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Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company suspends water supply the town of Chirundu


Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company
Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company

The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company says water supply has been suspended in the town of Chirundu as a result of high turbidity levels on Zambezi River which is our source of water.

Company Marketing and Public Relations Manager Patson Phiri said the high turbidity levels have rendered treatment virtually impossible and all efforts have been made but the water quality remains compromised.

Mr. Phiri said the required levels for the company to supply water from a recommended stand point is less than 5ntus but they have been registering over 40 to 50ntus in terms of purity.

He said in the last 24 hours, the company has observed that the main production unit is discharging water with dark colour that is not recommended for human consumption.

Mr. Phiri said it is also not practical from the company’s perspective that insists on total quality as their policy to supply water of compromised quality.

He said the company has a duty to protect the lives of the people and having analyzed these developments, it has become necessary to suspend supply until the quality of water on the Zambezi River improves.

Mr. Phiri said the company is monitoring this situation and supply will be restored as soon as the levels of turbidity improve.

He added that in the meantime, the company has deployed chemists, to Chirundu to continue testing and giving them updates on levels of water quality while another team has been deployed to modify sedimentation system in an effort to find a lasting solution to the problem of turbidity on the river.

Mr. Phiri emphasised that nothing can be done about the high levels of turbidity other than waiting until the quality of water on the river improves.

He said it is suspected that the turbidity levels have arisen from the tributaries of Zambezi River which are collecting dirty into the River thereby compromising turbidity levels.

Mr. Phiri said the company does not expect the situation to continue for a long time but emphasised that the smaller production unit remains active where customers are receiving water.

He has urged the residents to share the commodity with the vast portion of the residents who are not receiving supply.


  1. Safety first so we can’t blame them. But they should in the meantime introduce mitigatory measures such as water bowsers to service the community or else there will be diseases.

  2. how come “you” said that the brown water from the faucets at cbu was safe to drink?
    did they conduct turbidity tests on that water from cbu because it sure looked bad

  3. The company that has mastered the art of excuses.its now talking of turbidity, intus and other complicated terms that we as customers we wouldn’t even want to know. Ministry of health is busy encourage people to wash hands before and after using the toilet while the mighty excuse company lwsc is busy giving excuses why people should not have water for I don’t know how long. Privatise this company please.

  4. Hey.y punishing people no solution ..its hurting .u should think thrice .no Petra trine at the border ,crocodiles attacking people at the river lot in hospital.. To me this is state of emergency… Its not politics let find a solution which will help us ….sure ure thinking madly..increase kiosks ,petra trine,bore how’s and water tanks in chirundu….u really understand me visits people in hospital bcoz of crocodiles, think where are drivers helping them self’s at the border visit them…some comments reserved its hurting me…its too much..y r u pipo in the office..its hurting do we need to higher a white man to improve water sanitation s in chirundu
    .we can’t do on our own…wake up lwsc

  5. At the same time an Act has just been taxed to tax bottled water at 25% so each unit of water 20 liter will cost you 6 Kwacha more

  6. Oh but we can all now afford chibuku as the tax on that is only 3 %. Besides the Chibuku is packed in a good size enough for 1 child to consume 1 bottle a day at school. And the bottles are not so bad. They are brown so wont show up on the streets

  7. LWSC is a sham….they cook up excuses fblaming not providing services, blaming whoever they find fit…..they like heaping blame on Zesco most times…..meanwhile they fail to provide service all the days regardless…..and now they find it fit to blame nature???turbidity my foot!and just what the f**k is turbidity……we are indeed messed up in this country……

  8. As an engineer, what type of design is the sendimentation tank? Whats the rentetion time? I feel turbidity should be less of a problemz the company should be having because its something visible. If we can be able to treat waste water, i feel water from zambezi should be less of an issue. Let the company check the proceses especialy the first stages upto filtration.

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