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GBM condemns President Lungu for Forced evictions of locals on land bought by an Italian Investor


UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba delivers his remarks during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night
UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba delivers his remarks during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner on Friday night

UPND Vice President Dr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has strongly condemned the forced evictions and demolitions of four villages under Chief Pembamoyo in Vubwi District.

“Watching and listening to citizens crying and mourning the loss of their property and homes during this time when it is raining, leaves me with no kind words for President Lungu, His Member of Parliament Margaret Miti, District Commissioner Catherine Mumba and the councillors who are all Patriotic Front officials because they have neglected the plight of the citizenry.”

Dr Mwamba said it is unfortunate that Edgar Lungu and his officials are busy celebrating that “he can when he can’t “ forgetting people that voted them into office.

He also wondered how policemen can go flat out demolishing homes and property of people who have been residing in the said location since 1910 because a known Italian has bought the area.

“Police were so barbaric in their act because they went on demolishing homes and property without engaging the tenants who claimed children were still sleeping when the demolition started,” said Dr Mwamba.

Dr Mwamba warned Edgar Lungu against displacing Zambians in preference of investors when Zambia has vast land which can be allocated to others without disturbing the tenants.

“The silence of Edgar Lungu and his officials over the forced eviction and demolition of four villages in Vubwi is shocking and unbelievable,” said Dr Mwamba.

Dr Mwamba called on Edgar Lungu and his officials to check on the hundreds of homeless people who include children because media reports showed the affected people and children sleeping outside.

“You cannot be enjoying yourself when people that voted for you are suffering, go and check on their status, it is raining now were will they go with their children because their homes have been destroyed.” said Dr Mwamba.


  1. You are one to talk. Looking like a deflated IFA tire. When your rogue cadres wantonly burn markets just so HH can “console” people suffering and try to start riots.

    • One more thing ba LT; this man is not a doctor and does not deserve under any circumstances whatsoever to be called a doctor. It’s an insult to all DRs out there addressing this man as such!

    • The Real Olivia Pope,

      You are very right. Since when did GBM obtain a PhD to deserve being addressed as Dr. Mwamba? The ignorance of our media is nauseating. Only those with earned doctorates are supposed to be addressed with the title of Dr. The Higher Educational Authority and the Zambia Qualification Authority have stressed this point many times. But as far as our obtuse media is concerned, he is Dr. Mwamba! Mandela had more than ten honorary doctorates from highly reputable universities but not once was he addressed as Dr. Mandela.

    • @The Real Olivia Pope and xFaxtor: It’s important to focus on what he is talking about and not who is saying it. He is bringing to light real suffering but you focus on a none issue. This is why we can’t develop as a country, always focusing on personalities
      not issues.

    • Ok PF supporters are plain stup!d mwe. Not even one comment about the plight of poor Zambians but you write a whole paragraph about the person saying it and unproven allegations. Honestly you lack basic human decency. Just because your party is full of brainless zombies does not mean you always have to tow that line. Sometimes just be normal and not perpetually !d!otic and dull. Shame.

    • When hh displaced villagers from their land in preference for his malnourished cattle all you cretins supported it. Headmen are selling lands and you blame it on ecl. Not long ago lands minister wanted to tighten thus practice but chiefs walked out of the meeting.

    • Slimming diet is taking it’s toil. He wants to look vice presidential. I honestly was thinking he was passing on.
      People, please always always always get land from the Local Council not councillors.

    • Am really shocked that people can not outrightly condemn the act of evicting Zambians from their land in rainy season and at night. We are now questioning the credibility of the qualifications of Mr.Mwamba.Are we patriotic Zambians or we are just excited to be on social; media? Do we really love our country ? Oval head, are you a Zambian? Have you ever heard anywhere in the world where citizens of a country are evicted from the land for the sake of Zambians who have bought land? How would you feel if it was your relatives? This is not politics. It’s people’s lives. These Zambians don’t have anywhere to go. Tomorrow, the same politicians will go and try to distribute bicycles and cell phones to buy votes.

    • It’s so sad to see that Politics has blinded Zambians to an extent that we cannot see the suffering of our fellow Zambians Over a Foreigner. It’s wrong and we should stand up to investigate and help those affected. NEXT, IT WILL BE YOUR RELATIVES. You can Hate GBM, but focus on what he is saying.

