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Over 1,200 people die in Road Traffic Accidents


Chibombo Bus Truck Accident
Chibombo Bus Truck Accident

Over 1,200 people have died in Road Traffic related accidents on Zambian roads in the first nine months of this year.

However the deaths recorded this year as at September 30th, 2018, are fewer compared to the deaths recorded last year during the same period.

According to the latest road safety bench marking report from the Zambia Road Safety Trust (ZRST), 1,282 lives were lost on Zambian roads, compared to 1,407 recorded during the same period in 2017.

According to the report released by ZRST Head of Communications Mailos Mwale, over 100 people are killed every month, and that the development is hampering the attainment of the 2020 target of a 50 percent reduction in road traffic accidents.

And ZRST Chairman Daniel Mwamba has called for concerted and multi-sectoral response from government and stakeholders as RTA deaths are robbing the country of 100 Zambians every month, and costing the economy K5 billion every year.

Mr Mwamba stated that Pedestrians and cyclists continue to make up almost 70 percent of the more than 2, 000 annual road traffic deaths in Zambia which he described as unacceptably high.

He urged motorists and pedestrians to always be alert on the road and obey traffic rules by not drinking or taking drugs.

Mr Mwamba also urged government to address the issues regarding the safety of pedestrians, in particular the construction and conversion of safe roads for vulnerable road users.

Mr Mwamba further said that the ZRST will participate in this year’s road safety week, which commences on December 16 and will work with the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) and other stakeholders to raise awareness of road safety during this festive period.

Mr Mwamba observed that the festive season is prone to recording high road fatalities due to the excitement that fills the holiday season, which is a danger for road users.

He pointed out that last year over 20 people were killed during the said period, adding that the public needs to exercise road safety regardless of what period we are in.


  1. The money spent on traffic officers with their illegal road blocks should be used on road traffic signs and proper road marks, not to mention our roads especially in our so called sub urban neighbourhood areas, townships and feeder roads in rural areas are amongst the worst in the world. Even in DRC where they have wars in different parts of that country their roads are in better condition.

    • Tebupubafye ubu? Recently fi RATSA were saying that their profitability had skyrocketed with the inception of fixed speed cameras. Totally out of order and off-focus. They should have been saying that they are now targeting zero traffic accidents. The trouble is no one thinks in that country, the led as well as the leaders. The ***** who altered such an irresponsible statement should have resigned, if anyone was sensible in that country. But there we go the goon was applauded!

    • fya blocker if na fyo. I said the !diot who altered such an irresponsible statement should have resigned, if anyone was sensible in that country. But there we go the goon was applauded! Fusekeni fey bonse mwe!

  2. No one knows what the next day has to offer despite efforts by human nature to make it perfect. Population reduction happens in so many ways, let just be open minded.

  3. the roads are just unsafe with all these bloodly useless money making scum speed camera`s coming up every where and good for nothing toll gates that cost a fortune, these id!ots juts can`t plan for sh!t

  4. Sad indeed that we continue to lose lives in this manner. Unfortunately, instead of addressing the real causes, RTSA has been turned into a business (recently someone said he was happy with the amount of revenue being collected by RTSA). Just last night when i was driving along Kabwe Rd. There was an accident just after farm store area involving 4 vehicles. whatever the cause may be, this is one area where the road is full of ridges and once you miss the fallow where other vehicles drive on a daily basis and you have a compromised suspension, that’s it, you are gone.

    1. Poor road signage
    2. Dilapidated road infrastructure, Ridges & pot holes which can easily be mended by councils remain unattended to
    3. Our roads in Most Cases have no shoulders and once you lose balance on main road, you are gone
    4. Use of spotlights at night is a serious menace to other drivers
    5. Drinking & driving
    6. Vehicles that breakdown on the road
    7. SI burning night driving is causing serious traffic, overtaking on Kabwe rd. in becoming a serious hazard (also same SI creating new problem for govt. – increase in prostitution – go check Chibombo & Kabwe just after railway line at night)
    8. Too many stoppage points (once driver has chance to move, he needs to cover for lost time, especially those heading to the…

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