The Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation will switch off analogue television by 31st December 2018.

ZNBC Corporate Affairs Manager Yvette Chanda however says five districts will not be switched off.Mrs. Chanda says the districts to remain on analogue are Mbala, Senga Hill, Nakonde, Chirundu and Manyinga.

She was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka.

ZNBC switched off analogue television along the line of rail in October 2017.And Top Star Vice President Cliff Sichone said 90 percent of the work regarding digital migration has been done.

Mr. Sichone said Zambia has done well with the migration process getting to a stage where many channels can be accommodated on a platform.

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  1. I have not felt or seen anything digital on ZNBC. Everything is just the same. Same old boring videos and programmes. Same old women and men doing the same old programmes. Life can be boring I tell you!


  2. Just switch off the whole station and build a mall where it stands today as nobody listens to or watches znbc anyway.


  3. Why not close shop and allow the viewers a chance to breath fresh air? The station adds nothing of value to the common man apart from misusing the little that is grabbed from them.



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