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First Lady Esther Lungu adopts a UTH abandoned baby

Headlines First Lady Esther Lungu adopts a UTH abandoned baby

First Lady Esther Lungu has adopted the Baby who was dumped in Lusaka on November 25,2018. Here, First Lady Esther Lungu when she visited the Baby at UTH on December 25,2018 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA
First Lady Esther Lungu has adopted the Baby who was dumped in Lusaka on November 25,2018. Here, First Lady Esther Lungu when she visited the Baby at UTH on December 25,2018 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

First Lady Esther Lungu has adopted a one month old baby who was abandoned by her mother five days ago at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka.

The mother of the abandoned baby girl is said to have disappeared five days ago leaving her premature baby at the hospital, 25 days after delivery.

Hospital staff could not locate the whereabouts of the runaway mother whose mobile telephone contacts are all unreachable.

The innocent looking baby is currently in the care of the hospital at the UTH as the mother is nowhere to be found.

First Lady Esther Lungu came into contact with the abandoned baby when she visited the children’s wards to give gifts to the Christmas babies at the hospital today.

When the Mrs. Lungu learnt about the abandoned baby in the ward, she immediately announced that she will take up the care of the innocent girl to ensure that she grows up.

Mrs. Lungu said she will ensure that she keeps and raises the abandoned baby girl whether in State House or outside.

She said it was unChristian and evil to abandon innocent children regardless of the circumstances surrounding the family.

She added that babies are a gift from God and deserve parental care from both the mother and the father.

Mrs. Lungu visited and distributed Christmas hampers to all the babies who have been born today on Christmas day at the UTH and Levy Mwanawasa University Teaching Hospital.

The UTH recorded 13 babies by 12:00 hours today while Levy Mwanawasa University Teaching Hospital had recorded 7 babies by 11:00 hours.

The First Lady also encouraged a 15-year-old mother, who has also given birth today, to return to school once the baby grows up.

A named juvenile mother, who dropped out of school in grade eight at Chimwemwe primary school in Chawama township, has since agreed to return to school.

She said she regrets falling pregnant at a tender age and promised not to go into marriage but continue with her education once the baby is weaned off.

The First Lady also visited the children’s maternity and the mothers’ shelter at Levy hospital and UTH.

Mrs. Lungu was accompanied by Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Administration Kennedy Malama and Ministry and UTH officials.


    • She and her husband are to blame anyway, for people living in poverty, to even start abandoning babies. She’s not being charitable, that’s her job, anyway!

    • There is a bigger elephant in the room.

      There are too many street kids in Zambia.

      The government should solve this problem instead of buying presidential jets and making too many foreign trips.

      These kids scavenge for food and sleep outside. Most are abused, and they live without hope. Kids as young as 7. As a country, we have the capacity to solve this problem.

    • Mama Theresa never adopted a child. She helped them grow.
      Adopting a child is taking a child away from the mother.
      Ba Ester should have asked some policemen with hearts to help in investigation. Ester Katongo and Charity Katanga can make noise and locate the mother of child.
      The poor mother might just gone to look for discharge money.
      Be Ester muletekanya, mwaiba umwana.

  1. A great gesture and one more people who have the financial means should follow. However the nation’s policy on family planning is not working, couples should be educated to not have children if they are unable to provide for their needs. Why is it always the case the poor are the ones with large families?

    • What family planning. Women (and men of course) don’t think even think of family planning when the Nzuni is dilating! Even you Visionless, do you think of family planning when your small sausage is going up and down! Of course not.

  2. Well done Mrs lungu…..but current tought economic climate contributes to this , very few people will willingly aboundon a baby

  3. God richly bless you and your works. There is nothing better than what you’ve done. God will reward you.

  4. Awe mukwai ba lipota wesu! Ati: The innocent looking baby is currently in the care of the hospital at the UTH as the mother is nowhere to be found.
    So some babies are not Innocent looking???

  5. If the laws of adopting were not so tough,many people would be adopting too.thanks for the good gesture,God bless you Mama

  6. Madam Esther, the warm face of State House!!

    She is just lovable and affectionate, just look at the genuine smiles and happiness that she brings out from people around her!!

  7. She must follow procedure, you do not just walk into a ward and adopt children without due process. Five days ago is not enough to process adoption papers. Are attempts to locate relatives exhausted? She is rich, but follow the law!

    • I was actually thinking the same.

      But reading in between the lines, it is more of a life sponsorship pledge, than actual legal adoption, which is truly a convoluted process without any bypass hoops.

      And how can she adopt a baby without discussing with her husband?

      Only in Zambia.

  8. Yes it is a good gesture, but as a first lady who have responsibilities for all disadvantaged babies in Zambia why adopt one child while 3 out of 10 babies every month are dumped in Zambia , due to post natal deppression . My Voice stands why not solve the root cause than adopting 1 out of 100 and you have all opportunities to add one drop in the ocean. Please Mama Esther l am not against what you have done , but voicing for so many disadvantaged babies. While you have the power in your hands.

    • First ladies have no responsibilities whatsoever. This is an office without any control from anyone in govt.
      Its a concocted office. We don’t even know where they get their budgets for whatever they do

  9. So this girl has accepted that her child should be adopted? Isn’t she still a minor to make such a decision?
    We need a change of laws not a change of heart.

  10. Well done Mrs. Lungu.That’s one of the noblest things a person can do in life. The foolish mother of this innocent soul will appear one day after having been brought up by the first family

  11. “Innocent baby”? Are you saying there are “guilty babies”?? And also “juvenile mother”? like she’s a criminal, lol.

  12. Be serious Ba Esther. You cannot adopt without the mother’s consent. This child was only abandoned a month ago and is not an orphan for you to make that unilateral decision. This is cheap politicking. If you husband and his cronies stop stealing, mothers will stop abandoning their babies.

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