case of child abuse at its highest and you fooools are saying it witchcraft. This is where cops do an intense investigation and get to the bottom of this!!!!
    Men of god my a$$!!

  7. It’s by the grace of God that the boy is alive and his just three years old,,,,it touches my heart ,,,may the Almighty Father continue healing the boy till his finally healed

  8. Awaken, you so called believers in the word of God! When will you learn that God takes a watchman’s stance after he has given you life? If you do not take care of it, it is your own fault. He will give a push when you have started the actual pushing yourself. This is not witchcraft(and Zambia is a christian nation, kikiki), this is pure evil! Arrest those parents for abusing this child! Take the child away from them!

  9. And the very useless Reporter here couldn’t ask or give information on the big question: How did the needles get into the boy’s body? what did the parents/guardian say? what did the doctor say?

  10. How did these needles get inside the child? Are you serious? They were inserted. Why on earth would people think it’s witchcraft…Needles can be inserted into the body. Jesus moonwalking Christ…You people are *****s.

    • Queen, abused for what? What does anyone gain by inserting needles into anyone? These are the questions journalists should be providing a platform for

  11. This is something beyond human understanding. According to the story the doctors operated on the boy but did not mention how these objects entered the boy. This situation just need God’s intervention. I watched once similar case on emmanuel tv where a young lady has needles all over her body and some were even moving closer to the heart. The more the doctors removed the needles the more the number of needles increased in her body. The only solution was to take this young lady for prayers and after being prayed for by prophet tb joshua all the needles in her body disappeared. God will see you through baby boy.

    • Yes, if people don’t like prophet TB Joshua, let them just take him for the sake of the Boy. For me, I have never known such a humble and faithful servant of God like prophet TB Joshua.

  12. You are the same people when you say you go to hospital you start choosing which doctor should attend to you amide many doctors in the hospital. Same, prophet TB Joshua does NOT heal anyone but he is just a human who has dedicated his life in faithfulness to direct people to God to be healed. That boy can be healed. All miracles happening at the Scoan are not by TB Joshua’s making but by the Grace of God. Oh you faithless generations. Waste no time and go to that same prophet you conderm!

  13. How did he accumulate foreign objects into his body.??? I feel for this baby sure .such evil dids by humans are beyond hell

  14. This is pure witch craft,this boy needs serious prayers,the more they remove the needles surgically they will multiply,coz the first time I read the story of this boy he had 30 needles now after the surgery they have multiplied, i watched such a case on Emmanuel tv,so if they want to help this child find a true man of God and people let us remember him in prayers too.

  15. I have this to say over this matter. 1st of all thank you your Excellency for the directive to have this boy receive urgent attention at UTH. God bless you. However, there are steps that should and shouldn’t be taken for now till later. Don’t begin to talk about charging the mother for negligence because she couldn’t have known exactly well and intentions of people to harm her child. In villages a child is raised by many. Amidst this love gesture a mother may not know who means well to her beloved child. Please don’t inflict further pain for now. Like many she also may not be aware of the right to hold on caring for her child till 7 years before she can allow with her consent for someone else to also share in caring for the child. If she concieved at 16 when did she get pregnant and…

  16. If she had the child at 16 when did she conceive? What action was taken?. Could there bee more children with needles in the bodies without mothers knowing? Once baby now adult….. In Africa anything not understood is attached to superstition. Advancing superstition before carrying out a proper scientific investigation may lead to perpetuation of this practice as culprits will still operate unnoticed. Don’t use force to investigate rather use action research. Girls in villages are subjected to a lot of misery unimaginable. There is more to this than meets the eye. However even in these circumstances God is always faithful.

  17. I Feel So Sad For The Poor Little Boy Even When I Waz Watching The Newz I Waz Scared And Tachd,, More Or Less He Even Dont Know Anything ,, May The Boy Live Long And Enjoy His Life To The Fullest ,please God Help The Boy Recover, Amen

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