President Lungu speaking to Chief Sinazongwe at his Palace in Southern Province yesterday 21-04-2017. Picture by ROYD SIBAJENE/ZANIS
FILE: President Lungu speaking to Chief Sinazongwe at his Palace in Southern Province 21-04-2017. Picture by ROYD SIBAJENE/ZANIS

Chief Sinazongwe of the Tonga Speaking people of Sinazongwe district in Southern Province has died.

Siavonga District Commissioner Lovemore Kanyama confirmed to the media that the Traditional Leader died last night in the University Teaching Hospitals where he was admitted.

Mr. Kanyama said he is shocked by the death of Chief Sinazongwe saying the Province has again lost a vibrant leader after the death of Chief Choongo of the Tonga speaking people of Monze district.

He said Chief Sinazongwe’s death is a set back to his vision of having southern province split into two provinces.

Mr. Kanyama said Chief Sinazongwe is one of the traditional leaders he consulted and was for the idea of splitting the province into two.

“It is sad that he is no more even as we continue consulting and coming up with a road map before the proposal is finally submitted to the Authorities for possible consideration. I learned more from the late Chief when I visited his palace and also when he visited Siavonga early this year”, Mr. Kanyama has said.

He said the proposal of splitting southern province will continue, despite losing one of the Chiefs who was for the idea which is aimed at accelerating development in the province.

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  1. It is high time to rethink on this trend of describing chiefs by the tribe of Zambians they rule/lead. What is wrong by just reporting that “Chief Sinazongwe has died” without including the ‘of tonga speaking people’. To start with, due to inter-marriages probably there is no chief in Zambia who only presides over one tribe in his/her chiefdom. After all, each tribe has more than one chief and each chief has more than tribe in his/her chiefdom.


    • Because you’re tribal that’s why you’re thinking in a warped manner like that….All Chiefs are identified by the group they lead nothing wrong with that


  2. Chief Sinazongwe was one of the non-controversial traditional leaders in Southern Province. His Palace was open to many non-Tonga Zambians. MHSRIP.


  3. he has done good to die,,he welcmed hometown to cme and turn people to satanic religion.people rejected and he evn wantd to join hs only daughter for sacrices fortunately she was full of holy spirit and he couldnt managed to kill her as a result,those people turn against hm and they want blood frm hm until nw the gut him.mhsrip.



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