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A Goat Drama: When Useful Idiots Dressed as Goats in Sheep Skin ‘Congregoat’ in a Comical Goat-Together!


Opposition Leaders
Opposition Leaders who met over the weekend to issue a comprehensive statement on the constitution court judgement


By Sunday Chilufya Chanda

A “useful idiot” is a colourful term for a person who is a propagandist for a cause of whose goals they are not fully aware and who are used cynically by the (mis)leaders of the cause.

The related term “Acting the Billy goat” is according to the urban dictionary, a term used to describe a person being an idiot or being incredibly inanely obstinate.

The “leaders” of political parties who recently met at a hotel in Lusaka fit the bill of both terms quite nicely.

Chishimba Kambwili, Elias Chipimo, Mike Mulongoti, Charles Milupi, Sean Tembo, and other tag-alongs, all have one thing in common; they are Hichilema’s useful “obliGOATary” idiots!

They represent the cast of a slapstick comedy that portrays a nearly extinct Billy Goat misleading other goats (that pretend to be sheep) away from green pastures to parched barren land.

These goats are useful for nothing except that which amounts to nothing; pawns in the hands of the Billy Goat grandmaster -winner of the wooden spoon five times in a row.

A ‘congreGOATion’ of Delinquent thinking!

Their ‘congreGOATion’ at the “instiGOATion” of the Billy Goat is founded on fallacy.

Whichever way they may choose to bury their heads in the sand, the fact remains that the law has guided; the Constitutional Court recently interpreted what constitutes a Presidential term.

The decision of the Constitutional Court is final and cannot, therefore, be appealed against.

Their attempts to cast aspersions on what constitutes a “Presidential Term” is to put it mildly-stinking thinking!
Their logic is as futile as their attempts to try to get a Billy Goat to Smile!

Look who’s talking! They all “Act the Giddy Goat” in their “Parties”!

All these people act the giddy goat in their respective political parties-they are intra party despots with poor records of good governance.

What moral ground do they have to talk about good governance when their respective political parties are personality cults built around their individual personalities rather than principle?

NeGOATive Hichilema-The UPND Life President

Take Mr Hakainde Hichilema for instance.

He has institutionalised dictatorship in his party having given himself an Indefinite “Term”.

  1. What does Hichilema have to say about the farce of his party’s constitution which has left UPND in a stunted crisis since he usurped its leadership? What does he have to say of article 70 of the UPND constitution that says: _“A party President shall be eligible for election for an indefinite period subject to this Constitution provided that a Party President who is elected Republican President shall only serve two terms that shall run concurrently with the term of office as Republican President”._
  2. Is Hichilema’s wamuyayaya indefinite “term” a mark of “good governance”?
  3. How ethical or (im)moral Is it for one man to hold on to power for more than 12 years during which time no elections or convention is held and yet he miserably loses elections 5 times ?
  4. Does he even have any moral ground to comment on democracy, tenures, governance and related matters?
  5. What about their “structures”- when (if at all) did UPND last hold intra- party elections?

Chipimo and his Fellow forGOATen Sundry

By the same token-what about Elias Chipimo?

What morality does he even have to talk about Democracy? It is ridiculous!

It is nearly a decade since NAREP was established in March 2010 by Mr Chipimo and it has been a poorly performing de-facto one man show or “sole-solo- trader” ever since.

Since inception, Mr Chipimo has been the “party’s” Presidential Candidate in the 2011 and 2015 General Elections in which he spectacularly failed to garner even half a percent of the Presidential vote.

It is bad enough that he did not even manage 1% of the vote. But surely; less than half a percent!?

Mr Elias Chipimo’s unflattering record of playing the goat just goes to show not only how seriously the people of Zambia take him, but how seriously he takes himself. He is his own electoral college.

Phrases like “Convention” “Intra-Party Elections” “Intra-party Democracy” are alien to NAREP.

What morality does Elias have to even talk about Democracy or Good Governance?

The same can be said of the rest of the motley cast of this bleating goat comedy.

The sole trader nature of Mulongoti and Milupi’s one man parties as well as the comical bellyaching for attention of, Tembo and Kambwili are well documented. They are individually and collectively not worth the paper or the ink so we will leave it at that. Suffice to say they do not have any moral ground to stand on; they are goats with ulterior motives pretending to be sheep.

Priorities & PreroGOATives -Is this what Zambia really needs?

