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El Mukuka releases remix to his hit single “Somethings coming”


Zambian house music DJ Producer El Mukuka recently released the remix to his hit single “Something coming” that features Kayla Jacobs.

El Mukuka discussed the song in a recent interview;

When was the remix produced? What would you say was the inspiration for the single?

“The remix was produced in October/November 2018.  The idea for remixing my own song was to offer a deep house interpretation of the original song to win over deep house music lovers and DJs – since the only remix currently available is an Afro house remix.”


What would you say the song is about?

“The song is about finding happiness again after having gone through a difficult time. The song reminds the listener that after every storm comes a rainbow: life has in store beautiful things for each one of us and will show us the way when we least expect it.”


How would you describe the remix to someone who has not heard it before?

“The remix has a warm sound thanks to its African elements and soulful lyrics. The production is organic and sophisticated, with a rich blend of contrasting nuances.”


What signature {artist} elements would you say does the song contain? How does it differ from any previous work? Did you do anything different for the writing/production process of this song compared to previous times?

“The remix reflects my musical vision to fuse elements from African music with European dance and deep house sonorities. The lush African guitar stands out among bassline driven sounds, giving the remix a warm and compelling vibe.”


Who do you feel would be able to identify with the song?

“Anyone who loves dancing to deep house and lets African sounds take them places.”


What can fans expect from the remix?

“Fans can expect to get lost in the distinctive sound and dance their worries away.”



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