Friday, April 12, 2024

Police block opposition parties from holding street protests on Friday


Mr Hichilema with other opposition figures at Lusaka Central Police.
Mr Hichilema with other opposition figures at Lusaka Central Police.

Police have denied a consortium of opposition political parties the right to hold a demonstration on Friday in protest over the hike increment in the salaries of cabinet ministers by 50%.

Lusaka Province Commissioner Nelson Phiri informed the opposition leaders led by the UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema that they could not proceed with the demonstration this Friday as it fell within the festive season when police had other engagements.

And in a statement, Mr Hichilema said the opposition political parties compiled fully with the requirements of the law.

“Together with nine other opposition political parties, we were invited by the Lusaka Province Police Command led by Commissioner Nelson Phiri. This is over the matter in which we notified the police to hold a peaceful demonstration in Lusaka. We have fully complied with the legal provision as provided for under the Public Order Act,” he said.

Mr Hichilema added, “We have so far been told that we cannot go ahead with our planned demonstration as it is a festive season. For now we have requested the police command to give us a date that they think is suitable for us to hold our peaceful demonstration.”

“The public must note that our colleagues in the PF have been holding these public processions and demonstrations even outside sacred institutions such as the judiciary as was the case last week without police notification,” he said.

“We have been promised that some form of commitment in writing will be done before the end of today.”


  1. For one thing civil servants and private sector employees including companies by their Chinese partners are suffering big time and PF should think of hiking their salaries by over 50%. Does this really make sense. So austerity measures are for the poor and not the already rich. And denying a permit does not make sense at all. In addition there is no time that they will allow such a noble protest because they think its right for them to eat well while the rest of us are suffering. They are taxing everyone and everything and everywhere.
    PF are a big time disaster….

    • There is no 50% salary increases, its just these mungulu opposition thinking since they have no agenda for zambia. There only campaign is alarmist. Everytime we hear “they have sold this or that”. From NRDC to Chichele. “They are corrupt”, with no proof. The levels of opposition are low. Someone please set a higher level of opposition. Not just pointing out what others have done, tell us what you can do better

    • I rather advise HH to take a break from being arrested. He faced 6 arrests in 2018.
      It would be sad to spend Christmas at Chimbokaila.

    • PF are fully aware how strong the opposition are. What happened to the impeachment motion? why didn’t they allow it to go through?

    • Fake politician HH….his supporters are not eating with Lungu whilst he is busy sneaking into the State House late at night asking for nichekeleko from Lungu and coming out and telling his blind followers that the meeting was very cordial and brotherly…..HH is part of the problem….these deals he is making with Lungu late at night and am sure Lungu assured him Presidency in 2026

    • Dont be fooled HH walked out with $20 000,000 from his late night meetings with Lungu at state house via Chinese government sponsorship…..he will continue making fake noise just to play on his dull supporters minds….and Lungu also will continue harassing HH but its all scripted and this is how Politicians manage to dupe us….Trump duped his gullible supporters….NEVER TRUST A POLITICIAN they will do anything for money

    • HH is like a toddler. Always throwing his toys out of the pram but knows it won’t get him the attention he needs. Sit down for one second and reflect on your losses!

    • Hahahaha NEVER TRUST A BUSINESS MAN MASQUERADING AS A POLITICIAN…..HH is one of them…..just by being leader of UPND HH is raking in millions….making deals with the ruling party in the dark when everyone else is asleep….Donchi Kubeba….and now busy pretending like he didn’t know the outcome of Concourt whilst Lungu sat him down and made deals with him… Lungu appointed Concourt Judges so he is their boss and he gives them orders…they asked Lungu about what would be HH’s reaction Lungu told them not to worry he will deal with HH privately and he did

    • There is something missing Mr HH.I dont think you guys are doing your best.Did you for example bring it to the attention of this policeman that his actions amount to abuse of authority of office?Policemen are not immune from prosecution for their actions,let them know now that you will deal with them when the opportune time comes,surely unless the officer completely lacks any form of conscience he should see sense in the possible prosecution for very good cause

    • Incoming Mr ‘President’ HH, I wish to say to you and the other well-thinking progressive Opposition Party Leaders, that Zambia and Zambians have had enough of the Police rhetoric especially when giving permits to the Opposition Parties to carry-out their rightful duties. When ‘People Power’ was started by Mrs Aquino, the Catholic Church and the people of The Philippines that removed Dictator Ferdinand Marcos from power, they did not have to ask for a permit from Marcos’s Police to hold a demonstration. If you and your colleagues are set to demonstrate, please go ahead and explain later to Zambians. So you seeking permits every time you want to hold something from the Zambia Police is simply a sheer waste of time!

