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Boy with needles will not be evacuated abroad but operated on by specialist doctors locally-Chilufya

Headlines Boy with needles will not be evacuated abroad but operated on by...

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya who was accompanied by Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe and Chipata Central Member of Parliament Moses Mawere and the the boy’s mother, 19 year old Rosemary Jere
Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya who was accompanied by Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe and Chipata Central
Member of Parliament Moses Mawere and the the boy’s mother, 19 year old Rosemary Jere

The Condition of the 3-year-old boy admitted to the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka with needles and wires in various parts of his body, is stable.

And Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya says a team of surgeons is currently building the nutritional status of the boy, to enable them to remove the remaining 19 needles and wires in the most delicate parts of the body.

Dr. Chilufya says the boy will not be evacuated abroad but will be operated on by specialist doctors locally.

He told ZNBC News that Zambia has qualified and specialized doctors that can handle such delicate operations.

On Saturday, President Edgar Lungu gave a directive to the Minister of Health to evacuate the boy to UTH for Specialist treatment.

Meanwhile, Dr Chilufya said the Ministry of Health is on alert and ready to handle any possible Cholera Outbreak.

And Zambian DNA has praised President Lungu for directing that the three-year old boy of Chipata with needles and wires in his body be evacuated to University Teaching Hospital(UTH) in Lusaka for specialist treatment.

Zambian DNA Spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa has since called on all Zambians to come together and pray for the healing of the boy.

Mr. Mulemwa told ZNBC News that Zambians need to show compassion and Pray for the boy.

He said it is extremely shocking that so many needles and wires could be found in the boy’s body.

Mr. Mulemwa said he sympathizes with the boy’s condition and wishes him a speedy and full recovery.


    • Chilufya, I personally have no problem with your decision as long as when your turn comes of ill health, not wishing it on you, trust our local doctors and sing to be treated or operated at UTH. We don’t want to hear of any medivac anymore.

    • Confused !!!
      I don’t know whether to be sorry to the little boy for having born on the wrong side that doesn’t belong to the elite group that gets evacuated to SA or IN without questions asked.
      Or to congratulate our local specialists for showing the courage and expose to those who DONT BELIEVE in them to carry out such work. I am one of the few who is against and criticizes evacuation to foreign countries, instead of buying VIP Jets, use that money to equip our men and women who can do the same job instead of evacuation. SHOW THEM

  1. What a pity that the alpha and omega of PF , lungu has the power over life and death of sick people in Zambia.

    It is lungus prerogative weather a sick or injured person lives or dies.

    This should not be the case. The health ministry should be proactive in saving people’s lives, not wait for lungu to decide if a person lives or dies.

    • I totally agree with you. It just shows that Chitalu is the most confused and mad doctor in the world!
      Surely does it have to take a foolish president to remind the mighty Dr Chilufya Chitalu to do the right thing and give the right treatment to the little child!! Chitalu is such a confused chap – it is just that large nose and big forehead otherwise that extra large head is full of nothing but sh.it really!!

  2. My question still stands, just how did the needles and wires enter the child’s body? Now our specialists are going to perform the heroics of removing the wires from the Liver?
    I rest my case.

  3. Just when I thought “here now is a bonafide case that requires overseas medical care” and theree comes a Minister who thinks otherwise.

    It puzzles me that the same minister and his team would sanction the evacuation of a fellow politician who goes down with a sneeze. It’s a politician’s Zambia indeed! Kano nga ebo.

  4. How did the boy arrive at this condition? How did the niddles and wires get into the boy’s body? Lost here. Since LT journalists don’t even bother to give us a brief back ground because of their copy and paste tendency. Can a good citizen of my beloved country kindly explain to me. Put me in the loop, please.

  5. Where is the Minister of Religious Affairs and influential Christian Leaders? This case is spiritual and the people mandated to offer spiritual guidance on the political leaders are mute. Those needles were commanded to enter the boy by demonic powers using incantations. They can only be removed by command using the power of holy ghost by anointed servant of the most high God.
    You can not solve a spiritual problem using physical means. That problem is above human comprehension.

  6. these are spiritual matters and only the spirit of God can deliver the little boy.Pastors where are you , God needs you to attend to the boy ASAP. Lets us call upon the name of Jesus that is above every other name to deliver the boy and the mother can be the contact for the boy.Do we really believe in God and understand what we do as Pastors. Any genuine Pastor with the right calling should have by now moved in to help the innocent boy.By fire by force distance is not the bearer i speak right deliverance of those needs in the name Jesus be removed now, amen in Jesus name. it not about the president or nay one it s about God when such things happen.

  7. Physical things start in the spirit and the spiritual matters are way above physical things and have more power than physical. Do not call upon the president please lets call upon Jesus with the help of the holy ghost the boy is delivered now in Jesus name. God the same yesterday today and forever, everything else shall pass away but the word of God will remain forever. If has a country we have failed lets us take the boy to scoan. these are spiritual matters and and can only be sorted by engaging God.

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