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Lungu under fire after his Bemba thieves and Chinese Cockroaches jokes


President Edgar Chagwa Lungu  at the First-ever-Annual Economics Gala Dinner organised by the Economics Association of Zambia under the theme: "Uniting Towards Achieving An Integrated Approach To National Economic Development" at InterContinental  Hotel on Wednesday, December 12,2018-Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA/STATE HOUSE
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu  at the First-ever-Annual Economics Gala Dinner organised by the Economics Association of Zambia under the theme: “Uniting Towards Achieving An Integrated Approach To National Economic Development” at InterContinental  Hotel on Wednesday, December 12,2018-Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA/STATE HOUSE

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Executive Committee member Chilufya Chishala says it is immoral for politicians to make political capital out of President Lungu’s remarks on Chinese people and Bembas.

Republican President Edgar Lungu has come under fire after he made a joke which questions the honesty of Bembas and also likened the Chinese to Cockroaches because of their ability to survive in harsh conditions.

But Chishala who is the former ruling party’s Chairperson for Agriculture who resides in Eastern province said any Zambian who is old enough knows that Easterners are all Nyanja speaking people regardless of the differences in their linguistic dialects.

He said politicians should not use such a harmless joke to divide the nation but instead promote such jokes and learn to live the way the country has lived in harmony between the tribal cousins.

“You can have someone from Chama to Nyimba, they can still communicate. Easterners have one langauge, whether you are Chewa, Tumbuka, Nsenga, Kunda or Ngoni they are all one, they have a similar language and this is partly due to inter marriages.

“Similarly for Bemba speaking people, you cannot differentiate people from Luapula and those from Northern or Muchinga, these are one people.

“For some disgruntled politician to shamelessly try to make political capital out of a cousinship which has existed and lasted for close to a century, is cheap. These two people’s have demonstrated this during weddings, funerals, kitchen parties, Amatebeto and Ichombela nganda,” he said.

Chilufya added that as a Bemba person who has lived and married in Eastern province for over 30 years, he has been welcomed in all areas of life, and has playfully done cousinship with all the tribes in eastern province and the people themselves like and enjoy it.

“President Lungu was born and bred on the Copperbelt, and Copperbelt people only know that people from Eastern province are all one and they are cousins with Bemba speaking people that’s it.

“Please, let’s allow President Lungu to live among us, let us not make him an alien in his own community. He has a life to lead, free to joke and play antics with whomever he so wishes.

“A President is a human being, living among humans and he must not be denied that just because he is a President,” he said.

Chilufya went on to rebut the President’s joke.

“Let me demonstrate my love for this cousinship, for instance we have very useless people from Eastern province like Dickson Jere, Laskin Jere, Noel Nkhoma, Lameck Mangani, Moses Mawere, Vincent Mwale, Peter Daka including their sisters Angela Chifire, Shirley Thole, Vera Tembo-Chiluba, Dora Siliya, Pilile Jere, Olipa Phiri, Elizabeth Phiri just to mention a few, amongst ten(10) of these men eight(8) are dagga smokers and eight(8) of their sisters are not reliable and they cannot be trusted because their culture is synonymous to three things which they believe in so much smoking dagga and they know what they do and I wont mention the last one.

“I am asking them to the challenge me including President Lungu and former President Rupiah Banda,” he joked.

Meanwhile Republican President Edgar Lungu’s untimely joke about Bembas being thieves has also received condemnation from All People’s Congress party president Nason Msoni.

President Lungu is said to have joked that in every 10 thieves 6 are Bembas something his fixers have said it is a joke aimed at his traditional cousins.

But All People’s Congress party president Nason Msoni described the joke as an abuse of the Bemba speaking people as President Lungu is not a Ngoni for him to practice cousinship with the Bembas.

The outspoken opposition leader explained that the Republican President was being ungreatful to the people who gave him an opportunity to govern the country.

“Edgar Lungu is not Ngoni to get away with abusing our Bemba cousins in the manner and fashion he did.

“Nothing can atone for this blatant abuse of Bembas. He forgot that it is the Bemba’s who gave him the opportunity to be President of Zambia.

“When we say Lungu is an ingrate this is exactly what we mean. It is a material fact that Lungu has shortchanged Easterners with his fellow Malawians in his administration,” he said.

