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Boy with needles to undergo surgery next month

Health Boy with needles to undergo surgery next month

First Lady Esther Lungu on Tuesday, December 25,2018, visited the three year old boy who had 44 needles and wires embedded in his body. The boy was recently evacuated from Chipata Central Hospital to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) following a directive by President Edgar Lungu-Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA
First Lady Esther Lungu on Tuesday, December 25,2018, visited the three year old boy who had 44 needles and wires embedded in his body. The boy was recently evacuated from Chipata Central Hospital to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) following a directive by President Edgar Lungu-Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

The University Teaching Hospital says it will next month operate on a three-year-old-boy who was evacuated from Chipata in Eastern Province with 44 needles and wires imbedded in his body.

UTH Head of Clinical Care at the Children’s Hospital Dr. Musaku Mwenechanya said the boy still has 18 needles in his body which need to be removed.

Dr. Mwenechanya explained that the hospital is currently working on the boy’s diet to ensure that he gains weight before undergoing an operation schedule for 7th January 2019.

He said the boy was weighing 9.6 kilogrammes when he just arrived from Chipata Central Hospital but has now gained to 11.9 kgs.

He said the hospital is still making preparations for the surgical operation as the hospital requires specialized doctors and equipment to conduct the surgery.

Dr. Mwenechanya disclosed that some needles are located in very delicate positions such as the chest and abdomen which will require special attention during the operation.

Dr. Mwenechanya disclosed this when First Lady Esther Lungu visited the boy at UTH to share Christmas gifts with the newborn babies at the facility.

The First Lady took time in the ward to interact with the boy and the mother and gave them Christmas presents.

Mrs. Lungu encouraged the mother of the boy to continue praying for the boy’s quick recovery saying God is the only one who knows how the needles entered the boy’s body and how they could be removed.

She said the first family will continue supporting the boy to ensure that the needles are removed from the body so that he could get better.

And the boy’s mother Rosemary Jere, 19, thanked the First Lady and the first family for the support.

Ms. Jere told the First Lady that her son fell sick while staying with the father in Lundazi town when he was two years old.

She said she only discovered that the boy had needles in body when she took him to Chipata hospital this year where some were removed.

The mother could not tell how the needles entered the boy’s body and who inserted them but blamed the father’s family who were keeping her son.

Doctors at Chipata Central Hospital removed 24 needles from the boy’s body before evacuating him to Lusaka.

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  1. Am Christian but this praying business needs to take a back sit when crimes have been committed. This is a case that needs to be investigated. He was probably being abused where he was staying and someone needs to answer here. I wonder why the victims support have interviewed the mother so they can know how to proceed and bring the culprit to book. Someone wanted this child dead. God knows who did it but that’s why he allowed humans to have laws and justice systems for the benefit of all in society.

    • Why don’t these reporters tell us how these needles got into the body? They tell it as if we know why and how. Is this a n unprecedented ailment? Journalism is about informing and educating but Zambian media are a great flop

    • Whatever you smoke has washed your brains!! Are you a chimp or millipede that cant read?
      You have been told that the boy fell sick while in the care of the boy’s father’s relatives i.e. the boy’s paternal relatives NOT the mother! Use your thick head to think instead of your An.u.s man!!

    • Ba Chilyata ..You are just exposing your chicken brain.I know the whole story so mine is merely a question bcoz the police are quite after making the noise over an innocent women.Unless I smoke your ***!

      By DARLINGTON MWENDABAI, Chipata.(Daily Mail).
      “THE mother of the three-year-old boy who has 44 needles and wires imbedded in his body will be charged with criminal child negligence.Eastern Province Commissioner of Police Lackson Sakala said a close relative could have imbedded the needles and wires in the boy’s body”.

  2. Show us the type of needles.

    BBC would give size of needles and materials. Get pictures

    Lt time you are doing good job but try to be more investigative. Dont copy and paste

    May God heal this child

  3. I have said and am saying it again.No one inserted these needles in the child. Has anyone seen where these needles are and their exact location? This is pure witchcraft and the only person who may shed light on this is the mother. She knows what agreement she made in the past.
    Let me tell you the outcome of the operation. Some needles will be removed while others will be left because of their location vital organs. Be on the lookout as the needles may increase in number once again.

    • From Where do you base this prognosis? Why should we believe you? Don’t take advantage of ignorance to create a cult
      Give us the evidence and some of is will support you but not through your scare mongering. Medical doctors need to rescue society from such myth construction

  4. Why did it take the President’s involvement in a straight forward emergency like this one. Why was he not emmediately sent to a hospital with necessary equipmentand skill.
    A politician’s child would not be in UTH till now.
    He is not a guinea pig to learn on. Pliz send him immediately at least to South Africa.
    This delay is in its self negligence , and incompetence.

  5. May it go well to this sinless progeny, We will be with family in soliciting the super human heavenly intervention in this feat.

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