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Strange Bedfellows:  Delusional Pillow Talk from a Marriage of Inconvenience – A Response To Messrs Kambwili and Hichilema


HH and Kambwili
HH at Dr Kambwili’s residence

By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

When two egomaniacs that have nothing in common except their greed for power and a mutual disdain of each other conjugate in political unholy matrimony, the consummation of their morbid marriage of inconvenience begets nothing but brute perversion.

The deliberate ignoring of truth and twisting of facts by National Democratic Congress ‘Insultant’ Chishimba Kambwili and his newly found infatuation with the imprudent itches of UPND Life President Hakainde Hichilema make a rather peculiar specimen of the delusional tendencies of self-seeking purveyors of sensationalism.

Their raw psychotic presentation is a bizarre novelty – a collector’s item.

Kaput Kambwili

Kambwili attempts to mask his lack of comprehension with a false bravado.

This regularly manifests through his tendency to speak before he listens and it is a telling symptom of an acute deficiency of cognitive abilities exacerbated by a remarkable surplus of gauche.

It explains why he holds the dishonourable record as the only Minister in Zambia’s history to have been moved between a number of ministries within a ridiculously short time.

His weakness of speaking ahead of his thinking renders him a solo misfit who finds the concept of team work alien; and in his delusion – he thinks it’s a macho thing!

There is sadly very little between those ears-no gumption!

We find it of great concern that our wayward brother and his UPND partner in slime cannot understand a plain memo that is in the public domain written with so much clarity and a Parliamentary standing  Order he accepted (which was  written and debated in plain language).

We will explain it to them again: _The Government has withdrawn the motor vehicle replacement allowance for Cabinet ministers effective January 1, 2019 in adherence to the austerity measures government has put in place._

_Government has made the decision because it is fiscally untenable to continue providing the allowance at the fixed monthly rate of K32, 715.20 for each Cabinet and Provincial Minister which was being effected through the payroll._

These measures that are meant to save funds and they point to the goodwill and integrity of the government.

However, the increments Kambwili is bellyaching about were effected in January 2018 across the Board via an adjustment to the Parliamentary Standing Order for the remuneration of all MPs, Ministers and all constitutional office holders including the Speaker of the National assembly, Cabinet Ministers, Judges, Director of Public Prosecutions etcetera.

Kambwili knows fully well about this particular standing order and the increment thereof which he did not challenge but gladly accepted in January 2018.

He is also aware of parliamentary procedures and rules that do not allow Members of Parliament to debate themselves.

1. Members of Parliament (MP) salaries have been increased: why hasn’t he protested?

2. Can Kambwili tell Zambians that he has not been receiving the increased Salary over the past 11 months? Mr Kambwili cannot talk about integrity.

3. Isn’t this the same Kambwili who not so long ago said he had “worked for the money” and consequently refused to pay back the disputed Ministers salaries?

4. Why the convenient sudden U-turn if not for political expedience?

5. Does he forget how when he was Minister of Youth & Sport he was once warned by former PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba to desist from raising funds in the name of the Party?

6. Isn’t this the unethical backstabber who late President Michael Sata called out for campaigning to take over from him while the President was still alive?

7. What integrity can Kambwili talk about?

8. How moral is it for him to continue holding on to being an MP just so that he can continue drawing a National Assembly salary and other emoluments, including the midterm gratuity?

9. If the PF are corrupt as he alleges, why is he fraudulently holding on to PF membership and receiving a salary on a PF seat in Parliament?

Kambwili’s hatred for the Chinese is confirmation of our belief that one thing he shares in common with his UPND counterpart is their bile and constipation with xenophobia.

We refuse to join Kambwili in his race to the bottom. We, however wish to agree with Mr. Kambwili that indeed “Kapoli ni Kapoli”.

Not even the discerning government unions he’s calling on can take his flip flopping seriously…they know better and they understand better.

We are a tolerant people but he must not take our meekness for weakness; this the last time he will insult President Lungu and not bear the consequences. His verbal grime will soon be taken to the cleaners..“Mumbwe aitile mpashi..nokumububa shamububa”.

The Hoax and Inconsistencies in Hakainde

Perversity makes strange bedfellows and strange bedfellows engage in deceitful prattle.

