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Study the Dual-Nationality Clause in the Constitution before signing up, Lungu tells Zambians in diaspora


President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has urged Zambians in diaspora to take time and understand the dual nationality clause in the Constitution.

President Lungu says he expects people to understand the implications of the clause before deciding to be registered for dual citizen.

He says the Ministry of Home Affairs is putting in place measures that will allow for the operationalization of the clause.

President Lungu was responding to a question from, Chipalambwe Mwenya who was born from a Zambian father and Japanese mother.

Mr Mwenya wanted to find out how far government has gone in allowing citizens to register for dual nationality.

This was during a dinner that was hosted in honour of President Lungu by the Zambian mission in Japan.

During the dinner, President Lungu addressed Zambians that are based in Japan before interacting with them.

Speaking at the same function, Minister of Foreign Affairs Joe Malanji urged Zambians in Japan to be good Ambassadors.

And Zambia’s Ambassador to Japan Ndiyoyi Mutiti said the visit by the head of state will help the Embassy unlock the investment potential of that country.


    • He is right.

      For him to allow dual nationality on its own, is worthy a re election on its own.

      I hold a PhD



    • Let me ask a question fellow bloggers.

      Has anyone been given dual citizenship yet? Last I heard it was taking six months to process.

      Off topic now, Japanese ladies are pure class. So hats off to this Zambian man bagging one.

      One Zambia, One nation. One nation, one leader. And that leader? …..” “

    • Some president, sure. Kaili hr should explain the implications. Us in the so called diaspora only hear govrrnment officials in zambia talking about dual citizenship, at the High Commisions nothing is happening. You cant apply. They have no clue

    • He meant that the guy Mwenya is better off fight to be Japanese than Zambian. Defenately he is not accpted as Japanese. After all his name sounds like Bemba he might be arrested by Lungu’s as a thief.

    • Very half baked story. First you should explain this dual citizenship clause in your background. Lungu should have answered our Japanese Zambian concretely and if the reporters sees that he is not answering pester him with follow up questions. The above story shouldnt have passed for publication

  1. Why are you delaying its implementation? Is gov’t afraid that it will lose its citizenry in large numbers? Lesotho has just introduced it because they have been losing a lot of professionals to RSA; Zimbabwe has been the hardest hit. God bless Zambia!

  2. The question is how far has government gone in allowing citizens to have dual nationality. I dont see the answer,last time i checked dual citizenship was just on paper…typical of PF.They have enacted a Companies Act which is also just on paper,not forgetting the Insolvency Act

  3. I wish Zambians has studied carefully the 14 days period in which the Presidential petition should be disposed of, and the twice-elected President clause in the constitution before it was signed up at Heroes stadium.

  4. He him self doesn`t understand what going on,the people at the embassies are also fcuken clueless like him, we are stuck in the wilderness on this one

  5. Mmmmmm…..I will consult my lawyer, these PF you can not trust them.

    You find you get arrested for some silly technicality…

  6. Dual nationality is good, Indians. Pakistanis and Nigerians are allowed dual nationality and remittances sent back to those countries are in some instances 5% of GDP

  7. Lung has not even answered the question, he has merely deflected it. In any case he should also take time and understand the constitution with regards to his eligibility to stand for another term.

  8. Lungu is pound foolish and penny wise. Important issues he avoids them but things that have little bearing and little impact on the Zambian people, is very quick to open his mouth. Just shut up corrupt thieving president.

  9. Lungu is pound f-o-o-l-I-s-h and penny wise. Important issues he avoids them but things that have little bearing and little impact on the Zambian people, is very quick to open his mouth. Just shut up corrupt thieving president.


  10. Edigar Lungu signed the same law with closed eyes as a gimmic to win election. Today he asks Zambians to study duo citizenship before signing. He is a lawyer who understood implications before pending his signature on the document with his two eyes closed and his mind half asleep. Zambian legal brains are a let down + president Lungu the former lawyer. The legal brain cannot even interprete eligibility of Lungu to stand again it is a shame to so called judges.

  11. Even Lungú didn’t know the answer to that question so the best and tactical response was to throw it back to the one who asked the question. Does this man even study the bills he sign into law before signing them.

  12. You don’t need to ask the zambian government if you are a zambian for Dual citizenship, Even Lungu don’t understand it. You just apply to the government of of the country you want to be a citizen. I have dual nationality and it was straight forward with the British Government.

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