He further claimed that President Lungu was using the Ngonis because it suits when to the contrally he has never liked them as can be seen from his cabinet were Ngonis have been excluded.

“Our counsel to you trying hard to fix his insults to Bemba speaking people is that please leave Ngoni people out of this. Edgar has never liked Ngoni people and this is explicitly visible by his obvious exclusion of Ngoni’s from his administration.

“Edgar only wants Ngoni’s to give him support and to vote for him when it suits him. Traditional cousinship doesn’t offer an opportunity to anyone to abuse the entire clan.

“Clearly Lungu criminally abused and stigmatised Bemba’s as thieves and nothing can atone for this behaviour than for Lungu to apologise to the entire Bembas. You cannot paint the whole tribe with one brush,” Msoni said.


  1. Zambians too have been surviving your cholera,pit latrines, mountains of stinking garbage and high debts Lungu.Are Zambians roaches too?

    • This man is not presidential material. He should no that every word he says is analysed. 6/10 thieves in Zambia are Bemba! Chinese are like cockroaches…from the mouth of a president? Give me a break!

    • Iwe Chilufya Chishala did ECL say those words during any of those functions namely: weddings, funerals, kitchen parties, Amatebeto and Ichombela nganda ? If the answer is “NO”, then please just SHHUUTUUP, and stop exposing your own ignorance. This is just too much, taking Zambians for granted.

      But its ECL who wanted to make political points to show the Chinese how he is fighting xenophobia against the Cochrr…, if it went berserk, blame him but don’t blame Zambians or opposition politicians.

    • @Nostradamus
      I don’t understand how lungu can betray you in that bemba statement,, I thought we are all friends without tribalism,,,,
      This is the problem of playing na bena kaizer, you don’t know when to tell jokes

    • It is NOT a joke Mr Chilufya! what about the Chines are they his cousins to likened them to cockroaches? THIS IS WHAT THE PRESIDENT THINK OF US BEMBAS AND THE CHINES. THIEVES AND COCKROACHES. There are limits in jokes. i am very disappointed and very upset with the president. he was completely wrong and STOP defending him. they say when a rich man falls, there are many to lift him up

    • NO MR CHILUFYA, IT WAS NOT A JOKE! That function was no organised by northeners and estheners and the chines are not his cousins t likened them to cockroaches. they say when a rich man falls there are many to lift him up

    • @Ndobo, I tried to explain on behalf of Pilato that his song of mouse turning into rat ” team mbeba ni Koswe”, it was a tribal cousinship.

    • Both Chilufya and Msoni are speaking nonsense. Not all Easterners are in the Nyanja group. Tumbuka is out of the nyanja loop. Kunda is a different language. Then there is Chikunda which is different. And there are the Biza a very big population in the Luangwa whose language is closer to Chibemba although you can detect Chewa influences
      Msonis Ngoni they are very few and none speaks Ngoni in Zambia. Ngonis are only cultural so just like lots of people in the North pass for Bembas non Ngonis in the East are misidentified too.

    • He has left a right big mess and jetted off to Japan…surely what type of lawyer is this who lacks social skills? Anyway this what happens when you surround yoursrlf with illiterates and boys in State House

    • This kind of careless talk and tribalism from Lungu, should not be tolerated, this is how it started when an estimated 800,000 to 1,000,000 Rwandans were killed.?
      The genocide was planned by members of the core Hutu political elite, many of whom occupied positions at top levels of the national government. Perpetrators came from the Rwandan army, the Gendarmerie, and government-backed militias..

    • Animo Farm living in the UK who wants the CHINESE not to come to Zambia “his country” but the FARM lives in a country which belongs to others! HH is a leader of a TRIBAL GROUPING and TRIBALISM and RACISM are cousins and UPND has them both. I am glad CHILDISH is UNELECTABLE.

  2. He was just a bit drunk cut him some slack. People are trying to gain political mileage from nothing.
    UPND are the ones under fire because of the way Kaponya (HH) rose to power with the help of Ackson Sejane and Mutinta Mazoka.

  3. we can never stop our KOSWE KOLWE relationship, nipachimbuya che.. do your own chimbuya than criticising a relationship you don’t understand..

