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President Edgar Lungu in Congo Brazzaville for Heads of State Summit


President Lungu being Welcomed in Congo Brazzaville
President Lungu being Welcomed in Congo Brazzaville

President Edgar Lungu is in Congo Brazzaville ahead of Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) and The International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) heads of State Summit.

President Lungu arrived at Maya Maya International Airport at about 11:36 hours Zambian time.

The Head of State was welcomed by Congo Brazzaville Prime Minister Clema Mwamba, Zambia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Malanji and other government officials.

President Lungu is expected to join other Heads of State at the joint SADC and ICGLR heads of State summit.

President Lungu who is chairperson of the SADC Organ of Defense and politics is expected back in the country immediately after the meeting.

The head of state is concerned with the current happenings in the DRC and desires to see a peaceful electoral process which will lead to credible results.

President Lungu is also hopeful that security will be provided to all candidates and citizens ahead of the elections on December 30th.

And Presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda says President Lungu in his capacity as chairperson for the SADC Organ on Defence and politics has received an official complaint from the governor of Kinshasa as well as the opposition political parties.

Mr. Chanda says the emergency joint heads of state summit of SADC and the International Conference – ICGR – wants to find solutions to the challenges being faced in the DRC.

He said leaders are looking forward to a peaceful election in the DRC.


  1. So during privertisation lungu sold cold storage board of Zambia to foringners who stripped all the equipment and shipped it out of the country , killing many communities who depended on that company ??

    • Why can’t people just move an and solve the National problems? The national problems are bigger than Lungu and HH , you stup!dy people! Lungu should just be jus be voted out or told what the Constitution says about the third term if he’s being cheeky. Kaunda thought he was bigger than life, where is he now? Humbled. Mugabe, humbled. These guys are just as human as you and I. Humanity thrives on without such individuals and that’s just the way it is, man!

    • 1.2 Independent

      Indeed, the PF kaponyas kept trying to divert our attention from important things in our country by constantly singing privertisation each time they heard HH ,

      Now lungu was found yo have sold a major Zambian company to foringners…let’s hear what the kaponya rats will say ??

      Hehehe ……this will be a very good new year…

  2. YA, the imminent refugee avalanche justifies this trip, but I will hasten to say 2019 must see all foreign trips done away with, We should deal closely with our good neighbors the likes of Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania and Angola, It’s morally questionable to note that all good neighbors notable for quality leadership are not anywhere near us. Do we need to shout in the ears of our leaders that bad association spoils good morals? From Mugabe to Museven to Kabila,. Where are pombe migufuli and Masis mokgweetsi not enough?

  3. DRUNKARD Lungu like most of his SADC and ICGLR colleagues are products of fraudent elections and therefore not best suited to try to find solutions to DRC problems . He just won himself an illegal third term through his kangaroo courts presided over by corrupt kangaroo judges be.
    He will just offer wrong and dangerous advice which will increase chances of conflict .
    ICGLR leaders like museveni and kagame are catalysts to the DRC problems . It is like asking a mosquito to find the cause and cure for malaria .


  5. Too little, too late, the conflict in DRC have been going on for years. The young man Kabila, thought of staying forever and he was being supported by the same Heads of States who are meeting in Brazzaville eating and dining with him in the background and fooling people that they care about democracy!
    DRC will soon go in flames and the same leaders will be watching from afar since they think the same. They want to be leaders forever, till Jesus comes!

  6. How do Zambian’s allow this to constantly happen? We have a dancing President who at any chance he gets will run away from national duties. Its like being a security guard only to show off the uniform but when crisis hits he runs away faster than the people he is supposed to protect. This is exactly LUNGU!!

  7. Lungu is not president material.He is a chancer.He cannot spend aweek in state house .All he thinks of is travelling around making allowances for himself. Simple projects which requires a district commissioner to commission he will be there himself.What a shame.He is always flying aimlessly around the globe begging for money.He cannot face the media as he is to scared to answer their questions.Is there no one to advice him that he has wasted a lot of tax payers money travelling abroad since he came to power.Some of the trips he has made are not necessary as there are ambassadors wherever he has been who can discuss zambia’s position as regards to investments.Ican See Lungu is in hurry to fatten his pocket through un necessary trips abroad.He needs to sit down and do his work as so…

  8. So many Zambians are suffering.They have got no jobs,No beds in the hospitals and no drugs and the PF government even buy him an expensive jet to use trotting around the world doing nothing.Can some body advice this clueless president that he needs to sweep and clean his house

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