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LWSC on course with construction of water kiosks


Water Kiosk
Water Kiosk

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) says the company has made significant progress towards the construction of 60 Kiosks and connecting Kanyama and surrounding areas to the water network.

LWSC Public Relations Officer, Nshamba Muzungu said as a long lasting solution, the company saw it necessary to embark on such a project especially with the onset of the rainy season in an effort to combat the deadly cholera disease which hits Lusaka each rainy season.

Mr. Muzungu said out of the 50 kilometers of the water distribution network the company has completed 30 kilometers in Kanyama.

He said the project has also been extended to other peri-urban areas such as Chipata, Chunga, Chawama, Bauleni compounds as a way of improving access to clean drinking water in Lusaka.

The PRO added that, the company hopes to complete the project in Kanyama in the first or second quarter of next year if resources are made available so that people in the area can start receiving clean treated water.

Mr Muzungu said the company recently launched the John Leigh water improvement network which has already been completed and people in the area are already accessing the commodity.

He has also urged the community to take responsibility and safe guard the infrastructure which has been put at a very high cost.


  1. Good job LCC ,however the high price poor people pay for water relative to prices in well off areas is also reinforcing poverty instead of alleviating it.

  2. This where you see Zambia is doomed… have kaponya PF rats singing and dancing praise to lungu when as a matter of fact the corrupt theif that he is was area MP for chawama, found them drinking dirty water, left them drinking dirty water , moved up GRZ ranks until cholera comes and decimated the chawama and still no clean drinking water…..??

    All the while the man lives a mere 6 to 8 miles from chawama and buys himself an executive jet on top of hefty pay raises for him and his gang ??

  3. Not sure whether to applaud this move or not. It is so wrong that in a country with a vast expanse of water, we cannot figure out how to take piped water to people for every household to have running water in their home, but on the other hand some people in these communities will continue to dance for PF but yet lack basic amenities. It’s very sad

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