    I’m breaker and I approve this message

  4. Numb skull, even when drunk, certain things are not acceptable…how can not label all Bemba people, or the majority of Bemba people as thieves. That is beneath such a dignified office!

  5. Numb skull, even when drunk, certain things are not acceptable…you can not label all Bemba people, or the majority of Bemba people as thieves. That is beneath such a dignified office!

    • So HAKAINDE MENTAL was drunk? You took his blood alcohol level and determined is he has genes of TRIBALISM in him? That was great! What did the brain scar reveal also? MENTAL and MAD COW DISEASE? Eat more CHICKEN.

  6. This is Truth from the so called “Humble and Popular President”. Truth will always come out. If 6 are Bembas, then 3 are Ngonis and 1 Foreigners, according to the President. Bembas wake up. When drunk people speak, they would be speaking from the bottom of their heart.
    The President has decampaigned himself. Opposition parties, here is a penalty for you to score in 2021.

    • They are all thieves……….ubucenjeshi which is translated in English as deception, subtle, cunning. Those are the characteristics of the devil himself.

    • Losing election five times in roll and all signs pointing to another sixth loss by UNDER FIVE is a traumatic experience for the RACIST and TRIBAL grouping. It is the reason it has bitter hearts and evil hearts. The good news is that it is UNELECTABLE.

  7. He was joking with his cousins; the Bembas. No one should gain political mileage out of it. However, I’m not sure about the Chinese????

    • kolwe – What Ngoni? Who speaks Ngoni? When Mpezeni speaks, doesn’t he speak Nsenga? The counsinship is between Easterners and Northeners – the Nyanja Group and the Bemba Group. Trying to fragment this relationship wont work.

  8. Hehehehe………if the Chinese are like cockroaches they should surely be kept at bay. As for the Bemba thief comment, the President was simply joking with his tribal cousins

  9. Hehehehe……..Bemba kawalala, the President was just joking with his tribal cousins. As for cockroaches being likened to the Chinese, then they should be kept at bay. No person in their right mind would want cockroaches in their house

  10. Anyway,Lungu was joking.I know ba kaswe ba ku chipata love us too much.There is notghing wrong of what lungu said.He was just playing chimbuya.Ba sata joked of eatersners but nothing happened.Awe we are not offended stop it ba opposition u’re making us more annoyed.Kambwili should also stop the nonsense of saying lungu was insulting bembas.lungu speaks bemba n can’t insult us.he was making a point of having chinese in zambia.His point was there are many bemba speaking pipo and if u find 6 thieves out 10 it doesnt mean bembas are thieves.That was a point.Awe apapenna i’m with Lungu

    • Jokes in many cases should give unrealistic statement, but when you say something near to the truth or an opinion expressed by some in the past that is not a joke any more. Leaders should try to avoid controversy, stick to written speeches to avoid storms in cups.

  11. This Chilufya Chishala’s head is filled with a lot of dagga and is trying to get attention by using the President’s jokes. What proof does he have about all the named persons smoking weed unless he smokes with them.

  12. Cousin ship will never end Imwe bakolwe,. Tribes like Tongas and Lozis drink cattle urine because of scarcity of rivers in the provinces they come from. Don’t argue.

    • This man is not presidential material. He should know that every word he says is analysed. 6/10 thieves in Zambia are Bemba, Chinese are like cockroaches…from the mouth of a president? Give me a break.

  13. Imwe chaipapo nichani ngati ba president CAN JOKE WITH HIS TRIBAL COUSINS the bembas? That’s WHY BITTERNESS is a not good in society at all. It’s BLEEDS witches and wizards.
    Sure I don’t find a reason of why comrade Msoni
    wrote or say all of that for something that he well knows.

  14. Why are you trying to bring confusion.why not come out straight and complain about the Ngonis being excluded from cabinet. How many tribes are in Zambia,and how many members should cabinet have?bembas did not give Lungu the presidency but Zambians did.Stop using Bemba’s.