  2. What most of you dont understand is that chiefs are the ones selling land to foreigners.

    And GBM must equally be concerned about hh evicting people in namwala and erected paddock for his animals

    Ushe ngobmbe shaliba more important than abanthu.

    It practically impossible to add value to this man.

    Look at the big names that tried to sale him. Nevers mumba. Dipark. Guy Scot. Miles sampa. Maureen. Nalumango. Mucheleka. Royclark. Munkombwe. All the big names

    Now niba Tiyeseko ck behind the wheel trying to sale a reject.

  3. Pale skinned foreign animals are more equal than others on the Zambia animal farm. Very very depressing indeed.

  4. Ailing Vice President Urine Bag. He looks very stressed and unhealthy. UPND is bad for your health.
    Look at the large tracts of land in Namwala where Kaponya (HH) was trying to evict locals and government had to intervene.
    You’re trying to be relevant yet they’ve already dropped you from UPND.

  5. What you are also ignorant about is that, a chief only has powers to allocate a maximum of 250 hectares,, anything above the said figure should have the blessings of the government ,, hence let us not be quick to cretisize our Cheifs,, some of us we are previlaged to be part of Royal Establishments hence we have seen such irregularities happening and people being quick to blame this on Traditional leaders,, A chief Dom is only in existence if there is vast land and a good number of subjects living on it,, every Chief is aware that He exists because there is Land and subjects to rule over,,

    • Do you have idea how 250 hectares looks like. Do you understand 250 hectares. ???

      Chiefs are the biggest problem. If you go to chisamba the whole land was sold to Chinese. And now Chinese are selling land like Galaun

      African chiefs sold subjects to slave trade and they turned round condemning slavery.

      PF is a problem and upendi is worse

  6. The Real Olivia Pope,

    You are very right. Since when did GBM obtain a PhD to deserve being addressed as Dr. Mwamba? The ignorance of our media is nauseating. Only those with earned doctorates are supposed to be addressed with the title of Dr. The Higher Educational Authority and the Zambia Qualification Authority have stressed this point many times. But as far as our obtuse media is concerned, he is Dr. Mwamba! Mandela had more than ten honorary doctorates from highly reputable universities but not once was he addressed as Dr. Mandela.

  7. When are forced evictions of bad leaders at plot 1 and parliament buildings gonna occur? Let’s spread the misery equally .

  8. Yes I am very much aware of the dimensional correctness of 250 hectares,, I know the kilometers that add up to make 250 hectares,, I know that 1 village accounts for more than 250 hectares to accommodate all the families that fall under a particular village.. That’s simple Junior mathematics,, let us refrain from partisan politics which are practiced by people who have never been to school and articulate issues like technocrats,, let us not engage in harmful practices that will harm the future generations,, at the rate at which we are moving on we risk being another South Africa,, where 70% land is in the hands of white people,, let us not just look at our pocket but also look at the unschooled villagers who dipped on fishing and farming for survival,, if dispress them where are they…

    • Wanted to ignore you but you are really useless, who taught you mathematics at school or maybe you never entered the classroom. Where do you measure area in kilometres? Don’t say things you don’t understand so well. Again I also ask you the same question, do you know what 250 hectares of land mean?

  9. going to settle and feed there families? If the Chief gives out 250 hectares,, the affected people are always allocated to other fertile Lands to survive on,, No chief can dispress his own people cause the Indunas can rise up against that Chief,, is the objective to build a better Zambia or to argue without facts? You should be mindful that even your pay masters are watching your ignorance in the way you articulate on issues which involve them,, hence be objective and hide your ignorance,,
    is Political

    • 250 hectares is too much land. According to you its just a small piece of land that you play around with.

      Do you know the value of One square meters in Japan or china.

  10. The bible says in the last days people will be all the bad these you could think of bena Lungu are just playing their part….for-filling what is already said. No human unless his mad would chase his own people from there own land…even our ancestors are upset.

  11. And in these countries you cant even be allowed to own a 10cm 2
    Especially a black from Zambia.

    The state controls every piece of land in china

  12. Zambian should always be put first when it comes to land, try go buy a 250 hector farm in Europe!!, even if you have all the money in world as long as you are black you won`t get it, if you look at countries Like South Africa and Namibia the land issue is a sticky situation were 2% of the population which is white own 96% of the land and they are straggling to get their land back, you have examples 2000 km away and you cant use them.