While Vision 2030 some years ago appeared to be an obscure target on the distant horizon, its attainment is becoming more reachable with every giant stride the Patriotic Front Government of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu takes.

From 2011 when the PF formed Government under the late President Michael Chilufya Sata (MHSRIP) and now under his successor President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the PF has continued to make substantial progress in all sectors across the country.

We need an opposition that will compete with us on policy and principle; not personality attacks.

We repeat what we have said before:

  • “For our democracy to thrive, the ruling party needs worthy competition in the form of a credible opposition party worth its salt; one that knows where it stands ,where it wants to go and how it plans to get there.
  • In the interest of the development of our country, the Patriotic Front covets a contest of ideas; not the challenge of regional allegiance practised by some.
  • The PF development agenda is premised on a mission with a clear vision seen through the clear lenses of the PF Manifesto, 7NDP and vision 2030.
  • We have so far been deprived of an opposition of excellence.
  • We yearn for a contest of policy, from those who are supposed to represent an alternative government (such as the UPND).
  • We echo our challenge to them to play the role of a proposition party.
  • Therein lies the dilemma; how possible is it to have such discourse when the UPND don’t have a manifesto? How can they offer what they don’t have?
  • Even their Ten Point “Plan” has been rendered irrelevant and it is as practical as delivering sand to the Sahara or ice to Alaska; because everything UPND promises to deliver has already been swallowed up by the exploits of the Patriotic Front”.


Jealous, insecure and envious people only try eclipsing our sun because they’re jealous of our daylight and tired of their dark, starless nights.

The recent congreGOATion only provided a fast fading entertainment value. Zambians have watched this Billy goat comedy (with his scapegoating) five times before and its appeal has become hackneyed, worn out and threadbare like a worn out garment spat out of a goats mouth.

If the Billy goat were twice as smart as he is, he would be half as smart as he thinks he is. Some drink from the fountain of knowledge; it appears he only gargled.

The Zambian people always separate the sheep from the goats.

The Author is Patriotic Front Media Director At the Patriotic Front Secretariat Lusaka


    • Fundamental rights to freedoms shouldn’t encourage s.t.u.p1.d.1ty and mediocrity. We need opposition that focuses on policy and ideas. How do you call yourself opposition yet you have no manifesto?? Disgusting!! Let’s get serious.

    • Not sure what the argument is here. They are called opposition and they are supposed to be opposing. And they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Not sure why whatever they are doing attracts somebody to go and write and long winding thesis instead of quenching the unquenchable fire in Mandevu constituency created by the incompetence of the Top Leadership of their party. Sad state of Affairs

    • I have consistently disdained sacrilegious politics. Other than fueling a spirit of bellicose, the message is always lost. Zambians want competitive politics of ideas anchored on intellectual curiosity to solve the many problems. Unfortunately, the analogy used by the PF’s Chanda are demeaning and not elevating the bar of the ruling party debate. Verbal abuses should be left to rascals of the ex railways scrapper Kambwili. Now you have invited him to come back competing with even worse off menu of insults. Most Zambians know that the so called opposition alliance is an lifeless empty shell. Those folks are merely exercising their right of assembly in a democracy end of the story. Hitting hard only give them some undeserved credence.

    • Though the resolution by an empty shell of the so called opposition unity has been over promoted in blogs, the truth is that is lifeless initiative. the only thing i like about this effort is that it is a healthy release valve of some internalized illusions. There are some sound bites Chagwa can pick up from the opposition circus to the benefit of Zambia and the ruling party strategically. Let them vent and freely run the course of being proven inconsequential. Dreaming is very much protected by the Zambian constitution through right of speech and lawful assembly. If anything, their meetings in hotels are good incentives to the economy.

    • Sunday (Mr.Kudus) tries so hard to sound intelligent and the gullible fall for his antics. He is nothing but an empty tin who better address theft of public resource that runs in his family.

    • Only stupid Zambians follow and agree with Sunday Chanda.

      PF should find another spin doctor who can articulate issues facing Zambia today with solutions and evidence of what the PF has is doing to alleviate people s suffering rather than Sunday who just insults the Zambians

      This Sunday is just too emotional to the point that even Lungu has described him a very loud thief!

      Well, such a reaction given by Sunday if endorsed by PF just shows how intimidated the PF is with opposition ganging up against top thief Lungu.

