ZRA Headquarters
ZRA Headquarters

The Zambia Revenue Authority elite anti-smuggling squad has impounded a tipper truck carrying alcohol worth K250,000 in taxes.

The Tipper truck was intercepted around 02:30 hours at Naduba in Chikankata district of the southern province destined for Lusaka.

The alcohol is believed to have been smuggled in to Zambia and smugglers thought by using a tipper truck they would not be noticed by the anti-smuggling teams that are patrolling day and night.

Zambia Revenue Authority Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda has insisted that “ZRA will not change its stance on smuggling and that smugglers will risk losing both the goods and the truck when caught”.

Mr. Chanda further advised the transporters and truckers to ensure that they deal with legit clients who are not in the habit of smuggling to avoid the risk of losing their vehicles when impounded.

He said despite the authority meeting its annual revenue target for 2018, ZRA will not relent on anti-smuggling activities.

“These are pure cases of forgery, false representation and attempted smuggling contrary to the customs and excise act Chapter 322 of the laws of Zambia”, Mr. Chanda said.

This is according to a statement issued to the media by ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda.

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  1. Welldone ZRA.These are the people who sell their alcohol and beers at comesa cheaply because they have not paid duties therefore disadvantaging those who pay duties.You therefore can not compete fairly.


  2. Probably belongs to a drunk in the country we all know the biggest drunk who has a nick name after alcohol, the man is famous for stealing from a widow to go and drink, he was then caught and debarred, I am not mentioning any names you know yourself, you duped the wrong widow and it wasn`t the first time, you are a pompwe, drunk and dander head……


  3. Zra the first two trucks full of alcohol that you impounded last month was for your Christmas party. This one you can use it for new years party. Zra you are sorted.


  4. Useless upnd, trib.ally drunk, I suggest that you give them all the smuggled alcohol to get them really tipsy and go to sleep…..no one wants them awake…boring lot!!
    Aah okay, I exempt Hon Cornelius Mweetwa, he seems able to interact with all Zambians….Just finds himself in the wrong party.


  5. Does ZRA suddenly up their game when Christmas is near ..do their agents turn suddenly into sniffer dog like humans with heighten senses to siff out hidden contraband like excess fuel and booze.
    Tell us what you are doing different you crooks at Chirundu border post…where are investigative journalists????



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