One wonders how Hichilema could allow himself to be misled by a dunce like Kambwili.

As stated earlier the increments were effected in January 2018 across the Board via an adjustment to the Parliamentary Standing Order for the remuneration of all MPs, Ministers and all constitutional office holders.

It cannot be overemphasised that ALL Members of Parliament including Kambwili and those from UPND were aware of this standing order and the related increment, which they too did not challenge but gleefully accepted in January 2018.

1. Can Hon Jack Mwiimbu as leader of the Opposition in Parliament agree with Hichilema his Party President that the increased emolument he’s been receiving for the past 11 months are illegal?

2. Can Hon Cornelius Mweetwa and other UPND Members of Parliament agree with their Party leader Hakainde Hichilema that the increased salary they received for the past 11 months indeed deserves a protest?

This confirms what we have always stated about Hakainde- that he is a two faced acrimonious man who does not mean well for dialogue.

There he was seated next to a vulgar juvenile trapped in an old man’s body yapping invectives against the Chinese and insulting the President of the Republic of Zambia and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Insults against the President are music to Hichilema’s ears. There he was smiling at the insults. How bizarre!

He has a fine way of showing his interest in dialogue!

The only thing consistent about this embattled politician facing political extinction are his inconsistencies.(What else can be expected from a person who  has misled  a party  for over 12 years without a Manifesto).

Like Kambwili, this is one person who can neither talk about rights nor say anything about integrity.

How can he talk about “rights” when he vehemently campaigned against the Bill of Rights? What a shameless man!

How can he talk about integrity with Public Resources when he has conveniently chosen to keep mute rather than respond to unanswered questions regarding his role as a Government appointed Valuator during the Privatisation Process?

Why has he been ducking and diving?

Why doesn’t he just answer the questions and provide closure to the many unanswered questions on how he acquired his alleged major shares in Sun Hotels Livingstone?

What about the Millions of dollars overseas stashed away in overseas tax havens as reported by the Panama Papers?

 How does he explain that?

In conclusion, as can be seen above when two disorderly megalomaniacs share an unbridled jealousy for the astute leadership of the President, and when their infatuation with each other is driven by a twisted jealousy and envy for the Progress and Development the Head of State is spearheading; they manifest a hallucinogenic desperation.

Strange bedfellows do strange things; nobody wants to be a part of their delusions.


The Author is Patriotic Front Media Director At the Patriotic Front Secretariat Lusaka


  1. Hammer Sunday Chanda ! Hammer Hammer!

    They can’t respond to your depth, see how there cadres will come out here with guns blazing insulting you and your well-thought article…

    In boxing this is a sucker punch…Keep it up…I’m loving your articles…wish I can meet you in person one of these days!

  2. Hmmmm….ok Sunday Chanda patali…

    Who is responding to him intellectually from UPND? He’s daily slicing UPND to pieces…Love him or h.ate him, he is just good at what he does.

    Can Kambwili respond to the questions posed please?

    More popcorns….kikikikikiki

    • Kambwili is on a slippery slope calling out to Hikainde who is on a kayak at the edge of Devil’s Pool 🙂

    • For a minute I thought I was reading Mpombo’s (MHSRIP) manuscript with so much verbosity aggrandized in pomposity.

      Very telling though … that’s a 100

      Let’s roll …

    • Right words for this article. UPND and all its supporters such a Galu Watchers in Zambia bask in DELUSIONS. UNELECTABLES!

    • This is the problem of going to bed with the Chinese , popularly referred to as infestors by the founding President of pf , see the manifestation of the infestation of sleeping with infestors.

    • @Dumisani, what Sunday is exhibiting is intellectual bankruptcy masked by use of big words. This is very typical of people who attended night school. Let me remind readers that this is the same Sunday whose bother was fired from being Post Master General for stealing money meant for orphans, widows and differently able people through the social cash transfer

    • With $17 billion debt and 40% unemployed, stagnant GDP is that the best you can come up with ??

      Amazing….some of us see past you. We are looking at the bigger picture , not this chawama pit latrine from the 2 chandas…

    • B.R Mumba George Mpombo is with the Lord? I never knew that, that man made the evil MMD under RB bearable with his words. R.I.P to the wordsmith. May God continue blessing his family.