  15. That`s what he thinks, we know the chap is a serious drunk and won`t make such an error in judgement because he was tipsy, the guy drinks three bottles of whiskey, which I don`t think he did at that function, he meant what he said, what cousin ship, anyway Sunday and his brother are for sure among the 6 out of 10 that is a proven fact

  16. Reading Nason Msoni, I thought there was some substance in what he said. Completely off tangent and therefore rendered completely useless, unreadable rub.bish.
    Where did our opposition get this dullness kanshi? It seems to be associated with Trib.al Hacks though. Who else can utter such runnish? See Kambwili he has his own rubbis.h now he has learnt a few more from Trib.al.
    Ba Nason you missed an opportunity just like Trib.almissed his five or is itsix times? Now just shut up, ortake thematter to Concourt…..as isual…kikikikiki

    • Ba Msoni nibachipuba. Can he speak Ngoni himself? Don’t the Ngonis speak Nsenga. Very f.oolish man Msoni. When he says Bembas, does he even understand which languages are encompassed in the Bemba Group? The cousinship is between Northerners and Easterners – when the cross-Luangwa river raids were taking place were the people asking whether one was Bisa, Ushi, Namwanga, Ngoni, Nsenga, or Chewa? Besides, this Msoni and his kind are completely twisting what the President said out of context for nothing other than political mileage.

    • I am Bemba, I have not discriminated against Easterners when it comes to cousinship. Let us have a sense of humor. The President is just as human as all of us. For heaven’s sake he is not infallible. He too can error just like you and me. But I have not seen why he should be judged hashily. Let us be calm and not blow this out of proportion. God bless you and Bless Zambians.

  17. Wizard witch you don’t have any thing to say. Leave Tongas and Lozis out of this confusion of yours. While you struggle with hate, we are being productive and preserving. Food as you migrate to cities. They say no one throws stones at fruitless trees.

  18. Why people were quite when the late President Michael Sata used to joke with Easterners? Mbuya Lungu you haven’t offended us, even in 2021 we shall give you votes. Don’t listen to these chaps who want to gain political mileage in our traditional cousin ship. Forget about them, they have nothing to criticize.

    • Taking this tribal cousin-ship to high official places in modern times is not all that funny. Sata and his generation had their ways. I don’t believe it is as relevant nowadays. It has become more subtle and can easily be misunderstood by the majority young generation. Even statistics have to be correctly interpreted. There are usually other contributory factors. Leadership must manifest thoughtfulness at all times.

    • @EX-MAROON

      Sata never said such jokes as president. As a candidate and opposition leader maybe but not as president. There’s a line that you do not cross it’s called “professional courtesy”.

  19. why are you broking our messages? provide pratform for people to express there views. Is it that you are a PF media so you are selecting who to publish

  20. Iwe chi Nason Msoni , the bembas are not complaining , Why are you trying to be their spokesman ??

    And if lungu can keep other theives out of plot one, I would rather vote for lungu.

  21. Actually wizard witch if you had cows from which we drink urine nga walichindamako. Bottom line… We have
    what would you drink from? Nothing. Petty jealousies of hard-working and honest people. By the way your remarks can not hurt anyone.

  22. It is NOT a joke Mr Chilufya! What about the Chines are they also his cousins to likened them to cockroaches? This is what the President think of us bembas and chines. THIEVES AND COCKROACHES. It is a fact that bembas in this country are in a majority and this can be verified by the central statistics. In maths when you are in majority there is high probability of finding a positive sign. That does not mean that others cannot get a positive sign the only difference is minority. I come to conlude that Easteners are GREEAD People than they acuse others of being more. When kk ruled they supported him because they regarded him as there own. They never supported MMD the time of Chiluba and Mwanawasa until Lupiya became vice president. They never supported Sata until Lungu became president…

  23. I am beginning to lean towards lungu.

    Waves from lungu indicate he is infact a nationalist and will anoint HK as his successor.

    HK take note and don’t insult lungu too much.

  24. Iam sure Msoni did not listen to the president when he said those words. Iam happy that i followed the proceedings on znbc. The president was actualy defending bembas from the perception that bembas are thieves. He said since bembas are the majority, if we have 10 thieves, you would expect 6 to be bembas. Does this mean the president said bembas are thieves? Opposition, opposition, opposition, how many times have i called you? Plz tell zambians what you are going to do for them if by chance you formed govt not gaining political millage over nothing..! Shame on you..

