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Capitalizing on her recent controversial photos , Kay Figo release new music video

Headlines Capitalizing on her recent controversial photos , Kay Figo release new music...


Capitalizing on her recent controversial photos , Kay Figo release new music video for the song “Taken

Police in Lusaka have reportedly summoned controversial singer Kay Figo for questioning over her revealing photo that has caused a social media storm.

The image shows Figo in a sitting position, legs wide open, no underwear but only a strategically-placed hand covering her lady parts.

Figo whose real name is Cynthia Kayula Bwalya posted the photo on her Facebook page on Thursday as a promo for the new music video for her single ‘Taken’ which was released on the very day.

According to police spokesperson Esther Katongo, the authorities will question the local female artist and hear her side of the story over the picture.

Katongo further says if the picture is Photoshopped, the perpetrators will be brought to book


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  1. Social media is not and will never be a Holy site .Everyone can post what they want. It is their right.Are we going to waste time going through every posting to check if it is acceptable to us? Are we going to be the social media police? The Zed police are placing their priorities wrong.Leave people alone.

  2. She actually needs to take off everything to attract just an once of interest in some of us. She does not make a grade.
    Otherwise the nuditity people are dramatising about is trash… she is ugly after all!!! Oh sorry she is not pretty after all why trouble her.

  3. Is there a law on what is an acceptable photo and what constitutes a “criminal” photo as the Zambian police are trying to demonstrate here? If so tell us which law it is so that we can all study it

  4. Nothing wrong with the photo- its an artistic expression! Iris’ painted photos were more explicit- much ado about nothing!No wonder you ask female artists @ the airport if they are wearing panties- ubufontini paZed!

  5. This is a non starter. Facebook postings are personal, no one except the owners behind facebook can have postings removed if such are against what is allowed. I do not see anything fuss about this. I mean we have women operating brothels and no one says anything. A small thing like this to be made into an issue
    Ati naked

  6. I must confess that if it was not for the dust raised by this issue I would not have listened to her music, which I must confess is not bad. She is a talented girl

    • I’m releasing a song next week. Can you please create some controversy for me?

  7. Social media is what it is and if we are not carefully,we will find ourselves studying every case on social media and forget to do our “job”.

  8. There is a satanic Network which sponsors some of this Music or Musicians. That is why there is a lot of hidden Lyrics in the background. It is like part of the Pact, to get Financed. Mwanvela / Mwaumfwa?

  9. Parece nyamurada dê Roberto. Outro músico com música cheio das Merdas escondido. Mesmo calunioso e difamatória. Mesmo Merdas escondido como ele mesmo ter escondido lá. Deixá os músico de cocó e procura uma vida melhor. É já conhecido quê anda patrocinha a sua merdahs.

  10. Iyikali ya bena Nasty. “Aza ku …ngela Mama. Leka Chilile.” Olo “Abakali Bakali…” Not iyi music iyalelo, full of hidden messages. Even for the sake of Money from Producers with Money, insist on knowing & understanding the instrumental Lyrics mostly in Languages you don’t Understand. The pact has infiltrated even Gospel Music most of which plays on long distance Busses. Or is it Testimony that Even satan shall appear as the Angel of Light. Nakamba ine Kwasila.

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