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Speed cameras have improved RTSA’s revenue collection

General News Speed cameras have improved RTSA's revenue collection

President Edgar Lungu confers with RTSA Staff at the Stand of Road Transport Safety Agency Stand during the tour of stands at the commemoration of 2018 International Anti-Corruption Day at Show grounds
President Edgar Lungu confers with RTSA Staff at the Stand of Road Transport Safety Agency Stand during the tour of stands at the commemoration of 2018 International Anti-Corruption Day at Show grounds

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) says the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has improved revenue collection.

RTSA Chief Executive Officer, Zindaba Soko said with the introduction of speed cameras, the Agency now collects in one month traffic fines what it used to collect in a year.

Mr Soko said the speed cameras and non-handling of cash by RTSA has led to RTSA raking in more revenue.

ZANIS reports that Mr Soko disclosed this when President Edgar Lungu toured the RTSA stand at the Lusaka Show grounds during the commemoration of the 2018 International Ant-Corruption Day.

Mr Soko said the introduction of the speed cameras and bank payment system is helping change public perception of corruption levels in the agency.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Police (ZP) says it is working round the clock to change public perception that the Police Service is the most corrupt institution in the country.

Zambia Police Service Assistant Director for Professional Standards, Charity Munganga told President Lungu when he toured the their stand, that Police is engaging the public to sensitise them on services the Police Service offers for free as well as procedures for complaints and the service charter.

Ms Munganga said Police officers are being re-oriented in line with the ethics and integrity requirements to ensure that they are abreast and part of efforts to rid the service and country of corruption.

And the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) told President Lungu that electoral malpractices do not happen during voting but during political campaigns.

ECZ Voter Education Manager, Emmah Mwiinga said ECZ is free from electoral malpractices because it operates a tight and fool proof system.

Ms Mwiinga said electoral malpractices are done by political parties during campaigns where they condition voters and other people to behave or conduct themselves in certain ways that will benefit their interests.

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    • Dambisa the composer of “dununa reverse” song posted a video telling lungu to put the speed cameras in his house to monitor his wife’s speed.
      How do they expect a normal human being put 30km/hr speed camera on “Great” east rd? Uzafika ntawu bwanji? Even if you’re a PF00L, some things lets not support blindly like a brain-damaged zombie.

    • @Lombe; Am assuming you live in the USA. And if you do, you must know that Police depts give speeding tickets both as a deterrent for speeding and revenue collection. They have quotas to meet which explains why at times a police officer will let you go with a warning or a ticket. Every traffic infraction is a matter of safety, it’s not exclusive to speeding.
      My take from RTSA statement is that paying through a bank has improved their revenue collection as paying to an officer at a traffic stop resulted in fines being pocketed.

  1. Lombe,
    That was exactly my thought.
    RATSA has a wrong reason for existence. They should be disbanded. No wonder road safety is a failing and worsening situation in Zambia.

    May the Lord help us.

    • Just dismiss Zindaba and employ a professional. Time is money; the unrealistic speed limits are tantamount to economic sabotage!

  2. You mean lamese have collected money that was supposed dot be for RATSA, @ Lombe they wish to collect k4 billion as mentioned in the recent national budget as part of the revenue collection

  3. One day when all motorists start obeying the speed limit it means that revenue will disappear. What happens then? I hope it won’t be put in the budget

  4. This statement from Ratsa just proves that the reason for the speed cameras was not to save lives but for money. If they are really interested in saving lives they would have introduced community sentencing instead of hefty fines.

  5. It’s only in Zambia where speed cameras are mounted for the purposes of raising revenue for government!!!! The rest of the world use cameras to save lives and prevent fatalities on the roads…

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