      One is a little moderate but sneaky, the other is extremely big mouthed, pompous and slanderous.
      Its like the getting back together of two ex lovers who used to be at each other’s throat. Checkers and balancers who do in a chaotic and unusual way. Hey CK can rant ayi? Extremely annoying if you’re on the other side.

    • If only Sunday Chanda knew that only PF illiterate cadres that take him seriously. That said HH and the UPND should not make Kambwili appear like a political heavyweight. it makes them look too needy. They should learn to stand on their own.

    • If HH thinks of taking over on a silver platter, i think he is mistaken. Sunday Chanda is what PF needs at this point to keep HALUZA and coward Kambwili in checks. When Ministers fear to respond to CK and HH because some of them think UPND is forming govt in 2021, Sunday has put his head on the chopping board for Lungu. we stand with u and agree with u Sunday. Edgar nafuti nafuti

    • Kambwili is just a noise maker who HH wants to use to ascend to power. Most of us who followed Kambwili after he seemingly left from PF feel let down. But history is a bitch, ask Miles Sampa. Kambwili is not as smart as Miles. So Chanda is right

    • mpombo is politically no more ( MHSRIP), i also saw mbombo in this article. even without the bomberstic mpombo words awe! hh and the incoming upnd vise have been dissected.

  3. Hammer Sunday Chanda ! Hammer Hammer!

    They can’t respond to your depth, see how there cadres will come out here with gu.ns blazing you and your well-thought article…

    In boxing this is a suc.ker punch…Keep it up…I’m loving your articles…wish I can meet you in person one of these days!

    Make Sunday the Minister of Information…and the Opposition will swea.t…

  4. The marriage of inconvenience between Kambwili and HH shows HH’s desperation and lack of intelligence. Kambwili and his tactics are repulsive and is doing a very good job of de-campaigning the UPND by association.

  5. PF get/poach some mature media types from MMD to help you with spinning not this silly boy…he reminds of those childish bloggers who post the thing everyday.

  6. Jay Jay, you are feeling him and his deputy Antonio…the UPND media team is by far no match for PF.

    Infact when Kambwili l.ies, give him such otherwise nichizenge

    • Sunday is very wise. This is what we need in the leadership. Objective and not on remote TRIBAL control of HaNEGATIVES. One tribal bully is here because his god is “Protesting.”

  7. Political polygamist

    Now its mai nini Ck

    Grow up . Be your self. Turn town some of these political peverts and Zambians will respect you.

    If today Sunday Chanda joined upendi today he would become an angel replcace katuka instantly

  8. That’s all these pompwe rats can do …..attack the opposition with dirt instead of showcasing their good work….what a shame ….but rings bells with the PF kaponya rats on LT and beyond who know no better. You only make your kaponyas dance with such talk

    Chanda….counter CK and HH with, tell us about the GDP , number of real jobs created, state of exports, state of foringe reserves ….not this chawama pit latrine you and the other chanda seem to be covered in…..

  9. UPND life president Mr Kainde and PF erstwhile MP Kambwili to lead street protests over salary hikes for MPs?

  10. I like Sunday s analysis of HH and kabwili continue with such articles until they are exposed for their lies and heatred

  11. Fcuken Sunday son of a beach Chanda, a person full of fake facts, the creator of fake new, no one wants to hear your crap. I respect fical matter than you. You are a total waste of space on this earth just like your !diot of a so called boss who is the waste prick to walk this earth

  12. The day these so called educated Zambians demand accountability and mature discussions instead of trash talk from statehouse is the day Zambia will begin to move forward…..

    Just look at them dancing at the trash talk from state house amidst 40 % unemployment, growing poverty and just 7 miles from the same state house people drink water from shallow wells and use pit latrines while they conveniently doge the purchase of lungus private jet knowing the PF rats will be aroused by trash talk….

    • @Spaka, Sunday Chanda does not work for the Govt or State House. Get your facts straight!

      If you want to see him, go the PF Secretariat…..check out his title for goodness sake. Do not mistake him for the other Chanda at State House on a Govt salary.

