Vice president Inonge Wina
Vice president Inonge Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina says government has no plans to remove from the Constitution the 50 plus one electoral law.

Mrs. Wina has told parliament that talks about such manoeuvres are neither true nor correct.

She says government is currently listening to the public regarding how it can improve governance systems and no such issue was being considered.

The Vice President says the talk is part of what constitutes misinformation circulating all over the country.

She was responding to Monze central Member Parliament Jack Mwiimbu during the Vice President’s Question Time.

Mrs. Wina also said government is looking for ways to deal with social media abuse on which platforms leaders as well as ordinary citizens have been scandalized.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Wina said government is still in talks with the International Monetary Fund-IMF.

She said an IMF team is expected early March for another visit during which discussions will continue.

The Vice President stated that government is hopeful an amicable settlement which is beneficial to Zambia will be reached.

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    • Take question to ConCourt. Pretty sure they will rule for 47+1 vote.
      They just allowed 3rd Term clause, why not change 50+1, because there is no way PF can pull more than 50%.


    • This is the problem be we have in Zambia with so called EDUCATED FOLKS. Jack Nwiimbu is a Lawyer and a Parliamentalian, so I assume he knows how changes to the Constitution are made and through what process. So for him to go to Parliament and ask such a question is really disappointing.

      How can the Govt simply change a clause/article in the Constitution on a whim without going through some sort of an open process? Isn’t incumbent upon people like Mwiimbu who is both an MP and a Lawyer to shoot down such rediculous rumors if they hear them from their constituents? Why fuel such rumors when you know they are bogus or people saying such [email protected] don’t know better?

      This is very disappointing coming from Meiimbu!


    • The problem with African presidents is that they behave like chiefs & want to rule till death. Next they’ll say no limit to the number of terms so that Lungu will rule till Mugabe.

      The Zambian constitution is now as worthless as a tissue paper after yesterday’s 3rd term fake ruling by PF’s KangCourt. It’s like the bible. If you take out one word or a full stop (to suit 1 person), it stops being a holy book.

      “Africa needs strong institutions (and constitutions) NOT strongmen” – Barack Obama.

      – DeadNBC – Captured by PF & Chinese
      – ECZ – Captured by Lungu through Esau Chulu, RB’s cousin & master riggers Kaizer Zulu & Emmanuel Mwamba
      – Judiciary – Captured by Lungu through chi Mambilima & corrupt Mwanamwambwa
      – Constitution – Captured by Lungu through under-qualified,…


    • CONT’D…
      – Constitution – Captured by Lungu through under-qualified, biased KangCourt judges
      – Parliament – Lungu’s rubberstamp
      – Police – captured through, Kapeso, Katanga, Kanganja & recruitment of thousands of PF thugs into the force
      – ZAF – captured through ex commander Chimese – who worked with Kaizer to rig elections when transporting ballots from remote areas

      We’ve been down this road before and it doesn’t end well. Mark my words.


  1. What will happen to this lady in 2021. Is she eligible or will she be dumped after having served her usefulness.


    • Pipo, not under-estimate Mrs. Wina. She almost staged an impeachment coup through PF MPs.
      Lungi was tipped by one hyena and the plan is shelved but daggers are drawn. Next President is decided. Wait for a surprise pretty soon.


  2. 3 TO 4 years ago someone or something hacked my pc whilst I was on Lusaka times which left me psychologically messed up. I Wonder if Joel Osteen’s posts are being shown on here. There is nothing wrong with Vice President Inonge Wina.


  3. Government has no plans to remove from the Constitution the 50 plus one clause
    Yes government will soon even make it 50+2



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