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The Constitutional Court ruling by the 7 Judges was unanimous-Dora Siliya

Headlines The Constitutional Court ruling by the 7 Judges was unanimous-Dora Siliya

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Dora Siliya
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Dora Siliya

Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya says government is pleased that the Constitutional Court has ably interpreted what constitutes a Presidential term and that President Edgar Lungu qualifies to contest the Presidency in 2021.

In a statement released to the media welcoming the welcoming the ruling, Ms. Siliya said that the Constitutional Court President Hildah Chibomba said the ruling by the seven Judges was unanimous.

Ms Siliya further said that the decision of the Constitutional Court is final and cannot, therefore, be appealed against, adding that electioneering should be put to rest now until the right time comes.

“For now, let us all unite and work hard for the prosperity of our country,” concluded the statement

Yesterday the Constitutional Court today that President Lungu was eligible to stand in 2021. According to the Constitutional Court, a period could only be regarded as a Presidential term if it is three or more years.

President Lungu was elected in office in 2015 after the demise of President Michael Sata whose term should have ended in 2016. President Lungu ruled for a year and six months before the 2016 elections, therefore, according to the current Republican Constitution, that period would not have counted as a term and that President Lungu will not be breaching the Republican Constitution when he stands in 2021.


  1. That’s because the judges were threatened after the earth shaking Kenyan petition and also probably bribed by a very corrupt administration.

    • I think you are right Dora looks like Figo but acts like Zodwa, either no knickers or knickers down straight away at the first asking!

    • And by the way, Dora … you’re the Minister of Information & Broadcasting create pamphlets containing a copy of the Constitution of Zambia [No.2 of 2016 V9] with Date of Assent: 5th January, 2016 – The Act.

      It would probably cost Government Printers $0.20 a copy but make those copies available to all law enforcement officers wherever Hakainde’s stup11222t demonstrators line up and let the police distribute them to them.

      Also, organize counter protests from law abiding citizens carrying placards reading “Read the Constitution!!!” to counter demonstrate along side Hichilema’s group. Give both groups permits to demonstrate, the same constitution allows them to.

      It’s time you took proactive measures to curb this opposition nonsense, these guys have IQs of maggots and they want stand…

    • Continued…

      It’s time you took proactive measures to curb this opposition nonsense, these guys have IQs of maggots and they want stand out there to distabalize the only best country God gave man on the continent of Africa.

      The smart people of the Zambian Enterprise deserve a better opposition than this bunch of cretins from God knows where. Such low libido, low morals, low class, low IQ, low life dimwits don’t control this country!!! We run this country!!! They are lucky I am not President at the moment.

      Neutralize them right away, our collective brain power is so much greater than their collective disgruntled so called people power and to top it all, we have the law on our side, they don’t.

      God forbid … Shaa; Heaven help us all!!

    • Everyone knew the outcome and those ill-qualified Lungu’s stooges were not going to say otherwise….he handpicked them himself!!

    • B R Mumba Sr, I was about to praise you for being somewhat an objective citizen in this polarized political environment, until I saw your comment on other people having an IQ of a maggot. Sir, even if you have an IQ better than Job Or Einstein, I respectfully think that you don’t have to insult others for holding a separate view point, in order to express yours. In a democracy, all have a right to hold an opinion on a public discourse. Whereas we all can’t agree on all things, or indeed on anything, we should agree to respect each other’s right to form and hold an opinion, without judging them as being unpatriotic. Even in States, the right to bear arms is daily debated. That is how it should be.

  2. The interpretation was simple and straightforward. Only Under 5 cadres and their boss Hanglo Hamerican (HH) can fail to understand.

  3. Now we need to petition the courts to find out if (HH) is serving his 3rd term as UPND president. Is this in line with the democratic tenets of our country?
    2018 – 2006 = 12 years
    Hachi Hakala (HH) is well into the 2nd year of his 3rd term. Who is he to threaten us with savagery about how the UPND will react on the Concourt ruling?
    Anyway this ruling was always his worst nightmare over the 2021 polls. This so called rich, intelligent, elitist multi-billionaire businessman is afraid to face a cowardly thieving, drunkard lawyer from the pit latrines of Chawama? These are the same people who called President Sata an “Ailing Dictator Urine Bag”
    It’s all about charisma and support from the grass roots which Kainde now realizes he doesn’t have and President Lungu has.

  4. @Mr kudos remember that you only have one vote and never you think that everyone is as compromised as you are. We have seen incumbents loosing before…..if the constitution court is final then pays us the money you illegally obtained during your illegal stay in office.

    • Yes you are right Mr Kabanana. We all have only one vote. In the 2016 elections, 50% + 1 of all Zambians used that one vote to propel President Lungu into his first term of office.
      The same 50% + 1 Zambians will use their one vote in 2021 to usher PF and President Lungu into the 2nd term.
      We have seen incumbents lose elections before very true even in Zambia RB lost to President Sata. Your candidate Kainde (HH) thought he was too clever to be Vice President to an “Ailing Dictator Urine Bag”.
      Look where he is now, president of the UPND Facebook page.

  5. This was a straight forward case. My grandfather could have deliberated on it for under 10 minutes and come to the same conclusion…

    Let’s move on…

  6. This is not what UPND should be fighting or focusing on. It’s not Lungu whom the party should be fighting but the PF policies. A good opposition would focus on poking holes in the ruling party s manifesto. Whoever their presidential candidate should not be their concern

  7. Mr HH is saying we are going to use other avenues, this man is not shameful, you have standing as a presidential candidate for many elections, can you also give us an example by not contesting in 2021. If you were elected as a president you can be a proper dictatorship in the this country. Icikwanka bacimwena kumampalanya. That’s why you will never be a president. Since your party is for Tongas, you handover to Garry Nkombo, maybe he can win in 2040.

    However the normal practice around the world is for each final court judge to render their individual and independent rulings.We were supposed to see 7-0 ,5-2 ,4-3 etc decisions
    But with this Kangaroo court,one party cadre decides and the rest put their signatures.

  9. @ kudos I don’t know that you are brainwashed to think that whoever opposes your thieves is a upnd stooge,am a Zambian without Malawian roots who has a birth right to voice out, have never voted for your hakainde who is on your lips, so my brother be objective that when things requires maturity you look at them with an objective lens otherwise you will be lost in the wilderness thinking. Very bitter about someone and you call yourself Christ – like.

  10. Kangaroo court run by unqualified magistrates masquarding as judges, useless, this useless kangaroo court should be dissolved once the owners are out of power, it’s a branch of PF with card and fee paying members sitting on the bench

  11. Jason why attacking comrade KUDOS? You’re the same people who pretend and hides behind other political parties BUT YOU ARE CLASSY UPND STOOLS.
    Your last comment defines EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. PRETENDERS ARE HATED .

  12. #1.7 Jay Gay, I thought you at least would be more sensible and help you trib.als to interpret the constitution correctly as Concourt has ruled. But alas! you also think trib.al like your brother Trib.al Hacks nd thus fail to see things as they are written.
    Tell you what, the Zambian people know that it is the only correct ruling possible for any sensible court or ordinary person. But as usual, Jay Gay, Hansungule, Ndulo, etc even Trib al Hacks himself think with their trib.e.

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