  25. He was very frank.Bembas are lazos. He was not economical with the truth. Ababemba niba lazo. He was calling a spade a spade and not a spoon. He did not beat about the bush. This man,Msoni should not create a political mirage out of his disintegrated political fortunes. The president was right. As an Easterner,I concur with him.Bembas are thieves.

  26. If people have no better things to challenge President Lungu, they should keep quiet.

    The president said those two statement in support of both Bembas and Chinese.

    He simply was emphesizing that the Bemba speaking people are many in number thats why they are found on such list more.
    He said the same on the Chinese – They are many and across the world and their economy is growing so fast across world.

    Mr. President, I love you and will always vote for you.

  27. Its like a mad man calling a sane person mad. Forgive bashi Tasila sinabazibe vimene bakamba. Uulumbula imyungu ninshi ili kumyabo.

  28. Nasoni msoni is a rogue and foolish politician who has no morals in his life, what language are ngonis speaking right now in eastern province,
    Tell me what language, are ngonis using in chiefdoms of mpezeni, in chipata
    I have never seen foolish people as this msoni is.
    if he cared to know the history of nsengas and the ngoni people ,am sure he would have stopped his madness, by now.
    chewas tumbukas ,nsengas kundas, are all one people in eastern province. am ngoni pure under mishoro ngoni chief, our language is a mixture predominately nsenga of petauke and chewa and we live together,nsenga language is our mother’s tongue.
    we came from south africa without women and we found women in nsenga land and married them,and as all people know women are teachers of language to new born babies…

  29. Am Bemba and I see no problem with the president joking to us ” Bemba’s are thieves” where on earth did you see limits in jokes? He’s our tribal cousin, so let him crack jokes to us whenever possible.

  30. Ethnic composition Bembas 21%, Tonga 13.6, Chewa 7.4%, Lozi 5.7%, Nsenga 5.3%, Tumbuka 4.4%, Ngoni 4%, Lala3.1%, Kaonde 2.9%, Namwanga 2.8%, Lunda North Western 2.6%, Mambwe 2.5%, Luvale 2.2%, Lamba 2.1%, Ushi 1.9%, Lenje 1.6%, Bisa 1.6%, Mbunda1.2%, other 13.8% unspecified 0.4%.

  31. For language spoken: Bemba 33.4%, Nyanja 14.7%, Tonga 11.4%, Lozi 5.5%, Chewa 4.5%, Nsenga 2.9%, Tumbuka 2.5%, Lunda Northwestern 1.8%, Lala 1.8%, Lamba 1.8%, English 1.7%, Luvale 1.5%, Mambwe 1.3%, Namwanga 1.2%, Lenje 1.1%, Bisa 1%, others 9.7%, unspecified 0.2%. So when it comes to ethnic composition Bembas are 21% and for language spoken 33.4% because even so many non Bembas speak speak Bemba. So where did the 60% come from ba President wesu?

    • This is copy and paste from the Observer – however, do you understand qualitative speech based on proportions? But obviously this is too advanced for you.

  32. Did you also mean that out of 10 good people 4 will be Bembas and 6 others. Mass communication is not easy. Choose the words to use when you communicate to millions of people because masses can interpret your words differently.

  33. Those are no jokes because they are naked truth. Are the Chinese not like roaches surviving everywhere. Here in Nam. you will find them in an omega villages operating a Chinashop behind a shoolyard among bushmens or at oshikango boarder selling kapana (roast meat) with the locals, 20 000 km, from Beijing – is that not the survival of Cockroaches? So are the Bembas culturally thieves I know them since, since…Hence their saying (na tola fwe….) to the stealing it is a normal thing. So Lungu was right to call a spade, a spade, it is not a joke but naked truth.

  34. Those are no jokes because they are naked truth. Are the Chinese not like roaches surviving everywhere. Here in Nam. you will find them in an omega villages operating a Chinashop behind a shoolyard among bushmens or at oshikango boarder selling kapana (roast meat) with the locals, 20 000 km, from Beijing – is that not the survival of Cockroaches? So are the Bembas culturally thieves I know them since, since…Hence their saying (na tola fwe….) to the stealing it is a normal thing. So Lungu was right to call a spade, a spade, it is not a joke but naked truth..