      By the way, he has every right to defend his Party in Govt just like every Party media director is. He his talking as a partisan in defense of his political Party….meet him at that level if you so wish. But mistake Party politics to Govt stance or way of talking….yes?

    • Yamba

      Has every right to defend his party with regurgitated , that for sure….

      Why can’t he defend his party by telling us the good things done for the people of Zambia by his party ???

  13. ” Kambwili’s hatred for the Chinese is confirmation of our belief that one thing he shares in common with his UPND counterpart is their bile and constipation with xenophobia. ” Had he not put this part in there, it would have been 100%, because of this line, it is 90%. Well structured break down of the two fellows, plus their bed kikikiki.

    • Kambwili’s hatred of Chinese stems from the days of PF founding father when they were not yet in government. Once in government they turned the greatest defenders of the Chinese. Today PF that swings like a yo-yo wants to be the great moral preacher! What a farce!

  14. Sunday Chanda’s brain is in his tummy, the way he used to disparage Michael Sata when he was eating with Harabee, I can’t imagine that he has found home in the PF.

  15. Mr Chilufya Sunday Chanda use simple English. Avoid impombo’s words you should not force your readers to start looking for dictionaries. Plain and straight forward words.

    • Hiding behind big words because he has no points to make. The gullible and the semi-illiterates will shout “hear, hear hear!” when they have understood nothing at all.

  16. There are no permanent energies in politics. What did Dora Siliya say about PF and Sata? What did father Bwalya say about PF? What did Lusambo say about PF? Just a few examples and aren’t these guys the ones eating larger cake pieces than all the so called royal PF die hards?

  17. There are no permanent enemies in politics. What did Dora Siliya say about PF and Sata? What did father Bwalya say about PF? What did Lusambo say about PF? Just a few examples and aren’t these guys the ones eating larger cake pieces than all the so called royal PF die hards?

  18. The fact is any time HH burps this troll Chanda needs to expel tonnes of verbal diarrhoea.

    If so insignificant they are, then why respond in panic must you?

  19. Nothing but the same chawama pit latrine that the PF rats have been vomiting and swallowing for the past year….nothing new….
    This is how dull PF are, they have heard this same trash talk 100s of times yet they get completely thrown into a frenzy and get erections each time they hear the same trash…if it’s the open pit Sharon she must even be forming form her open pit and scratching widly each time she hears this….

    Mean while chanda , the rest of us what to hear why lungu can buy himself a jet midst the suffering masses ???

  20. One thing Sunday does in our politics is his ability to say things as they are. Its a good and bad attribute. Good because good men always say what they feel but bad because people like HH and CK think young men shouldn’t say these things. Sunday is one hero PF needs.

  21. Quack chanda, HH and kambwili have a right to be dilusional. Just like PF have a right to foolishly let themselves be taken over by MMD and just like PF have a right to let a low IQ, low calibre jammerson loving individual to lead them…

  22. Kambwili is junior in politics and seem young Sunday has surpassed him in wisdom. Kambwili should ask himself why Nawakwi does not trust HH. It comes from days of UDA. Kambwili thinks he will ride on HH and UPND as did Sata in 2011 but also HH, what does he benefit from Kambwili apart from being a loudmouth with no followers? Sunday is right. Marriage of convenience

  23. Truth that upnd cannot see: Hacks knows that he cannot win ANY election in Zambia. So he has decided to be vice president to Kambwili but NOT to GBM. So you trib.als look out as Hacks abandons upnd….watch this space!!!

  24. Spot on Hon.Sunday Chanda!!!This is splendid stuff and you have written the gospel truth about Kambwili and desperate HH!!!
    These two think lies have legs-never!!Zambians know better and cannot be cheated by Kainde and his co!!!ALL MPS RECEIVED A SALARY INCREAMENT IN JANUARY 2018.DID KAMBWILI OR HH’S MPS REFUSE THE INCREAMENT?NO!!
    Look,nobody in Zambia knows what HH stands for apart from his tribesmen.We all remember how UPND called Kambwili corrupt when he was a PF minister.But today CK is a saint in the eyes of UPND,how?Simply pure madness!!!Late Michael Sata never associated himself with corrupt MMD senior officials but came up with new faces(politicians),hence winning our hearts!!If HH wins,Kambwili,GBM,Mwaliteta,Masebo,etc could be in UPND cabinet!!So what would change?Nothing…


