Jervis Zimba
Jervis Zimba

The Zambia National Farmers’ Union says it is aware of manoeuvres by certain quasi-government Authorities that are trying to propagate the importation of Genetically Engineered Foods into the country.

These authorities are trying to scheme ways of legitimising Genetically Modified Foods in the country at the expense of what Zambia has safeguarded for years.

ZNFU President Jervis Zimba said Zambia is a non-GMO country, and any manoeuvres towards legitimising GMOs will have far reaching implications than it can comprehend.

Mr. Zimba said the ZNFU will not subscribe to GMOs and shall reject processes that seek to sneak into the country or dump GM foods on our market.

He said the sector that will be hurt most if GMOs are allowed is the agriculture sector and farmers will be the worst affected.

Mr. Zimba lamented that the mushrooming Authorities are causing headache to the farming community and government should be wary of the intentions of some of the quasi-government Authorities.

“Most of them do not mean well to the country’s growth agenda. We are aware of some of the people propagating this. ZNFU will fight and thwart all efforts bent on legitimising GMOs. This country has made huge sacrifices to reach this far and the Union will not sit idly by while wrong things are being done”, He said

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  1. GMOs have been with us since humans first domesticated animals and started selectively breeding them. There is NO DIFFERENCE between GMO maize and our cattle, they have all had their genes changed.
    This is just a new technology to help us do things better that we have in the past.
    Zambia must wake up and adapt to change, otherwise Global Warming will make us beggars for food from developed countries again! We must embrace science and technology, not bury our heads in the sand!


  2. GMOs, as interpreted by the pesticide companies, has been a vehicle for loading up GMO foods with pesticides without kiling them. The herbicides kill all the plants around them, except the GMO maize, GMO soy, etc.

    That’s one reason GMOs are bad, because the food is loaded up with glyphosates.

    There are natural, organic alternatives to spraying herbicides. However spraying is just easier and cheaper when you’re growing maize a thousand hectares at a time.

    And that’s why it is so important to grow your own food.


  3. It’s encouraging to hear that ZNFU still has a conscience. Continue to fight for this good cause.

    Zambian readily gravitate towards anything a White man tells them to do. I wonder what they think of Europeans. I think they see them as god’s.


    • Which is ironic, because all High Civilization comes from East Africa and the Nile Valley.

      Read Genesis 10, which recounts how Nimrod (Nubia), son of Cush (Sudan), son of Ham, son of Noah, went out found the civilizations of Mesopotamia – Babylon, Ur, Neneveh and more.

      It is remarkable that cryptographic writing and pyramids or pyramid shaped structures show up in Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley around the same time. Most and the oldest pyramids are in Nubia.


  4. How much are they paying you to come online and look stupid Donna? Not enough in my humble opinion because most Zambians are and have been more toward thinking than the rest of the world by banning GMO. Organic is more profitable and sustainable than GMO. Look at their BK disaster if you want to discuss case studies or look up the numerous medical studies that have listed the health effects of eating GMO hence why most countries are banning GMO.


  5. Has ZNFU got the capacity to regulate this or should it be for ZABS? Really on this one the former only sounds a forlornly distant cry



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