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Connection of parts of Lusaka to permanent water lines reach 40%

General News Connection of parts of Lusaka to permanent water lines reach 40%

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company
Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company

Works on the project to connect some parts of Lusaka to a permanent water supply network have reached 40 percent.

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) recently announced that it had embarked on a K153 million project to connect residents in some parts of Lusaka to the permanent supply line.

However, Company Public Relations and Marketing Manager, Patson Phiri has attributed the slow pace of the works to the rocky landscape of most project sites.

He told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today, that due to this challenge, the water utility company will not meet the set deadline of January 2019 to complete the works.

“For now the works are only at 40 percent, the works have been low because these areas are rocky thereby, posing a challenge so we will not meet the January deadline,” he said.

Government through LWSC came up with a project of connecting people to permanent water supply line as a measure to increase access to clean and safe water especially in areas that are considered to be cholera epic centers during the last cholera outbreak.

Areas that are earmarked for the project include Kanyama and Bauleni which will be connected to the permanent network while, in Chawama the company will put up water kiosks in order to increase access to clean and water safe.


  1. If this is government owned please just privitise it. Lwsc current management has failed to run this utility company if at all it deserves to be called utility company. Kabanana is prone area to cholera but it has been over 7days without water and people have resorted to shallow wells again. Meanwood kwamwena hasn’t had water for some time despite a proper handover by millinium challenge. Its always excuse by lwsc. Private sector would give you water because its sales. These guys don’t care and end up being paid anyway.

    • Govt. Cannot privatise this Co. because HH will rise up and ask his thugs to loot peoples’s businesses. HH must wait a while we are giving him enough rope to hang himself. He has been a hindrance to Zambia’s development agenda for a long time.

  2. True….Lusaka Water seservices are a pain the ass….it’s a miracle to have normal water supply in Kabulonga… along labeling road just behind the new mall….water there is so erratic that it pains to even get home after a hard day’s work….weekend is even worse……geysers are hanging no water, washing machines no water, it’s so pathetic….ndatilimuka, when we have water running and tormented coz I don’t know when it will just disappear when you in the middle of doing laundry….awe sure tefintu….elo I hate that ka excuse they usually send ati “no water tomorrow coz of zesco maintenance works at ililonda” …surely as if there’s water always….u shift the blame on someone else…..it’s actually a red flag that actually Lusaka Water management is a sham….they have heads…

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