  13. These bloody chiefs sell land cheaply . Use the money to buy a Mitsubishi canter and marry multiple wives. after few days a foreigner comes to claim the land and the people start crying

  14. Everything ni Lungu since 1910! Does it then make it right, yourself chased people in kasama on what you termed was your fathers land chiwamila mbuzi?

  15. Talk about the Namwala villagers who were evicted by HH. You should have spoken about that evil before you talk about other people’s evil? Why did not you condemn Edgar Lungu when HH evicted people from Namwala?

    • Did HH evict people in the rainy season and night? Didn’t the government intervene for the sake of the people? They did because he was an opposition leader and a Zambian even though people were asked to be relocated not in this case where the people have been brutalized and evicted in the rainy season and at night. Read it again. They have been forcibly evicted from the land they have stayed since the 1940s. How would you feel if it were your relatives?
      Hatred will not take you anywhere. People’s lives have been destroyed and you are busy talking about the people in Namwala who did not even lose not even an inch of land.

  16. Thanks Dr GBM, evictions and demolitions are now everywhere. Zambians are being treated like animals in their own country, people are going through hardships. What’s painful is that these evictions and demolitions are being done with the full knowledge of the leadership. Indeed the PF will reap what they’re sowing

  17. @Kabu,, I am Technologist in Electromechanic ENG,, any dimension can be given with any SI unit,, no wonder we have standard conversions,, just because you majored mu fiswati twichulilamo,, just take your empty head were you can flow properly,, you can convert a Km into any SI unit of your choice,, we base out analysis on the many possible outcomes,, of course you might know of one chief who sold land, but should we condem the rest of the good ones? How many times has our government sold state owned entities for as to fail to connect this puzzle? The subject at hand is the sail of land and people being dispressed,, it’s not about the past of President Lungu or H.H,,even a pupil can stick to a subject,, what can I say maybe you’re a street thug

  18. GBM might have a point he is trying to put across which can be proved by facts when presented and NOT just accusations. What about those who HH kicked out of some land as if they were not fellow Zambians? How was this issue concluded? Can someone help us to know. And this is the man who shares the same eating table with GBM.


    • Square kilometers and kilometers are not the same thing, one is measure of area while the other is measure of distance. In geometry we are a bit precise with the use of these terms.

  20. 1.1 Only poorly educated individuals want to emphasize on useless titles like Dr so and so. Nelson Mandela had a lot of these but never at any moment did he want to be addressed as such. Even Obama if I am not mistaken is a professor of some sort but he’s never referred to as such. As for the land I think it’s time we started to educate our people about land. A land may not be occupied but it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t got owners. Also those of us who own land must ensure there is a sign of occupation so that such disputes can be avoided. I speak from experience because my farm land was once encroached on but luckily the villagers vacated without much resistance. Gbm is only speaking because he wants political mileage otherwise deep inside him he doesn’t believe a single word he’s…

  21. But iwe GBM, you and Hacks are certainly not the alternative leadership which we need. That leadership will come but it is not and will never be you and your I have repeatedly told you that if President Lungu is bad, tgen you are much much worse, on a score of 1 – 10 applied to you, Hacks and Edgar, he stands at 8.8 while you and are at 2 and 2.5 respectively. Why cant that sink into your heads?

  22. But if the Italian was legally sold the land and has title deeds to that effect then he has every right to claim for that land.


  24. Sometimes we need to do a bit more digging in these matters. Most black Zambians tend to think that any white person is a foreigner and is therefore not entitled to owning any piece of land. This so-called Italian could very well be a Zambian. At Woodlands Stadium, there has been this continuing controversy over the ownership of the stadium between the Justin Zulu committee and Diego Cassilli. Some of the anti-Cassilli people have opposed his ownership of the City of Lusaka and the area around it that he has modernized on the grounds that he is a foreigner although he is Zambian citizen by birth and breeding!

    • That’s our undoing. We are jealous of non black Zambians because of their success. It would help a lot if we took time to learn the secret of their success. Just as we’re talking some Zambian contractors have abandoned projects in NWP after receiving payment. 1million years from today we still be complaining unless we started recognizing and accepting our weaknesses.

  25. @kabu you can measure area with distance when you take a dimension of 100mX100m it will give an area of a hectare, so you can move Km east and Km south to have an area. you just have co move from km to m…. Very ignorant chap

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