  2. I think it will only be fair if we can be seeing how strong these opposition parties are by allowing them to peacefully protest and it will make us access there strength other wise we be shocked in 2021.

    • But strength of an opposition is not embedded in demonstrations. Demonstrations are never organized by anyone, they are just immediate reaction when citizens are not happy with something. Only problem is that our opposition are trying to look for relevance everywhere, they lack originality in the manner they do things.

  3. A dictatorship is unfolding before our very eyes until we go back to the one party state of the UNIP era… we need to take our country back like the French did

    • The only dictator in Zambia is HH. UPND is the only party that has never held a convention to democratically elect a presidential candidate. Stop projecting and instead call out the dictator in your tribal party for who he is.
      HH is so hell burnt on seeing blood shed in Zambia. Win by the vote not bullet.

    • # 3.1 Suffering from amnesia induced by inbreed !mbecility?

      Which vote’s you are blabbing about? The ones invented in the server room of ZEC?

  4. So HH is a RINGLEADER OF ORGANISED DEMO,he is behaving like RUSSIAN TSARS, the Russian mafias who were chief demo organizers. They started bit by bit, when it was election season they took advantage of given demos . The demos were campaign strategy ,lives were brutally destroyed especially poor people ,national properties were torched in St. Petersburg, Moscow etc. Damages were very severe because Kelesky REGIME didn’t realize BY ALLOW DEMOS his resume was going to suffocate to death. This system of DEMOS is the WORST of form ushering grievances .Always it’s accompanied by death of demonstrators ,police unrest,property damages and civil disobedience to national chaos.This is exactly the MIND OF HH.


    • fedup
      The danger that these dullards in PF are breeding is something that they cant even see coming.Suppressing the opposition is a dangerous game,MMD was not allowing PF to campaign because they loved PF,it is because when you bottle people’s sentiments the electorate become a potential disaster waiting to happen,allow the people to demonstrate you are digging your graves…..

  6. Everyday there is something to make Zambians angry. Preaching human rights to deaf ears. Freedom of expression denied. Archbishop Mpundu said it earlier, dictatorship is here. Little by little, next Lungu wamuyaya..

  7. I’m not a UPND member or sympathizer but the way this opposition party has been treated by PF mwandi, it leaves much much to be desired. The late Sata could have public meetings and rallies any time he wanted anywhere with little or no interference from ‘MMD Police’. That’s why it has been impossible for the UPND to form government, not because they are not popular but because their freedom of assembly and expression has been terribly stifled by PF. “The ‘PF police’ are understaffed due to the festive season”. It is not even yet the peak of the festive season.These PF leaders will be the most miserable former leaders after leaving office. So many wrongs have been committed in broad daylight for all to see.

  8. Instead of wasting valuable holding street protests, why not spend more time quietly organizing and mobilizing the party at the the grassroots and wooing and recruiting new members! Can’t you learn from what Davies Mwila and the PF are doing?

    • How do you mobilize when your card renewal exercise is cancelled by Police, this is what happened in Chingola about a week ago, PF won`t let any one meet or hold a rally while they can gather with out a police permit, if you look at what happened in Kitwe when the Kaponya`s so called youth of theirs were marching for the Chinese the permit was issued in seconds, this is pure dictatorship at play and a police state created by PF. Ati the police are busy, busy with what? harassing Kay Figo, give us a break please!!! this is a Katondo street decision by the money changer, hope he kept his coner for his trade coz he will need t one day

  9. After watching news in France they think it can apply in Zambia

    Yellow vests are not opposition political parties.

    This opposition under ck.hh.gbm will pave way for PF to rule for 50 yrs

    Big heavy weights like Dipak.guy scot. Maureen. Miles. Mulenga sata. Nawakwi. Milupi. gbm.They have failed to sale hh.

    Who is Ck to change the game

    Hh is not saleable. He is self centred. . Pompous. Selfish. Greedy. Uncharismatic. Bitter. Uncharming

    There is no opposition and NO wind of change in Zambia because of quality of opposition and their brainwash ed followers

    • my brother God forbid if it happend kainde win were do u think ck be if not just humiliate him as well ck he is fooling himself

  10. They should be allowed to protest. Festive season is a sorry excuse. How come our friends in France are protesting fuel tax this same festive period?
    Allow them before they do it illegally.
    Peaceful demonstrations are a human right.

  11. Instead of voting me down find a solution for your candidate so that he can become saleable

    Upendi can be vibrant but you have allowed one guy to take 6 penalties and he keeps missing. How does one describe YOU

    Are you not brainwashed. 2021 he will lose. 2026 he will lose by 500 votes. And as long as you keep him as your president PF will rule for 50yrs

    • Fisrt and foremost am NOT PF. But I can safely safely aay upendi under hh can’t win. He is politically impotent.

