PR Girl Media would like to inform the public that the Penthouse Party 2018 has been moved to tomorrow evening, Sunday 23rd December 2018. The decision is as a result of border delays of the trucks containing the equipment and resources required to design a well set-up event as promised to our luxury consumers.


Our South Africa based event-design partners have confirmed that the trucks containing the equipment should arrive in Zambia by 8pm this evening, leaving us enough time to prepare for a quality consumer experience. While hosting the event today is a possibility, we would not want to jeopardise the consumer experience.


We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers. However, we promise that the 24-hour delay will not in any way compromise the appeal of the event and we look forward to a successful second edition of the Penthouse Party. Moreover, we extend our thanks to our customers, sponsors and suppliers for their understanding and support.


We urge the public to follow us on our social media platforms as we set up through the evening for an exciting event tomorrow that will certainly leave a mark on Lusaka’s social calendar.


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  1. Nothing like going out on a rave on Sunday night! And of course everyone who bought tickets can easily rearrange their plans with no problem, right?

    ….what if someone can’t make it? No where in the “sincere apologize” does it say that PR Girl Media will pay any kind of refund. I guess that type of consideration is far beyond “pure luxury”? What a scam!


    • Is this your polite way of calling the penthouse a brothel? Lusambo take charge unless you have an interest!



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