      I also condemn the opposition for acting silly by issuing statements not acted upon. If they inform police of the demo they should follow it through even if the police do not guarantee them protection.

      Opposition should then use the reasons given by police in…

    • .

      Opposition should then use the reasons given by police in court when arrested for unlawful assembly to argue that the police refused to protect citizen but are good at arresting citizens exercising their democratic right. Besides protection a peacegul protest only needs few police men compared to mounting an arrest of the people’s assembly.

      Lungu must go.

    • Chanda mwaice wandi, you write that “We need an opposition that will compete with us on policy and principle; not personality attacks”. But then reading about how demeaning and disparaging you write against the members of what you call that “congregoation” of opposition leaders, one wonders as to whether you are yourself not engaging in personality attacks.

    • Could expect anything sensible from this ill mannered boy Sunday Chanda….PF top leadership need to clip this “Bonehead’s” wings its a case of a fooooool given too much ink and paper, why should it be a problem when the opposition put up a united front? This article is like some post written by one of those PF bloggers filled with insults ..surely how do you make such people Media chiefs or spin doctors? You call them all sorts of names yet you are the first ones to use the police on them to stop them mobilizing.

    • This Sunday Chanda is a lost cause. Does he know what is happening on the ground, But that’s the problem of being a salaried employee. You just do what your employer says, now insult, you do, now dance you dance. What democracy is there in Zambia when you are following Harry Kalaba like a hyena and disrupting him. Bwana, you use part of your five senses to voice out such injustices and not going to attack people who are legally mobilizing themselves as enshrined in the constitution.

    • With this silly boy who was being breast fed yesterday…his PF history begins in 2011..he has no clue how his founding father stated out..he has absolutely no clue even Mwanza has joined him who is busy enjoying the fruits of Old man Sata’s hard work!!

  1. These goats and sometimes I call them hyenas have no shame….banding together to steal from poor Zambians ba Pompwe imwe especially chi Kambwili

  2. You couldn’t have said it any better, Sunday. You hit the nail dead centre!! Imbushi shabula amano ati democracy yet they are wamuyayaya dictators??

    • “Look who’s talking! They all “Act the Giddy Goat” in their “Parties”!
      All these people act the giddy goat in their respective political parties-they are intra party despots with poor records of good governance.
      What moral ground do they have to talk about good governance when their respective political parties are personality cults built around their individual personalities rather than principle?”

      This is coming from PF who have already adopted a sole candidate in the name of Lazy Lungu!!

  3. Sometimes a spade needs to be called a spade so that life can move on. Look at Kambwili’s stance as if he is about to take a sheet while standing. And Icililema needs to go start by becoming counsellor in Namwala before standing as an MP in the same area. For as long as Zambians know how Icilema became rich and how he became UPND leader through trba! means, he will never be allowed into State House by the rest of the country.

  4. A foreign radio station kept referring to him as the Zambian dictator yesterday. Isnt that what the author must be addressing. It at length talked about opposition parties not being given liberties of assembly and association. On each sentence they addressed him as the Zambian dictator.

  5. indeed the aforementioned hegoat political leader are useful *****s,especially ka chipimo, naka mulongoti. HH is a freemason. we dont know which powers he is using to rule his personal party for life.what can he tell us about democracy?.

  6. PF and UPND are the most useless political parties to have ever emerged on the political landscape. Why they still exist nobody knows

  7. They have failed to sort out the economy, now is just to sit and write articles against the opposition. Opposition are stakeholders in a democracy and should be embraced, even supported by ruling parties in developed countries, but here kwina nama, it is war against the opposition, Again opposition are part of the democtratic dispensation, get that in your grease head quick

  8. The billy goat and his goats in sheep’s skin are a disgrace….they are imposters….stinking hypocrites

    HH has never EVER been elected in his life.
    He took over the party PURELY based on tribe.
    For 12 SOLID years they have had NO elections.
    What democracy is the billy goat bleating about?

  9. Ruling party and Opposition parties both totally useless. Completely. We need new parties. The best they can do is write long articles, fuel is at K16 per litre. Mealie meal which MMD left at K30 is over K100 in some areas and a kambwanga goes to sit down and write some article which does not even deliver food on the table of the Zambian people. How callous, Shaaa. Start working now, your mandate is ticking. Wake Up! No time for vima articles. people want food and affordability. Lower taxes, where are they iwe

  10. “We need an opposition that will compete with us on policy and principle; not personality attacks.” Aptly put, this is what we’re subjected to as daily menu on TV and Radio stations. To-date most UPND supporters when calling to radio stations address President Edgar Lungu as ‘Mr Lungu’ or just ‘Lungu’, and UPND leader HH as ‘President Hakainde Hichilema.’ I find this absurd!

