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Mutati vows to make MMD competitive in future elections.


Felix Mutati at the launch of the card renewal for Lusaka Province
Felix Mutati at the launch of the card renewal for Lusaka Province

Movement for Multiparty Democracy faction President Felix Mutati has told members in Northern Province that he will channel his energies towards rebuilding the former ruling party and ensure that it is a condition to compete in future elections.

Speaking during an indoor meeting in Kasama, Northern Province, Mr. Mutati said he has more time to deal with party matters after the end of the tour of duty in government and that members should ensure that they continue to mobilize the party.

He said it is only by mobilisation that the party will be recorgnised by Zambians and that his strength as president of the party lies in the numbers and not in how much insults can be dished out towards opposing parties.

He explained that rushing to the media to criticise government will only give you a few headlines but that will not give you numbers to win an election adding that as a president he will not engage in exchange of words but build the party.

And the MMD leader has told the Provincial Executive Committee to start preparations for a card renewal launch in the province.

He said the party will next month launch the card renewals on the Copperbelt Province which will be followed by the launch in Kasama hence the need for the province to ensure that they go on the ground and recruit more members.

Mr. Mutati is in Kasama for a series of meetings with the party structures and with him is his national secretary Raphael Nakachinda and the Chairperson for Education Henry Mulenga.


  1. Mutati you are more credible that mumba, a man found guilty of misappropriating government money as high commissioner. Keep on doing your thing. I would give your mmd a vote that the panama money.

  2. MMD was corrupt when it was in power.

    But PF really takes the biscuit when it comes to gross corruption.

    Very sad times.

    Wasted years indeed.

  3. Question for Mutati is, how is MMD going to remain competitive for future elections if the right hand man is now a minister in PF? It’s Raphael Nakachinda who’s been the constant mouthpiece for MMD, MMD die hard Lusambo is now a PF die hard.

  4. Why is the police not following him around like they do to Harry kalaba. Is he not an opposition leader? This means either he is a non factor or he is part of the government.

  5. Well said Hon Mutati, you are such a breath of opposition fresh air. Mwati ni anzatu a Hacks? When Hacks speaks you cannot figure out what he is trying to say, completely lost and directionless in politics.
    Come 2021 another whacking at the hands of ECL.

  6. If an I.Q test was carried out in Zambia..I would not be surprised to find a larger part of people bearing voters cards scoring below a panda’s IQ

  7. How do you expect MMD to resurface as s winning party when both the president and SG of the party are organising the members for PF. Let them resign their positions to prepare MMD for 2021. MMD has more people, let ba Mutati and ba Mumba work together for Zambia because UPND may not be of help. God bless visionary leaders.

  8. For all intents and purpose, I feel both Mutati and Nevers are past expiry dates as a factor in Zambian politics. MMD needs a new vibrancy, they have people who can steer the party to new heights.That is unless they still want “Made In China”, meaning crossing over to PF like Bowman Lusambo, Raphael Nakachinda, Dora Siliya, Vincent Mwale with the blessing of papa Rupiah Banda of course!

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