  35. Gbm said us eastnaz are thieves. And he also said luapulans

    I have no problems. I welcome the joke. He s a tribal cousin. Thats why I call him a ruthless illiterate with fake phd

  36. Bembas are thieves. So what. And they are fond of insults using the C word on eastenaz

    I repeat bembaz are thieves

  37. Jesus said, Blessed are peace makers for they shall be called children of God. Matthew 5: 9. What is the interest of mr Msoni as a President of a party? Is it to bring division & enemity or what? I totally agree with Chilufya. Me am a born and bred from Eastern and all easterners do counsinship with northerners, Luapula & Muchinga. Mr Musoni ngati party wamkangani go farming Pliz & don’t confuse the peace which us pipo from Eastern & bembaz hve enjoyed. Don’t start fire when u know u can’t quench it out. Maybe Mr Msoni is just a Ngoni born & bred from Kabulonga. No need to Implicate ECL with such nonsense. Opposition Pliz can u be of value not yaping at anything.

  38. If the untimely joke is blown out of proportion it will deprive well and sound Bembas of job opportunities both locally and internationally especially that the scrutiny is coming from the highest office of the land.ELC if at all is ashamed through his vuvuzelas should retract the joke.

  39. These Two Clans are partners in theft and they justify stealing through their tribal cousinship! This is why when they get hold of power and contracts, there is no chance if you are not a Mukwasu or Mbuya! Some even have names that are quite revealing like Sakala means thief! Sakalanyongo means bandit! Anyway, niba ntolelefye! They even say Lesa tapela. Apalamikafye! They have twisted that to give themselves immunity from beatings when caught! Except now, the one pointing his fingers at other clans is worse! He legalized stealing by saying Ubomba Mwibala, Alya Nembuto kumo … Kikikiki. Muchinje guys! Naked you came and naked you will go!

    • Brethren in Christ Jesus, let us avoid hate speeches/language, we are all one in Christ Jesus. Rom5:10; James4:11; let us learn to co-exist and live as brothers and sisters. We have lived in peace and as tribless Zambians even during the colonial era. This tribal talk is bound to tear us apart. Please, please in the name of Jesus, let us put a stop to this. May the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ guide and unite us. Amen.

  40. @ Professor, what exactly is the number of Ngonis for you to say they are very few? And if you say Ngonis are just Cultural, when did you carry out that survey?

    While there in South Africa, don’t confuse the Orthodox Zulu language to be exact as Ngoni language of today coz if you are really Zambian, you should know the history of Ngonis.

    It’s like saying coz African Americans can’t speak purely their Father languages, then, they are very few….!!

    Ngonis are there and many and live predominantly in Chipata Town and surrounding areas, including in Lundazi and have their Chiefs there since time in memory.

    Mind your language…!! If you’ve something against Ngonis, approach them. Am one of them, or come to CHIPATA and declare your hatred, then, you’ll know whether…

  41. The President was not joking, but he refered to statistics. In Practising good governance, it is the responsbility for every leader to know the traits and behaviours of the people he appoints to office. Since we now know that the President is aware that of the 10 Benba’s he appointed to decision making positions, 6 of them are thieves. We demand that he convenes, together with the international community, an independent impartial criminal Tribunal to criminally process those thieves he appointed to decision making positions, because he is liable as the appointing authority, for every illegal decisions those thieves made. He has the obligation of not appointing thieves to decisions making position just as much as he is obliged to take full responsbility of the banditry those thieves…

  42. Forgive Lungu, that day he had eaten a lot RATS and smoked alot of DAGGER so he very confused, and could yap anyhow. How we Bembas do not even steal , tu Tola fye , elyo kabili uu bomba mwibala nao alya mwibala , and that’s not stealing. Alipepa fye fwaka ya chi-Ngoni . Well having joked like that with my young brother Lungu, he did not expressly say Bembas are thieves, the president was trying to justify the Chinese presence in Zambia when he said and I quote ” Someone told me that Bembas are thieves, and I asked how do you know? then he said , out of 10 thieves you will find 6 speaking Bemba. Then I(Lungu) said yes because they are the majority even in population so statistics is not surprising given their being a majority.”. Then he went on justifying Chinese presence in the country…

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