  11. My man Chanda, you a genious. Your write- ups makes alot of sense. Plz continue with this good job of highlighting the truth to the citizens.

  12. The article wasn’t written by a credible person. Sunday Chilufya Chanda also depends on the corrupt PF government. You are also a Useful *****. Can you also outline the corruption in PF government.

  13. Sunday Chanda is a very good writer,i like the way he connects ideas in his writings.He is straight on point regarding this gathering of oposition patez.Democracy should be seen practiced in these parties,charity begins at home.ALA MULEKWATAKO INSONI BA KAMBWILI INSONI EBUNTU as you always like saying.Your insults against ba Nalumango,hh,gbm are still fresh.

  14. Young man stop putting your name in danger. Mmd didnt protect chanda chimba. They left him alone

    The reason pseudo names is because most of these Tongas are personal friends and infact relatives through marriage connections

    One day I attended a funeral with hh and he is very sure am upendi

    When am with pf I act as pf cadre

    When am with upendi I act as such

    In short dont make enemies on political grounds

    • Ba Sunday, you wake up every morning ati naya kunchito? Is this the job, sure? Insulting HH all the time! When you knock off at 17:00 hours abakashi pang’anda ati mwabombenipo mukwai? What a life?

  15. Sunday Chanda will put this country on fire. Why sink so low as to call people names instead of encouraging constructive debate? Sad to see.

  16. What is our country going to? Our ‘Christian’ nation? Sunday Chanda should know better. Why sink so low as to call people names instead of encouraging constructive debate? Sad to see.

  17. Mr Sunday Chanda. Just sit down and respect yourself. There is nothing that the opposition are doing that is outside the law. They are just sitting and brainstorming, it does not mean when a judgement is delivered in court people have to keep quiet, they have the right to say something as long as it is legal. You have the right as well Mr Sunday Chanda to say something but you are always too confrontational. There are lot of people in PF who argue rationally and sensibly, why don’t you emulate them. No need to call each other names, with funny idioms and language not befitting of somebody called media director.

    • Patson
      The best strategy is to sit back and watch people like Sanday and his Edgar destroy this useless party,they are what PF deserves, can you imagine PF realising that these people are driving them off the cliff?Just watch the implosion…

  18. The article is bad taste. Lets avoid name calling and debate issues constructively without mudsling, especially if we attend the national day of prayers and reconciliation!

  19. I didn’t read this. Just first paragraph I stopped. I have better things to read than this crap from some chap trying to protect his brother for embezzlement of funds from ZamPost. What else do you expect from such a mouth? Leave those chaps alone. I will wait for better articles.



    How long have Kainde, Scale, Small Leopard and the other goats been President?

  22. Well written artlcle with a lot of truth. Sunday Well done! We need to read such news to refresh our brains. Please character assassination. Keep up the good work.

  23. Hopeless article, consolation is good picture of gallant opposition men. Elias, next time you wear brown shoes ensure the belt is brown as well.

  24. All these opposition leaders have come together against one person? HH as the leader? Are there no other ways to get a person out of power? Is ECL that powerful?
    Why are people attacking the President not the CONCOURT?
    HH has weird strategies

  25. There is no need to outline your opinions and views in such a disrespectful manner. There is no need for all these insults. Please learn from other writers in developed countries. If any thing they use harmless and yet effective satire.

  26. FDD 3 Members – Nawakwi,Mutayachalo,Chifumu
    Peoples Party 1 member – Mulongoti
    Narep 1 member – Chipimo
    Peter Chanda party – 1 member
    NDC – 5 members, Mbwili, Musenge other 3 noisy guys
    PF & UPND – many members, both parties not adding any value to the country and both serious time wasters

  27. It is very true that the opposition fear Lungu’s PF, see the way they are regrouping in order to add up numbers. But when they stand in public cheating innocent Zambian they say “Lungu is the weakest opponent”.Please fellow Zambian don’t let any chance to these people to go into state house for they will get there with the habit of telling lies to us. We have known them enough and they hold no trueth on their tongues. Only those people who have no ears to listen will support them in 2021 elections for even fools have friends so it is to these deceivers. But majority Zambian are not liars, so they cannot vote for such characters.
    They lie you that they practice democracy but they don’t even go for convention. Zambian why are we so cheap to lies.