  25. Sunday Chanda is just another junior Cobra from Mpika…these like his grandfather Sata sm.oke we.ed and drink

    Kambwili cannot debate with this cha.p from Mpika…Kambwili can’t argue at policy and intellectual level…

  26. Moreover Kambwili and GBM simply overrate themselves!!!Ever since GBM joined UPND,his party has continued losing elections in bemba speaking areas.Same with Kambwili whose NDC have lost all elections terribly in the copperbelt,Luapula,Northern,Muchinga,etc since it was formed.SO HH CANT REALISE UP TO NOW THAT MANY BEMBA SPEAKERS DO NOT SUPPORT POLITICIANS BLINDLY OR ANYHOW?Thinking on tribal lines will never win HH any elections in Zambia!!Let HH visit majority homes of bemba speakers and hear how they feel about the kings (CK&GBM) of insults in Zambia!!!THESE TWO SIMPLY DE-CAMPAIGNE KAINDE BADLY-MARK MY WORDS!!!Whoever shall stand on PF in 2021 will 100% defeat HH and mostly due to GBM and Kambwili!!!
    Harry Kalaba is even winning the hearts of many Zambians because he does not associate…

  27. PF must create the position of Party Spokesperson and abolish that of Media Director…

    Sunday is doing a good job and his deputy Antonio is a good complementary…

  28. Sunday knows how to pound UPND…I hear Stephen Katuka, UPND SG wrote a letter to protest against Sunday and Antonio…what politics are those ba UPND after 20 years in Opposition….

    The questions raised by Sunday are valid…Can Kambwili and Hichilema answer them please please please!

  29. Sunday knows how to get UPND’s attention …I hear Stephen Katuka, UPND SG wrote a letter to pro.test against Sunday and Antonio…what politics are those ba UPND after 20 years in Opposition….

    The questions raised by Sunday are valid…Can Kambwili and Hichilema answer them please please please!

  30. If the PF are corrupt then why is he holding on to PF membership and receiving a salary on the corrupt PF seat in Parliament?

    Sure ba mudala lisulu

  31. He might not have written the truth but he has put across a sound intellectual debate which calls for sound response instead of insults. Anyone from opposite side to counter his points?

  32. Even though am not a fan of Sunday Chanda here he has made some sense. If one of the two(HH or Kambwili) becomes President in 2021 what will they be saying about each other? Kambwili will go back to his old ways of despising Tongas if he becomes President. People pretend to be like they are the good governors when in opposition. The moment they get into state house they become totally consumed by power and money.

  33. Apa pena Sunday, waocha!! hh & ck don’t have the people’s needs at heart. Theirs are personal and selfish motives hell bent on hatred for ECL and greed for power.

  34. You haven’t explained well on increment of K41,000 cabinet ministers, we know about the MP’s increment. But on the cabinet Ministers was that approved by parliament? or you are just making a shield for your govt. Explain well on this issue, not just bluh bluh bluh running to assassinate the opposition without rendering thorough explanation. Your party has mandate from the Zambians so your explanation must concise and thorough on such issues. The opposition have no mandate so they are free to say anything.

  35. I see the rise of yet another Chanda Chimba III in the writer of this article….Indeed history has a way of repeating itself. I have seen before how these English authored articles, video documentaries and press briefings end. Zambians are not as stupid as they look…….. fili oko tuleya. Twalimonapo ifwe

  36. Very good command of the English Language and spin on satire and irony. English is actually a colorful Language in that it’s not just functional based on vowels. The delivery of the point even where it is veiled is a unique aspect of the Language. No wonder historically it is a language associated with success. Sunday’s eloquent writing reminds me of the late Times of Zambia writer Kapelwa Musonda on Tuesday. We miss those days of enjoying an article not just for content but also for presentation.

  37. I missed this one, Chanda can tell it to its last detail, … and i think he has ! Can the two on the other side rebut this in eloquent terms to my satisfaction please ! It looks like its way too high and out of reach. sure patali Chanda !

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