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Bobby East expresses dismay in performance cancellation due to old sex tape scandal


Zambian rapper ,Bobby East,  who recently released his long awaited album Vanilla, took to social media to express his dismay in a cancelled performance that was allegedly due to his past criminal record and sex tape scandal.

The following is what he posted on social media.

I would like to talk about something that has been heavy on my mind and spirit the last couple of days.This will be my first thread so please bear with me….

For legal reasons I wont be able to address the organizations involved by name but I will give a few clues where I can….

This all started a few weeks ago when a contact from an events company I have worked with before called me to enquire about my availability to perform at a end of year party for an unnamed corporation…

The date in question was a busy one as a lot of companies were planning similar events and as logic would dictate,I told my contact I would perform for the highest bidder.After a quick negotiation we arrived at what I consider a good offer and I agreed to do the show..

We did the usual business process of quotations and invoices.Everything seemed to going along smoothly the team and I even started rehearsals…..

Until barely a day before the event I got a call from my contact and the first question he asked was “Do you by any chance have any beef with *Name of Bank withheld but it’s one of the biggest in the country*

Naturally,I’m stunned.How can I a young rapper from Chunga have issues with a large multinational corporation??it makes no sense and I tell him as much….

He tells me the client has backtracked and doesnt me to do their event anymore..

“But my rehearsals and I gave up other shows”I tell him.

“They will pay you in full”he replies, “They just dont want you there

I tell him the money isnt important but for my own peace of mind I would like to know why this was happening (even though at this point I had a feeling) I just wanted them to admit it..

After a few hours he gets back to me says “Well they had issues with your criminal past and sextape scandal”and even though it’s the answer I was expecting I’m still sadden by it.

After all this time,all my hard work every hurdle and obstacle I have had to overcome it still comes down this..I’M THE SEXTAPE GUY

I just want to say to the person responsible for this decision,I have an account with you bank in fact I have had it for years and I wont be closing it.You see I will not let this action define who and what you are.

I hold no grudges or ill feelings just a deep concern for my work going forward.You might think sextape when you hear my name but if you met me you would see I’m much more.I’m resilient and defiant,I have paid for my mistakes before God and the law.

A lot of your clients and employees enjoy my music and I would like to believe a majority of them are over my past mistakes and it is my sincere hope that we can work together in the future… *END*


  1. BOB EAST cool down a bit, you are not being demonized like you think, I think the bank is being guided by its corporate ethics that they want to uphold at all times. Inasmuch as it may have hurt you but the bank may not be blamed for the cancellation of the show as they are trying to protect their corporate image with their clients and other stakeholders. You are not the only one, the bank is at liberty for example to turn down business with some organizations with poor human rights record based on their ethical stance. For now you have to live with the unfortunate past event, but with time it will eventually disappear, the only sad aspect is that it is affecting your career, but never tire out soldier on to success. WISHING YOU GOOD LUCK

  2. Bobby EAST get your money already and stop complaining…Banks deal with alot of things..You are lucky you will even get your money…..Now keep that thing safe if you want my company to hire you for that song,,,,or by the way i love your songs

  3. Bobby East Next time sign a contract before embarking on rehearsals and include a hefty cancellation fee if anyone cancels

  4. “You reap what you sow” is so true. Hopefully, all of us can learn a lesson from what is happening to this young person.

    Forthrightnes never dissappoints. It may delay your ascent, but you will succeed without skeletons and ghosts from yesterday showing up when you are about to have a break through in your life.

  5. You shouldn’t have been taking off your fellow men’s underpants and briefs because it’s an abominable thing to do. Shouldn’t have been going in backways and walking up a one way street when you should be going down the other way. Now you reach a dead end and have no one to blame but yourself. Sorry, but I’m not sorry.

  6. Brother, a multi national corporation will always take the high moral ground even though their own hands and souls are sullied. Just ask R Kelly, Tiger Woods etc. Nice pyjama top though!

  7. @ Bobby East, keep your head up Bro. We’ve probably done worse things than you in the dark, so why should someone punish you forever??? All the best, God will open other doors for you.

  8. The Bank should have first cleared his name before signing any documents and the poor guy starts rehearsing. You embarrassed him and wasted his time. That’s why Zambian musicians don’t become icons because of this attitude. Rom3:23 the Bible is very clear,we have all fallen in one way or the other. No sin is smaller than the other, sin is sin. Therefore, let’s not be judgemental. Let’s love and encourage those we see fall. Forgive and encourage to pick up the pieces and carry on the race.

    • Ah Iwe Katotobwe you mean Lungu stealing a client’s money will be the same as the constitutional judges wrongly sentencing an innocent man to six years for contempt? Kambwili stealing money from govt will be the same as HH enriching himself from hidden privatization tenders? Amos Chanda insulting Kambwili will be the same as Dora stealing Aviation tender bribes? Awe ninshi chikabipa

  9. I watched the ‘leaked’ sex video a few years ago. To be honest, I had long forgotten about it and haven’t heard anything about Bobby East being involved in something similar since. I don’t think it is something that should be held against him for the rest of his life. His ‘punishment’ has been spent. Some of you ‘holier than thou’ herein, do the same frequently, the only difference is that it has not been laid bare to the public to see in some media form. I can even bet that some of you, in this so-called christian nation have been involved in more sexually despicable, deviant perverted acts.

  10. If there is a signed contract, you will get your money no matter what. A bank cannot ask you to close your account just because of a sex tape. It is illegal for them to do that! Just get your money and forget about this ordeal.

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