  28. Its unwarranted, uncalled for Mr Chanda to refer to adults and call them names. If the same words he is using were to be used against PF leaders the author will be persecuted. Please lets grow up and champion good governance and democracy. Anyone has the right to have a meeting, gather freely and express their human rights. Learn from British democracy: There is BREXIT debates and some of the misters against the PM deal are in government, business people etc. Others are supporting the Prime Minister and none is attacking them. Respect is a paramount virtue that must be given to all. One day the people you are insulting today will be leaders.

  29. It is really shameful that we have to engage in such rhetoric just to make a point or elaborate other people’s failures. Surely, chanda one of the few Bemba thieves remaining should tone down and use proper language to discuss or write. He does not need to be like bloggers who hardly care what they put forward. I’m sure the PF leadership has better things to worry about and not paying so much attention to the opposition members who are simply exercising their democratic and human right.Such attacks from Chanda are unwrranted to say the least. Civility is quite important and many people would follow you and listen after all.

  30. Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Cow dung is what it is! Trying to sound clever when all he is doing exposing his IQ which is around South of 50. Apparently these are the type of people who hold the keys to the national treasury. Scary if you asked me.

    Useless idi0ts are the likes of Sunday Chanda and his fellow minions who are Lungu’s lapdogs. The amount of corruption, dictatorship and mismanagement in this Lungu government to imagine they regard themselves as saints and better than anyone is quite scary if not downright sad.

    I would take that lineup of the opposition anyday over these clueless and corrupt Lungu cabinet ministers.

    Elias Chipimo the other eloquently articulated how and why the ConCourt misguided themselves in their interpretation of law. Where is Sunday’s rebuttal of that article?

    A court…

    • Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

      …A court where there’s no appeal (and yet is the first time the case was tested in court) is dictatorship in itself. Such a court should never be trying cases that have not been exhausted and tried in other lower courts. It should be a court of final appeal.

      Zambia is a failed project under these selfish Kawalalas masholi thieves of Lungu bandits!

  31. let us face facts zambia is currently in the wrong hands, all, corrupt, selfish, greed, thieves name it. they will never listen to anything that makes them stop the destruction of the country s resources . chanda must concetrate on writting against corruption where his elder brother has been made a sacrifiall lamp . where many leaders have been named as thieves instead of scandalizing the opposition.

  32. If really that opposition gang are fools as per your perception, why worst your precious time to write such a length vomitous article? You reaction pretty unmasks you dread, after all hh lost by 100 000 votes, fraud was also involved in his loss. Now what if they gang up this time against PF, combined with voter apathy, currently exhibited in many election? Sunday knows if a new GRZ takes over his way to jail will wide open……

  33. LT, you should be ashamed for posting this so-called “article” which is nothing but vile insults. Have you no standards or sense of decorum? Printing stuff like this should be beneath you, but apparently it is not.

    As for goats, I used to think only politicians (ruling and opposition) were the ones in Zambia deeply involved in a goat rodeo, but apparently now LT wishes to join the crowd. Mr. Chanda refers us Urban Dictionary, so if you are unfamiliar with the term look it up!

  34. Sunday Chanda is spot on with his analysis of the Opposition in Zambia.

    Even my son Elias Chipimo Jnr is another useful I.d.iot

  35. let Kambwili lead and you will see what will happen to other heads, the alliance will explode “bomb threat”
    no one will agree to be lead ask why?
    wamuyaya will want to lead these useful *****s.
    1 man vs. 11 heads you cant even be ashamed of yourselves, why should the weakest opponent go against 11 heads, think twice guys.

  36. Why can’t this fool write about his brother thief who stole money from Zampost and has made many families go without a bag of Mealie meal for many months? How do these people feed their families if they can’t be paid for many months? What of paying rentals, school fees? Come on you buffoon, think about those poor families than writing a tall order on people trying to exercise their fundamental rights as enshrined in the Zambian Constitution. Stealing and depriving of people their money is not enshrined in the constitution! Your brother is a true goat dressed in suits from stolen money!

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