      Look at the big names that have tried to put hh into statehouse.

      Upendi has quality leaders but hh is greedy. He would rather see the party losing than allow someone else try.

      And he has managed to radicalize his followers who are ready to die for him

      I have told you before to try Cornelius Mweetwa but what I get are insults from radicals and down votes

  12. These opposition so called leaders have stole so much that they hardly have time to work but making noise daily at police station.

  13. Well done hh , keep up the pressure.

    The more they cancell demos and rallies the more lungu looks like the wannbe dictator he denis that he is not …..

  14. The police cannot allow the opposition to gather just to insult and scandalise their commander in chief. The language and tone of opposition parties are likely to annoy PF supporters who will not tolerate their President being insulted in public. Our media is also to blame because they highlight insult and vulgar language at the expense of real issues. Zambians have already voted until 2021. The Bill of Rights through the failed Referendum is now haunting the opposition.

  15. Imwe HH alipena, period. How possible is it that everything he alleges dont hold water? The recent issue he lied to Zambians is that ZAFFICO was sold. When he given a chance and summoned to substantiate his claims and and show proof, he remain mute, so is this the person worth wasting time on? Zambia does not revolve around HH and what UPND must remember is this, HH is not the next president of Zambia, its an illusion. HH is just a useless opposition leader who thinks with passage of time, he will force himself on Zambians and become president. The fact is, the presidency of this country is gotten by competition through elections and the players in this game are plenty. The elected one is one who the majority desires based on what he has done and not what imperialists want him to do.

  16. contd
    HH and UPND cant be trusted, they say one thing in the day and in the night they entertain the the very things they seem to condemn. How come HH has never seen anything good done by others except himself? Hmmmmmmmm…

  17. Abena Lungu and company want to have a very peaceful festive season with less worries period. Who does not want a peace of mind in this time of the year anyway. PF has a lot to reflect on and surely negativity and more worries are not what they want on their plate when the year is nearly over. The opposition meanwhile have a bitter pill to swallow, things have been bad for them and they should brace for the worst next year unless they change their tactics. PF is busy pleasing the right people in institutions and nothing the opposition can do otherwise the wrath of the law will not hesitate to visit them.

  18. This is what CK has been saying, Rupiah Banda allowed Sata to campaign, yet the PF is afraid of their own ghosts so won’t allow UPND to campaign freely.

  19. i have been following politics for over 15 yrs and i have never at any time heard HH comend a good deed by any sitting president. maybe i missed it. can anyone recall otherwise?

    • Very true Liverpool…! even companies which were sold by MMD, Sata never protested he only gave solutions on what he will do to reposes them back.

  20. Akene musunga takalamba minwe, don’t compare UPND to PF. If you want go ahead and demonstrate so that you can spend the festival season in Chimbokaila.

  21. Confirmed dictatorship. Police are nowhere to be seen when PF cadres went out on the streets celebrating the concourt ruling on the eligibility case without a permit but are now too busy celebrating Christmas to allow the opposition to match for a genuine concern to issue a permit.

    • You did the same when your Under5 party leader was freed in Ndola at Central police, you celebrated in streets. Why give him a platform to destabilise the nation and when called to exculpate himself for telling lies he become mute. Nimbuli Leader wenu!!!

  22. Yaba, this clown too!! Fuma apa iwe just wasting our time. And don’t you know that our roads are congested? Wait until all roads are completed before you mess up with flow of traffic.

  23. “Lusaka Province Commissioner Nelson Phiri informed the opposition leaders led by the UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema that they could not proceed with the demonstration this Friday as it fell within the festive season when police had other engagements.”


  24. The police are right, do you want Hacks to hack our Christmas season? The answer is NO!!
    Give him a date in July 2021 when he will be campaigning for his last heavy defeat and biding farewell to his still born political ambitions.
    How can a sensible person ever hope to rule Zambia when he was never “elected” as upnd president in 2006? He is only there because the trib.als thought that it was their “turn” to rule Zambia, according to Sejani. Now which Zambians such a leader? No wonder he thinks that he can only achieve that ambition through the courts and not through the ballot. And when they rule against them ALL the time he can only think the judiciary is compromised, after all he was annointed by his trib.als!!!

  25. What a life! As Opposition leader you can’t take a case to court because that constitutional court will always side with government. You can’t protest because the police won’t give you permission, you can’t ask the speaker to allow debate on the issue cos the speaker also wants the increments, you can’t meet and discuss strategy because you will be arrested for illegal assembly

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